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Lilit A

Ukraine Age Debut: 22


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Lovelez 3 weeks ago

See even Some Guy called you Lilith. I think Lilit is cut off. It's like having a name to accommodate the fact that you have no teeth. Boy now that you are #1 and Mila Azul is #3 I bet they are dividing Ukraine into East and West. But I think it's high time that we have a lick off. Lilit and Mila Azul. East vs. West. Or make it a squeeze off. You don't know how mankind would react to these two going at it. It would bring world peace. That's why we will never see it. That and Mila would probably make your hair black again. The peril's of a flesh groupie.


Some Guy 4 weeks agoLifetime member

Dear Lilith, I like this classic, timeless style.


Lovelez 1 month ago

I made a similar comment and they took the comment right off the board, they must love you Tristan.


Rose 1 month ago

Hi Lovelez, you can find the Community Guidelines at the bottom of the screen:

"Posts will be removed that refer to websites outside the MetArt Network and its partners at the discretion of the Metart staff."


Lovelez 1 month ago

Okay you got me, but I'm still pretty insightful. I can see you now Rose, with the whip in your hand, ready to bring into submission anyone that gets out of line. I kind of like that.


Rose 1 month ago

How well you know me, Lovelez ;-)


Tristan Heart 2 months ago

For anyone interested, who just like me have a slight crush on beautiful Lilit, outside of the MetArt Network she can be found on the great www under both the name Ariel as well as Lilit A ;-)


Lovelez 2 months ago

Sorry Jane, I dig the blonde look. I think it enhances her breast. Go figure.


Jane 3 months ago

Welcome to sexart, Lilit. You are a super-sexy girl... i hope you will let your natural hair color come back.


Music Man 3 months ago


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