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Bella Blond

Germany Age Debut: 24


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Leslove 9 months ago

God it's been three years since we have had Bella. The very best woman in the world to ravage. I bet she could win the spread em contest. No one can put their legs that far apart and so quick and so willingly. And the other women are animals. She's not shy but she can be put on her back with very little effort. I love her.


Leslove 1 year ago

I am positive every woman that is with bella is with her again and again.


iAmjOsH 2 years ago

i love this girl


Kirst83 4 years ago

How has no one commented on Bella Blond yet? Not to sound cheesy, but she's a German delight... For me!! ;P


Rose 4 years agoCommunity Staff

Lovely, isn't she! That cool, elegant style is very alluring...

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