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Ariel Rebel

Canada Age Debut: 28


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cliptaak 3 years ago

Beautiful, sweet, sensual woman. One of my favorites.

@Sex-Art - Team,
I would love to see some dildo (solo!!!) scenes with her. Please, make it possible.


cubby 3 years ago

Ariel i could lose myself in your eyes


Roca dura verga 4 years ago

Oh oui! Belle, petite dame! Si délicate! Et sa chatte est fantastique! Ses lèvres chatte sont incroyables! Je veux voir plus de son! plaît!

For your viewing entertainment. Please feel free to pass it along to whomever you feel it appropriate. If for some reason the link doesn't work search BlackWing on Youtube.


Kirst83 4 years ago

Aww man,
We need more Ariel Rebel Movies. When I first saw her with Amarna, I was BLOWN AWAY!!! Are you coming up with anymore projects? Please say "yes"!


Rose 4 years agoCommunity Staff

Kirst, I think the answer to that is... "yes"! :-)

4 years ago

I agree to this conversation *^_^*


Eros Shrugged 4 years ago

Ariel and Lorena should be paired up at some point. Between the French-Canadian and the Spanish dirty talking* I think they'd make the hottest pair on this site.

*Or just talking about whatever, both of them could make a phone book sound sexy.

4 years ago

YES, YES, YES...... do I need to add anything else? YES PLEASE *O_O*

#Drooling #GirlCrush


Eros Shrugged 4 years ago

Glad you approve, that's one down, then... :D


Rose 4 years agoCommunity Staff

Oh my goodness, Eros Shrugged, I LOVE that idea...


swplf2 4 years ago

Ariel comes across so much larger,so to speak, than her 5' sub 100 lbs. One of the elements of SexArt from the beginning has been that "older" models are fully accepted. She may have debuted here at 28 but now we know she has had 10 years in the biz, her maturity has shown in all of her work here and made a big splash for her since her "Presenting". Because of APF I never thought we have another model/actress worth of the name Ariel. I was wrong, this Rebel does. And now she even joins us in the comments. Thank you Ariel! Rose has already written about you in her blog and her comment today is dead on. I would almost bet Rose hit replay several times during your performance here so she could join you seeking pleasure. Since you are working with Alis, I would be careful about admitting to like being spanked. Of all of our Artist he would be the first to cast you that way, and provide what you wish. You have worked with Armana and I am sure she would be more than happy to be your DOM and has probably already written such a scene and floated it to Alis. With some of the other disclosures you made today I bet Mango would also love to use ALL of you. I can't wait to see what you bring us next. xoxoxo.


nevertn 4 years ago

Thank you swplf2 for your comment, in itself really great to read, I agree wih all you said 10 stars. Little nostalgic thinking about APF but in a good way, so carpe diem!

4 years ago

Sorry for the late reply!!
and it would be awesome to be dominated by Amarna! ..I looooove spanking and please, please, please... let's cast me in something of the sort because... well... I would be a great and docile sub *^_^*

It was such a sweet comment you wrote and I'm glad you liked what was published of me up to date. There is still 2 great lesbian scenes coming in the future! ...Cant wait to read your comment then!

Big love! xxx


Rose 4 years agoCommunity Staff

You are quite right, swplf2 – when watching Ariel Rebel, the replay function becomes most important! What a delight to have such a charismatic girl here... I can't wait to see what else Alis has shot, and I hope it will include some power games :-)

4 years ago

ahahah oh stop making me blush you :P *^_^*


Sahuagin 4 years ago

such gorgeous lady parts. hope to see many more lesbian scenes with her, maybe over on Viv Thomas too?

4 years ago

I would LOVE to work with Viv :) We've been chatting on twitter for a little while now :)



David... 4 years ago

Whaaaaat Ariels on Sex art! Awesome!!!

4 years ago

*^_^* #RebelsInTheHouse


Cougar 4 years ago

einfach nur süß... sehr schöne Frau

4 years ago

awww danke *^_^*


Napoleon 4 years ago

Ariel is a big star in the adult world - without selling her soul to ultra hardcore porn - she is very talented and sooo sweet and sexxxy!!! Teasing me for many years now with her naughty looks and smile and her sugar sweet body... thank you Ariel! Love from Austria

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