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Chrissy Fox

Slovakia Age Debut: 21


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Films with Chrissy Fox

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Leslove 3 months ago

Well Chrissy you don't know me but I've noticed that you have been gone for over a year. And it's about time you come back to the group of people that really miss you and for all the right reasons. Please come back!


Lancer52 2 years ago

Stunning natural pretty girl next door type. If you live in a wonderful neighborhood! Chrissy and Kiara are both kind of from the same mold (not that they look alike). I could fall madly in love.....

Or madly in bed. Beautiful. Talented. Wonderful.....I am running out of words worthy of either young lady.


Crpaddct 2 years ago

Chrissy is one of the prettiest, most sexy, and absolute best performers on the Euro porn scene. Looks real lovely with her beautiful, freckled face, and a on top of that a superb creampie scene performer. Yet she's way down on the ranking here. Life ain't allways fair for sure.


Doggleboon 3 years ago

150 pounds?! No way.


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

Agreed! I'll get that checked :-)