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Eufrat Mai

Czech Republic Age Debut: 28


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Bcncat 2 years ago

Eufrat is and have been the best performer. I love her and her performance and her perfect body , eyes and smile. I wish you sinceraly a lot of happines and good luck in your new life and projects. THANK YOU SO MUCH EUFRAT FOR ALL YOUR PERFORMANCES.


Wanda Lust 2 years ago

Two things I love most about Eufrat:

1. The big grin that emerges when she sends her partner into orgasm. That isn't faked; she loves it when she delights her partner.

2. The furrows in her brow when she orgasms herself. So cute and so intense.

I notice that she hasn't been very active in film-making recently, and it's been awhile since she has appeared here. If she has retired I would like to thank her for her years of sharing herself with us. The movies and videos she has made when directors and producers have had the good sense to allow her and her partners to be themselves are real treasures. If she hasn't retired fully, I hope that SexArt can give her some opportunities to continue to share with us as she has grown and evolved in her womanhood.


Bcncat 2 years ago

I'm affraid she is retired since last year.


EVENTIDER234 3 years ago

Dear sweeeet Eufrat! At last I find you doing exactly what I was hoping to find you doing! After numerous teasers from 3 sources, it's cunni time! And Dido too! Well HOWDY!!! Love that smile love those breasts love that pretty vulva!!! ITS PARTY TIME!!!


Niels 4 years ago

My favorite model,are there any plans for more sets?


bobblehat 4 years ago

I hope so, she's magnificent.


ori3noco6 4 years ago

I give my vote as well. Eufrat is an in-between woman and goddess.

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