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Melena A

Russian Federation Age Debut: 21


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zagboppa 3 months ago

The Librarian of Loveliness has an especially happy song to sing today.
Following upon a season of applied persistence regarding Melena's video performances,he finds himself in possession of 21 movies,which include 3 from alter alias Maria Rya.
There are a number of which are as yet unseen,having been recently downloaded from SA.
Knowing something of what to expect from previous views,with 'The Girl in the Mirror' from a site nearby being among the finest views in quality erotica ever seen,there is a lovely time ahead.
Being some time ago informed from an authoritative spiritual document (The Spirit's Book,by Allan Kardec) that 'ether is the medium for the transmission of thoughts',Melena will be praised to the skies and the stars beyond as times of unlimited leisure permit repeated views,accompanied with various complimentaries,and the lovely lady will perhaps,or perhaps not,be aware of those factors.
However,they will be there.
Totally SuperDarling.


zagboppa 3 months ago

651,565 views as of 2019/2/12.Now that is some kind of record surely? Melena's amazing elegance and fabulous perfect everything and wonderful spirit are a joy (or joys) to behold.
Forever among the best of all MA supergirls.


DarkHero 5 months ago

Want to see Melena taking a dick.


Julio 9 months ago

Damn she is fine as hell!!!


Bernardbeo 9 months ago

There are no words. She doesn't exist!!


azztec 2 years ago

Goddess. This is my ideal woman, I love her curves - that waist drives me crazy, Just perfect.


Napoleon1777 3 years ago

Sweet, sexy, horny Maria Melena is still the Nr. 1 Model of all Nude-Models out there in the world! No one is hotter than her! I can only give her a 10 for every fucking photo set. From Russia with Sex thats her! Love you always


Paparazzi 3 years ago



Samurai_ 3 years ago

Would love to seem Melena in some girl on girl action - I'm thinking Li Moon would be the perfect partner. Can you oblige?

Unfortunately, Melena only does solos scenes. However, we are doing our best to persuade her :)


Sydney 3 years ago

Hi Jon,
I know you probably mean nothing by that word 'unfortunately', but I would like to put my two cents in here if I may.

Solo films are incredibly unique in that they allow for the delivery of stories, ideas and themes that cannot be otherwise conveyed through the medium of g/g or b/g. Things such as self-love and self respect, embracing one's own distinct sexuality, exhibitionism, etc.

In 2014, SexArt was delivering one g, one g/g and one b/g per week. Yes, it served to diversify the content, but more importantly it served to diversify the stories, ideas and themes being delivered. As such, I can honestly label 2014 the most informative and educational year I've experienced in SexArt film.

We are yet to see a solo film in 2016, and in the past year I'd hazard a guess that SexArt delivered no more than roughly one per month. This, to me... is the TRULY unfortunate thing. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems like SexArt aren't currently interested in delivering solo film, and/or do not currently have the proper emphasis on it's unique importance.

Losing Michaela and Sapphira was a sad day for SexArt. I of course do not know the behind-the-scenes story Jon, but on film I saw two talented young females dedicated to delivering truthful, powerful performances - I'd challenge you to watch 'Lonely' again and not feel or be moved.

In my eyes Melena fits the mold those girls laid down. More-overly though, in Melena I see a wonderful passion and commitment to creating true, important art... and yes, solo art. That's where she's most powerful and where she has the potential to not only leave a lasting mark, but inform and educate her audience in her own unique way.

What I'm urging/seeking clarification of, is that SexArt isn't undervaluing the importance of solo film AND it's solo performers... and that it's taking steps towards delivering more solo film. I'd also love to rest easy knowing that SexArt is actively seeking out and taking care of it's solo performers, i.e. simply asking (and in no way pressuring) them if they want to try their hand at g/g film - and further, that there are no repercussions for saying "no".

Thanks Jon. And just in case you're wondering, this is all written from the heart and with the best intentions. You know I care about SexArt and about the people involved.


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

Hi Sydney, I'm sure Jon will want to respond to this personally – and you make some great points here. I just wanted to reassure you that we would NEVER EVER try to persuade or pressure our models into doing something they don't want to do. I think Jon just used the word 'unfortunately' in the sense that we would all love to see Melena do girl-girl, and hope that she will one day, but of course it is her personal choice and we respect that. We love her!


Enigma 3 years ago

Extremely sexy!

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