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Emily J

Age Debut: 20


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Mimi01 8 months ago

That's why we love her Rose. Because she is real, no dolly girl and is a unique performer.


Lovelez 1 year ago

Emily J, get off the other site and come back to the real site. It's been a while. Grab a woman and come and see us.


mimi 2 years ago

Emily is special and achingly beautiful.


Lovelez 2 years ago

I wonder what she is doing now? It's been a while. Very unique and very pleasing to the eyes.


JG69 3 years ago

We miss you Emily J!!!!!!!!


Rose 3 years ago

I've been catching up with Emily J's movies on The Life Erotic... there's something so incredibly hot about her! I love that she doesn't try to make her orgasms look pretty, or model-esque in any way - they are gritty, raw, honest and utterly real. Amazing woman!


freeborn2a 3 months ago

she's a woman who appreciates that the dirtier it is, the hotter it is...

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