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Kay J

Ukraine Age Debut: 19


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Lovelez 1 week ago

When I first saw you, I thought I would see you every other month. Now that it's been ten months I'm dying here. Do you realize what you do to me? I dig you seriously. Give me some hope that spring is coming and visit us again. And if you really love me you will bring a hungry woman with you. You are such a babe, I can only hope that you will visit us soon.


Lovelez 3 months ago

Hey Kay J, you and I know that you are the best, but we have to convince the world. So give Mila Azul a call and you are probably already good friends. But could you invite her to do a shot with you? Both of you have outstanding feature to say the least. It will make my birthday wish and I am positive it would be so explosive the world probably couldn't stand it. But it would bring world peace and give the photographer the time of his life. I am positive you will both hit it off and you will be best friends forever.


Marcus 9 months ago

A sweet full bodied model who is a fine addition to SexArt. Her blue eyes pop and she has a genuine smile. I would love to see some intertions via dildo if possible which would tear up the nerves of he audience.


LeHombre 10 months ago

Defo need a viedeo..


Notregde 12 months ago

Time for a video?
That would be nice.


Doggleboon 1 year ago

Kay REALLY needs to do a b/g or g/g video.


Foofslou 1 year ago

The perfect girl next door. She comes for a cup of sugar and you get sugar in exchange..... YES! Eat her up from top to delicious bottom.


Lovelez 1 year ago

Kay J is the ultimate plaything. Playthings always come in twos. Share baby share.


cubby 1 year ago

a wet dream lass


a.pecora 1 year ago

Amazing Girl


Foofslou 2 years ago

I love this gal. Such a seemingly friendly funloving attitude. A body that's simply edible from tits to pussy.


womenlover 2 years ago

More of this beautiful woman, please.


Arimein 2 years ago

To quote Mister Stevie Wonder : "Isn't she lovely?"

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