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Lexi Layo

Czech Republic Age Debut: 24


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Leslove 3 months ago

Lexi would you do me a special favor? Would you go over to Belle Claires place and introduce yourself and tell her you want to have Sex Art together? You are both Czechs and you would be so great together. Your bodies would match wonderfully. I know that it would take two guys to pull you apart but the cameraman and the Director should be enough. Thank you in advance.


Leslove 6 months ago

Checking out some of your other sites. You look so naive here. You don't there.


Xpert 10 months ago

These are three hot videos!! Jia and Lexi have great chemistry, but why does Lexi only do films with Jia? I would love to see her do some more of Lexi!!!


Rose 10 months agoCommunity Staff

I don't quite understand your comment... Lexi's movies to date are with Jia, Sabrisse and Emylia Argan.


Leslove 10 months ago

You look very much like Dinozzo's old girl friend on NCIS. That's a good thing.