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Antonia Sainz

Czech Republic Age Debut: 22


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Films with Antonia Sainz

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Lovelez 3 months ago

You are just an equal opportunity employer Antonia. You are like the Statue of Liberty. Give me your horny, your underated, your misunderstood rascals. And I will drive them out of their freeking minds with happiness. I just know when I get there you will be tending heaven's gate. Amazing little baby.


Lovelez 4 months ago

I always remember your session with Emylia. I thought you looked great and i will bet she remembers that shoot. I would like to see more of you, how about Tuesday night?


Wier 10 months ago

Need more of this beauty.


Tristan Heart 1 year ago

SexArt should seriously give her a different profile picture, it really doesn't do her justice :P


Rose 1 year ago

Fair point Tristan, I'll see if we can update it. She's a hottie :-)


Napoleon1777 1 year ago

At least 9


Grundy 3 years ago

What an amazing beauty. All I can say is, more, more, more!


Sparky 3 years ago

Welcome Antonia. Your really beautiful. Would love to see you and Meggie again in a passioate love affair with Meggie!