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Margot A

Czech Republic Age Debut: 24


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ori3noco6 6 months ago

Margot A may be #143 in overall rankings....but among my personal favourite 10, no doubt.
16 videos and counting. All of them in my collection, with that unique eroticism and energy.
What a woman she is...


Shadrack 2 years ago

Simply beautiful, with an appealing face. Margot's fair skin and dark hair is a combination that always wins me over. She's capable of sensual performances.


LoneWolf 3 years ago

Shes hot i love her black long hair and her nice body


Spitek60 3 years ago

She needs to do a hardcore film. M/F.


Dr Swamp 2 years ago

Don't ask for a thing so stupid to this woman. Movies with the girls are widely more sensual, beautiful, etc. They play on all our senses. Not only on our sex as do movies with men. I hope to never see Margot in a m/f movie


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

Spitek60, in her interview she told me: "I generally like looking at women, and I can at least “taste” them when making a movie. If I wasn't married, I would shoot with guys as well, this is how much I enjoy it!"


freeborn2 3 years ago

being married does not necessarily stop a model doing boy-girl films, but we must always respect individuals' limits and not ask any girl or boy to do anything that they are not comfortable with.


Redserpent 3 years ago

I am a big sucker for freckles, and this woman has them and is just so beautiful and amazing looking.


Mannyfr 3 years ago

My favourite actress of the world

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