Feb 01, 2018
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Nancy A in Merate

Stunning blonde beauty Nancy A sits in her room, her slender figure wrapped in a sexy floral print bodysuit. The blue-eyed babe watches you, a soft smile on her face. What is she thinking? Sliding the straps of her lingerie down her shoulders, Nancy gives away her thoughts, exposing her perfect breasts, squeezing them together as she stares into your eyes. It's lust that fills her mind, a deep desire for sexual satisfaction. She sheds her underwear and kneels on her seat, stroking her curvy ass, then relaxes and spreads her legs, stroking her shaved pussy, toying with her pink clit, spreading her pussy lips wide open, eager for your attention. Around she turns, pulling her ass cheeks open, a finger seeking out her pussy hole, probing herself vigorously...

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