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Mila Azul

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


Member Rating based on 690 ratings

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Members Comments (22)


Groundhog 2 months agoLifetime member

Mila is absolutely fantastic: Such lucious boobs and a slender body to die for and a face that says:come hither and play with me...


Starfire 3 months ago

Need some films. Solo films with her please for now.


Rose 3 months ago

Check out her solo movies on MetArt X, Starfire – super hot!


Starfire 3 months ago

Thanks, Rose. They are HOT. !!


Lovelez 5 months ago

Thanks Mila, you actually listened to me.


Lovelez 6 months ago

Mila, it's been since November and I'm getting the shakes. Can't you come out and play?


Uwe K. 9 months ago

Mila ist eine sehr schöne Frau - tolle Fotos!!!!!


rick10687 12 months agoLifetime member

I do hope Mila can be tempted to participate in videos on this site! Even in still photography she projects a very special, natural look and remarkable feeling. For me, intangible elements like these can make for truly astounding videos!

Rose, I hope you can let her know she is admired and appreciated by SEXART fans, who would love to see her video work. All the best to you, and to her!


rick10687 1 year agoLifetime member

agreed. she has a high rating. I know she would be amazing on video!


Rose 1 year ago

She has some very hot solo movies on MetArt X, we haven't managed to tempt her to shoot with a male or female partner yet!


Tristan Heart 12 months ago

I for one am happy she has never done any girl-boy movies, it always makes the model a bit more special and desirable, as soon as you have seen them getting done by some random guy they completely lose that dreamgirl quality and that's just talking the professional aspect, when it comes to their personal lives it is also a pretty serious bridge to burn, truth be told I never understand why some of these girls move on to hardcore considering the limitations it puts on their lives both during their time working in the industry and after they retire.

Honestly I find it even more puzzling that some people claiming to be fans of a model actually hope and request to see the model do girl-boy movies, seems like an oxymoron to me lolz.


hunny 5 months ago

I completely agree with you Tristan. In the past, I have wanted to see some special girl cross some line whether it be to finally do boy-girl, or sometimes just the seemingly very minor milestone of finally going all nude (as opposed to just topless). Once that line is crossed that special quality they had before, that innocence perhaps, is gone, and it's never the same. That doesn't mean I can no longer appreciate them, but it definitely changes the way I look at them.


tigerwoods 1 year ago

need films now..........


azztec 1 year ago

Really cute. How about some vids please


Marcus 1 year ago

Dildo action, please.


Doggleboon 1 year ago

Mila, do a movie with Max Dior and I will be able to die a happy man. He always seems to bring his partners to at least one (real) orgasm, so it's a win win for both of us. :-)


Lovelez 2 years ago

Last time I was a little vague. This time I will be spot on. Both of you lovelies live in Ukraine-what a surprise. I recommend the battle of all battles. Mila Azul and Kay J. I guarantee the minute you meet you will both be caught up in endless passion and you will both love each other's breasts so much you will never stop touching, feeling or sucking. I dare you to contact each other. Let er rip!


Marcus 1 year ago

I'm all about some KJ but Mila is in a league of her own.


Lovelez 7 months ago

But you have to appreciate my evil brain and the extent I will go to, to get someone to put their hands on Mila's bumper crop. I just want to see someone try to squeeze those babies down to nothing. If you look at KJ's pics you will see how hard she tries to squeeze her own. And she too has never let anybody near her. So I thought it was a good experiment. I would never turn down either one. And if I'm right it would be the most popular pictorial of them all. If I'm wrong, there is still a smile on my face. Appreciate what you are saying though.


JazzGuy 2 years ago

So pretty and so sensual. Let's hope Mila appears in a film soon.


Dickie 2 years ago

I love to see you in a boy girl film


Lovelez 2 years ago

Mila, want to break through and be the most popular? Shoot with another girl. You are incredible. And with anyone else you would shine. Sometimes contrast is your best friend.

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