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Naomi Nevena

Slovakia Age Debut: 21


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Tristan Heart 11 months ago

Question, why will the tag feature accept "boy-girl" and not "girl-boy"? O.o

That's just sexist :-P

It is kinda funny with this industry, we all (with the exception of homosexual men) come to the porn sites for the girls, so why does pretty much all sites use the "boy-girl" tag when the part of the phrase that matters is ALWAYS the "girl", just a thought hehe :-D


Rose 11 months ago

We are working on a whole new tagging system, Tristan :-) It's true though, everyone says boy-girl...


Tristan Heart 11 months ago

Guess it's a remnant from back when the industry was run exclusively by (to put it blunt) men who saw the female models more as props rather than headliners, thankfully this is changing, slowly, but it is changing :-)

Hey this could be you guys' chance to help it along even further than you already have by changing the tag / phrase to what it should have been all along, i.e. girl-boy ;-D


woodchuck 3 years ago

Beautiful girl, too sexy for words. Like her partner Karol in "Lost and Found" love her joyful, uninhibited spontaneity. Such a turn-on watching her explore her partner's pussy and enjoying the attention her beautiful pussy receives in return. Lovely.

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