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Veronica Leal

Colombia Age Debut: 24


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Films with Veronica Leal

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Buddy 5 months ago

I love to see Veronica squirt when she cums wished there were more movies to choose from..


RNWilson 6 months ago

I'm always left wondering in these films if the woman is just 'performing' or really enjoying herself because sounds and body movement are pretty much the same from film to film, and can be faked. But female ejaculation cannot. So thank you so very much for 'ELEMENT' for enjoying the sex - AWESOME!! It added so much for me!


Leslove 9 months ago

Veronica is a babe! Love her body and her willingness to be eaten alive. You will hopefully find that companion that doesn't look at the camera all the time and just devotes that time to you. I would think it would be the greatest opportunity in the world to pleasure you. Just to look at you is to be pleasured.