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Eva Berger

Russian Federation Age Debut: 26


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5555 3 months ago

Hate the ultra wide screen.


EvaB 2 years ago

Kiss to everyone😚


Peter Jones 1 year ago

you are so beautiful :-)


reyzor 3 years ago

Incredible performances! I look forward to more!


Kirst83 3 years ago

So, I'm like really late to the party (once again). I too left a comment on Eva's page. I'll just give a summary of what I've wrote back on the Viv Thomas site (I thought my comment would just transfer over... I SWEAR!! lol)
- Visited the VT site after a long time not watching VT films; looking for an old scene and then Eva stopped me on my tracks (Dominance was the first, then scene one of The Bet).
-Instantly one of my top favorite models, stating the irony that I'm not usually attracted to redheads
- Tried making a funny by pulling a cliché joke (asking if Eva was tired after running in my mind the whole day/night).
-And finally wrapping up by stating Eva is "SUPER STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS"!!!
*side note: I also read the interview Eva had with Rose, and I must say she (Eva) is a really funny woman as well; there are a couple of moments where snickered to myself reading her responses to Rose's questions. Then again, maybe I just have messed up humour. ;)


Hawkeye 3 years ago

I posted this on Eva's page over on Viv Thomas and felt it needed to be said here as well

When I first saw the photo set with Eva there was an instant case of lust involved,yes i have a thing for red heads :-)
After viewing/reviewing Eva's work on the network there a few constants that come through to me.
Eva is stunningly gorgeous !
To me she is at her most stunning in a black outfit weather that be the classic little black dress, black lace dress or a complete black lingerie set with garter belt and stockings
Did I mention Eva is stunningly gorgeous ?
Regardless of the concept of the video or series there is such and a ease and passion between Eva and her partner that it's like we are watching two lovers reconnect after not being able to be together after an extended absence
Did I mention Eva is stunningly gorgeous ?
Thank you Eva and everyone involved for the great work

Any chance of some solo work by Eva ?


Eva Berger 3 years ago

Thank you :*


Hawkeye 3 years ago

You are most welcome


Hawkeye 3 years ago

What a way to make a debut !!!!!!
Eva you are absolutely gorgeous


JG69 3 years ago

Eva, Welcome to SexArt! You are adorable!

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