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Interracial movies: SexArt director Alis Locanta transcends the clichés

We’re all familiar with interracial porn movie clichés – huge black stud pounds petite white girl into the mattress, uses and abuses her, often while her cuckolded husband watches; a not-so-subtle manifestation of the adult industry’s inveterate racism.

Naturally, acclaimed SexArt director Alis Locanta has too much integrity to fall back on such tired porn tropes. His hot new movie “Contrasted Pictures” subverts the usual stereotypes by having Cuban performer Jesús Reyes play against type. A tall, muscular, gorgeous black man, Jesús is sweet and charming in the role of a shy model being seduced by his photographer, cock-hungry blonde Milena Devil. It’s funny and refreshing to see Jesús remove his shirt and jeans so bashfully, and his confused expression as Milena tugs down his underwear and directs his hand to his dick.

When Jesús does finally respond to Milena’s unexpected advances, it’s with a tender, loving flurry of kisses and gentle touches, gradually turning up the sexual heat. We’re left in no doubt that Milena is the one calling the shots as she grinds on his face and rides him energetically. The emphasis on the emotional connection between the couple, the romantic kisses and even the classical soundtrack set this movie apart from the mainstream. “Contrasted Pictures” challenges those predictable old clichés and demonstrates why Alis Locanta is a creative force to be reckoned with.    

See my interview with Jesús Reyes here


Master of erotica Alis Locanta returns to SexArt!

It’s been a year since celebrated director Alis Locanta took the helm at our sister site Viv Thomas, reinvigorating the classic lesbian marque with his unique erotic vision. Today heralds Locanta’s triumphant return to SexArt with a spectacular boy-girl movie, “Here I Am Again.”

Shot in 4K and starring busty Asian beauty Paula Shy, the film employs the groundbreaking auteur’s trademark visual flair to full effect, playing with time, location, sound and vision as Paula sucks and fucks Spanish stud Juan Lucho’s huge cock with energy and passion.

Next week brings the release of another new movie from Locanta, “Last Chance,” which introduces stunning French fox Clea Gaultier to SexArt. The elegant babe looks sensational in sexy lingerie and stockings as she sucks Joel Tomas voraciously and rides him in multiple positions, the lyrical soundtrack giving way to graphic noises of sexual pleasure.

Locanta’s mastery of erotica has never been more in evidence, as he manages to convey physical and emotional heat on a grand scale through intimate vignettes. It’s powerful, it’s Art, and it’s most certainly Sex at its most visceral. Prepare to be aroused…


Alis Locanta wins two AVN Awards for SexArt!

We’re on a roll! Hot on the heels of one very exciting accolade (SexArt just won Adult Site of the Year – Erotic at the 2016 Xbiz Awards), we’re adding two more trophies to the shelf. I’m so proud to announce that our esteemed SexArt director Alis Locanta won big at the prestigious 2016 AVN Awards, bagging not only Best Foreign Non-Feature for his SexArt series "Waltz With Me," but also the coveted Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature award for the same series.

If you haven’t watched "Waltz With Me" yet, you surely don’t need any greater incentive. The four-part series features gorgeous Alexis Brill and her studly mate Franck Franco as they open up their relationship to other sexual partners, both male and female. Filmed in a gloriously fluid, lyrical style, it’s stunningly original and powerfully erotic – a worthy winner.

Look out for more groundbreaking erotica from award-winning director Alis Locanta here at SexArt – as well as on our sister site Viv Thomas, where he took the helm recently. 


Movie preview: ‘One Small Step,’ Alis Locanta’s debut feature for Viv Thomas

Here’s the first glimpse of celebrated SexArt director Alis Locanta’s inaugural movie for Viv Thomas. You may already have heard the exciting news that he’s taking the helm at Viv Thomas from December 1st (but don’t worry, he won’t be neglecting his fans here at SexArt!).

Titled ‘One Small Step,’ it features a dream cast that will blow your mind: Mango A (making her VT debut), Talia Mint, Patritcy, Dido (aka Lola), Taylor Sands, Lorena B, Alexa Tomas and Henessy – pretty amazing, right? And if that cast list alone doesn’t get you in the mood, then I think this trailer for episode one, starring Mango and Talia, should do the trick…

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the kissing. Lots and lots of passionate, raw, intense kissing. What else can you expect? Well, scorching sexual chemistry, dialogue, romance, tenderness and red-hot sex. If you’re not a member of Viv Thomas yet, you might want to consider giving yourself an early Xmas present… 


Outlines – a major new series from SexArt director Alis Locanta

Alis Locanta is one of the creative geniuses of SexArt – a director so inventive, so original, that you never quite know what he will come up with next. The Italian auteur, who is based in Barcelona, is responsible for some of SexArt’s most beautiful and groundbreaking movies, notably impressive series such as ‘The Writer,’ ‘Love For Sale,’ ‘Memento’ and recent crossover sensation ‘Love For Sale 2.’

However familiar you are with his work – and if you’re a fan of erotic cinema, I’m guessing you’re very familiar with it indeed – you will NOT be expecting what comes next. Locanta’s new series ‘Outlines,’ which launches this Sunday, is possibly his most stylish, daring and experimental work to date. Featuring four of the most exceptional girls to grace the screen, this ten-part series will push your boundaries and challenge your preconceptions of erotic art. It seems like the ideal time to ask our maestro a few questions about his life and work…

Alis, please tell us about your background in film, and how you started to shoot erotica.

AL: Life is an amazing journey and sometimes, unexpected things happen! When I was a kid my whole life was focused on music. I spent all my days playing, playing and playing, guitar and piano. I could only imagine my future as a musician (or an astronaut, for sure…!). But my journey had just started, and it took a different direction. One day I started getting seriously interested – almost obsessed – about how they shoot films. I was about 15, and I wondered how they use cameras, lights, dollies… I couldn’t stop thinking. As soon as I started working (in a big company, in IT), I spent my first wage packet on buying a VHS-C camera and started shooting stupid short movies with my friends. That obsession became a real passion. I worked many years for that company till the day I decided to soar. I became a filmmaker. During those years I shot a lot of projects (some good, some less good…) and I was finally happy my passion was my job. But something else was going to happen. One day I was watching a porn movie (oops!... I mean… a friend of mine was watching a porn movie!!!... haha!). It was a VHS tape and it started with some trailers: between a lot of trashy stuff, I saw something incredibly unique! It was an Andrew Blake film. I couldn’t believe it was an adult feature! It looked like a fashion or music video! Well… that was the moment I understood I really wanted to shoot erotica.

Do you remember your first SexArt production?

AL: Yes of course! I can’t forget it! It was June 2012 and I was in Budapest. After seeing a demo I shot, Jon [owner of the MetArt Network] asked me to shoot something better, something cooler. I spent many days thinking about that script. I wrote many ideas but in the end I trashed them. So I decided to stop thinking about other films and only imagine something very personal, according to my vision. So, like a tightrope walker without a net, I shot ‘Ode to Beginning,’ a visionary girl-girl scene with Aleska Diamond and Denisa Doll. I shot a lot of stuff handheld, inspired by my great masters, Mann and Soderbergh, using a classical piece of music I love: ‘Clair De Lune’ by Debussy. When I sent the final cut to Jon I was incredibly tense. I’d watched all the SexArt films and I knew I had shot something pretty different. I remember that night: I was in a pub (not my habit, I’m not a night life lover) and I got an email from Jon: he liked it!

What inspires you – movies, music, books, dreams?

AL: I don’t read many books (even if it sounds like an excuse, I don’t have time) and my dreams are not so erotic – most of them are about school exams or classwork! I get my inspiration from mainstream movies and music videos. I watch a lot of different genres; comedy is the one thing I don’t like that much. My milestones are ‘Traffic’ by Soderbergh, ‘Insider’ by Mann, ‘Memento’ by Nolan and ‘Babel’ by Inarritu. When I shoot my films I always want to tell a story. If you are not telling something, you have failed. Those movies and how they have been shot, help me to find a cool way to tell that story. When you shoot a scene, you have plenty of ‘tools’ for describing characters, moods and feelings. If you shoot the same action in two different styles, you can express two completely different emotions.

Are you interested in still photography as well as movies?

AL: I like photography, but I love filmmaking. It’s enough, isn’t it!

Do you have a preference for shooting boy-girl, girl-girl or solo scenes?

AL: Very good question! Every single film has its personal story. For example, when I want to tell a real life story, boy-girl films are my first choice. Most of the films shot with my great friend Franck Franco describe intimate and real moments: you can focus on small details of the character to convey a message. But I feel extremely creative when I shoot girl-girl or solo scenes. First of all there are some important technical aspects that allow me to shoot more complex stuff. There are fewer rules and I can dive into a visionary world. I can dare to shoot very long, continuous shots (like in ‘Io Ballo Da Sola’), BDSM situations and intimate moments such as an interview (like in ‘Girls Love Sex’).

Which scene or series on SexArt are you most proud of?

AL: That’s a really hard question! Honestly there are many films I love, but if I have to name one series it is the new one, ‘Outlines’. It’s something really special, something I shot during my three years’ anniversary with SexArt. It’s a 10 episode series, based on a new (risky!) concept. Just to make it easier, we could call them ‘SexArt short films,’ but I really don’t like that name! I reset my world and created something new, in terms of look, structure and duration. There are five solo, four girl-girl and one three-girl scene, each lasting about six or seven minutes. Casting was really hard, because I needed models that fit my vision: Melena A, Silvie Luca, Taylor Sands and Alexa Tomas. The ‘Outlines’ series is about single emotions: obsession with the body, medical cure, exhibitionism, time passing, animal submission… The images look different as well: be ready to access a new parallel world, made of dreams, hallucinations, faded and bleached colors and super slow motion. So, my dear members (especially my lovely Sydney): expect the unexpected! [Alis’ original word here was ‘unexpectable,’ which I think sums it up perfectly – you can’t imagine this!]. A few technical insights: ‘Outlines’ was shot with state of the art 5K and 6K RED cameras; all the editing workflow was in 4K realtime, processed by an ultra high-end workstation. And since members already had the chance to see some 4K films from me, I even decided to experiment with something new: you are going to see the first 60p SexArt films! There are two ‘Outlines’ episodes – ‘Forget the Writer’ and ‘Timeline’ – that have been shot in 4K at 60 frames per second. The delivery format is HD at 60p (4K at 60p is too heavy for most computers) and you’ll see a completely different kind of ‘motion,’ something more real. Melena will seem to come out of the screen!

Is there a model who particularly inspires you?

AL: Ahhh! That’s even a harder question! In the past three years I worked with a lot of models, more than 100, but only a very few of them could really understand my vision. I’m not saying I didn’t work well with the others, but those models really helped me to get what I wanted. I can say Melena A and Mango A are my muses when I have to create a visionary world based on breathtaking beauty. While my great friend Amarna Miller (especially in ‘Love For Sale – Crossdressing’) and Czech Iwia (just think about ‘The Contract’) show me incredible acting skills, worthy of mainstream productions.

How much planning goes into a shoot? Do you storyboard every shot in advance?

AL: I write a lot. To be honest I completely suck at drawing! So it’s impossible to have storyboards. So I have to write everything, every little detail. For a fifteen minute film I might have a five page script. Most of the time I decide the music soundtrack before shooting; as many of you know, music is so important for me. And having a good music track in my mind helps me a lot during the shoot.

How do you get the models to understand the role and get into character?

AL: Do you want to know a secret? The real answer to this question is: Google Translate! Hahaha, no, just kidding! When I shoot a model who already knows me, it’s pretty easy for us to understand each other. For example, with Amarna I go on defining the role even during the shooting (“… let’s try to do it like this, like that…”). With new models it’s more difficult: we talk a lot, I show them examples, scenes from mainstream movies, just to describe the emotions and expressions. A funny story: when I shot Lola Reve for the first time, for ‘The Heat 2,’ it was really hard; she only speaks French and I don’t speak French at all! So I really had to use a translator before and during our shoot!

You shoot a lot of technically complicated shots. Do you spend a lot of time experimenting with different techniques?

AL: That’s my passion, that’s my life. It brings me back to my very beginning: when I was obsessed to know HOW they shot films. Even if every filmmaker has a style, I’m trying not to shoot the same feature every time. I like to experiment with new solutions, but I need to think, develop, write and test before doing it in a final film. If I have a rule it is: what’s in front of the camera must be as perfect as what’s behind the camera.

What is the atmosphere like on set when you shoot?

AL: I’ve known some of my crew for many years. During my SexArt journey I had the good luck to get to know my Producer, Estelle Adams; she understands my vision and my ideas and helps to make my crazy thoughts possible! That said, even though we are very good friends, when we are on set we don’t have so much time for laughing or getting distracted; we put all our efforts into creating a good result – the best we can, as SexArt deserves!

How is your relationship with MetArt?

AL: As I said at the start, life is a long and incredible journey. In 2012 I couldn’t have known I would get to know Jon and get involved in the MetArt Network. I could say that was one of those moments when your life changes. My relationship with Jon is one of those things that makes my job priceless. I’m not saying it has always been easy… it could sound fake! But it has been a continuous growing up process. Jon helped me a lot with all his words, his critique; if now I have raised the bar so high, it is thanks to him. When we meet in LA we always have a great time, talking about new ideas, new projects and laughing about some of the ‘less good stuff’ I shot in the beginning!



Alis Locanta: Hidden Shots

Alis Locanta is a true auteur: a film director who loves his medium, and yet seeks to transcend its boundaries. His explorations of physical and emotional connectedness give his erotic art a sense of truth and reality that goes beyond the merely beautiful.

Locanta is a skilled technician as well as an evocative storyteller, and although he happily shares technical details of his shoots with SexArt members, one suspects these details can never tell the whole story. It’s his mastery of cinematic mood – subtle, sensual, romantic, and occasionally disquieting – that truly impresses, and this level of artistry can only be felt, not explained. However, these ‘Hidden Shots’ taken behind the scenes on some of his SexArt movies give us a glimpse into his creative world: candid, emotionally charged, and always unexpected. They reveal a care for detail; a lightness of spirit; a desire to experiment and reinvent; and above all, a genuine love of the beautiful women who inspire him.

Everyone will find a favorite here, whether it’s Tracy Lindsay smiling delightedly as Amarna Miller unveils her mannish underwear, pretty Alexis Brill clowning for the camera, or Tess enjoying her tea moments before she ravishes Taylor Sands. They are photos that delight, surprise and intrigue; you may even find, as I did, that they encourage you to watch one beloved movie after another with a fresh perspective…


Samantha Bentley talks about shooting ‘Love For Sale – Milestone’ for SexArt

Samantha Bentley is a compelling, often edgy performer with hypnotic eyes and an eye-catching figure. The 27-year-old British babe started out as a glamor model around seven years ago, then began making solo movies, and then girl-girl, before “stepping over to the dark side” of boy-girl movies in the summer of 2012. Her latest starring role at SexArt, in the controversial and thought-provoking ‘Love For Sale,’ has got us all talking – which gave me just the excuse I needed to chat with this entertaining and articulate beauty!

Samantha, you’ve worked with director Alis Locanta three times for SexArt now, in three very different movies. First, ‘Spanglish,’ a cute and playful boy-girl scene; then a loving and intimate girl-girl with Amarna Miller; and now this intense and challenging scene with Tracy Lindsay. Can you tell us a little about each?

SB: First off, Alis is one of my all time favourite directors. I’ve been around the world working extensively in this industry, and I have a few favourite directors that stay in my mind and Alis is definitely one of them! My first scene, ‘Spanglish,’ was amazing, the chemistry was so real. I remember it being a very sweaty scene, as it was so hot being August in Barcelona. Franck and I spoke little to none of each other’s language, but communicated incredibly throughout the scene. It’s very playful and passionate. 

The scene with Amarna was easiest. We shot it in one take and we didn’t even realise how long we were having sex for. It was incredible. Chemistry like that is so rare and so nice to find. I love women, so when I have a connection with a girl like the one I have with Amarna it’s amazing. 

The scene with Tracy was a hard one for me, and I know for Alis as well. Tracy and I had incredible chemistry, I LOVE this girl (who wouldn’t) but shooting anal for a site like SexArt is always going to be a tough one. Ultimately, this is my favourite scene, aesthetically. 

You seem to really enjoy the acting aspect of each role – how important is it for you to have real chemistry with your co-star?

SB: It’s the most important part of my job. At the end of the day, all porn is a performance and I do enjoy the acting elements but if I don’t have a connection to the other performer it can make for an incredibly difficult day. Obviously you can’t have chemistry with everyone – my ratio is pretty good, I’ve been very lucky.

Tell us a little about shooting ‘Love For Sale’ with Tracy. How did you get into the mindset for the role?

SB: Like I said, this was a hard scene for me. I wasn’t aware of the story so I didn’t really know what it was about until I got on set. I trust Alis as a director and Tracy is amazing but I found it quite hard to get in the mindset.

You seemed to enjoy taking the dominant role – is this something that turns you on? Do you also like to be submissive?

SB: Actually I am completely submissive, that’s why I found it so hard to get into the mindset for the role. I’m not a dominant girl sexually, I enjoy being controlled and dominated… I loved the scene but the whole time all I could think was: I want the ball gag and the anal :-(

This scene is quite groundbreaking for SexArt, featuring anal play between two girls, as well as the sub/dom aspect. Do you enjoy anal? What would you say to our members who think girls aren’t really into it?

SB: A scene like this is always going to divide members. It’s incredibly daring for a site like SexArt that prides itself on beautiful erotica. However, this scene is beautiful erotica. There are always going to be closed minded people that refuse to acknowledge that actually women can and do enjoy other aspects of sex that are more adventurous…

I’m aware that, as a performer and due to the kind of work I am sometimes known for (more aggressive hardcore, particularly my scenes with Rocco Siffredi) I also divide members on the site. I think it’s unfair for members to hold a premeditated opinion of me because I have shot for other companies and enjoy both the hardcore and the erotic sides of sex.

For me, anal is about as pleasurable and as intimate as it is possible to get. The orgasms I achieve from anal sex are the best I’ve ever had. I’ve read some comments about how anal is ugly and unerotic and women don’t enjoy it. I can’t believe how many people are that closed off from reality. Maybe anal isn’t for everyone, just like foot fetish, bondage, hair on my pussy, girls with tattoos... Everything is based solely on your own opinion and just because you don’t like anal doesn’t make it ugly or unerotic, and it definitely doesn’t mean women don’t enjoy it.

You seemed very confident wielding that strap-on – Tracy’s reaction after she orgasms is priceless, she looks shaken to the core! Is it a turn-on to know you can drive your partner crazy like that?

SB: Yes of course! One thing I enjoy is giving pleasure to others, I’m definitely a giver. Also, as I practice anal regularly, I think I was a good choice for the role because I know how to perform anal in a way that’s both comfortable and pleasurable for girls (not to blow my own trumpet or anything).

How easy do you find it to cum on camera?

SB: Very easy. I’m an orgasm hog. 

SexArt is known for doing interesting productions and storylines. What would be your fantasy movie to make?

SB: I’d love to do a sort of love addiction story, something intense and a bit surreal but also with dark edges… Romeo and Juliet for the new ages...

Will we ever see you move onto the production side?

SB: I would love to! We will have to wait and see. 

Finally, I have to ask – just how big are those spectacular boobs?

SB: They go between a 32 D and DD, depending on the day! 

Brains, beauty and boobs – what's not to love? I can't wait to see what Samantha does next. One thing's for sure... it certainly won't be boring!



Alis Locanta's "Waltz with Me" — a year in the life...

I've just had the opportunity to screen a nearly-finished rough cut of Alis Locanta's latest Sexart project, "Waltz with Me." The film comprises four separate chapters — Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer — and each episode will be released sequentially in the near future.

As I write, Alis Locanta has 76 films in his Sexart portfolio, so there's no question that he's a prolific and productive artist. And he also has a particularly fertile imagination. His body of work encompasses a wide range of themes and approaches, and, despite his rapid production schedule, he never repeats himself. Let me qualify that: Even when he repeats himself — as with the original, 2-part "The Writer" starring Lorena B, and the more recent, 10-episode "The Writer" series starring Luna — he brings something completely fresh and new to each project.

Locanta is also an exceptionally versatile artist. He can take the absolute simplest form of erotic film — single girl masturbation — and create impressively complex and compelling works of erotic art. "About a Girl," starring Agatha, and Luna's Sexart debut, "Just the Beginning," are two fine examples of the form, and, they're both entirely different.

At the other extreme, elaborate, long-form narratives are a Locanta strong suit. Crafting a compelling story and engaging an audience over several hours of combined run time isn't easy — but Locanta and his gifted cast and crew did exactly that with "The Writer," and it raised the bar for erotic cinema, not only at Sexart, but for the industry, at large.

"Waltz with Me" falls somewhere between those two extremes. It's far more complex than a simple single-girl feature, but is not nearly as complicated and densely plotted as "The Writer."

It strikes me that the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" are less like chapters in a story, than they are stanzas in a poem or verses in a song. Here a free-flowing visual style does much of the "narrating" and details are conveyed by non-verbal means, most notably the changing of the seasons.

Make no mistake, while "Waltz with Me" boasts a lyrical and engaging cinematic style, it is also a profoundly erotic experience and contains scene after scene of super-heated sexual activity.

The entire series takes place in a spacious, airy, loft apartment. In "Chapter 1" a couple —  Alexis Brill and Franck Franco — are moving in to this, their new home together. They paint, they decorate, they kiss, they play, and they make love. In each subsequent chapter Brill and Franco become more settled in the space, and their love flourishes. I don't want to spoil the thrill of discovery for the viewer, but I will tell you this: "Chapter 1" is the only scene in the series that features a two-person sex scene.

Locanta directed Alexis Brill and Franck Franco in their debut appearances at Sexart ("Angel" and "Turning Point," respectively), and he's worked with each of them in subsequent features. Both are gifted and appealing performers and the relationships built up over time — actor with actor, actors with director — result in genuine on-screen chemistry. Behind the scenes footage appended to the end of each chapter only reinforces this impression — these people enjoy each other and love working (and playing) — on camera or off.

The technical/stylistic element that unifies all four chapters of "Waltz with Me" is what might be thought of as "theater in the round, in reverse." As can be seen in the epilog segments, Locanta's crew has constructed a track on which a dolly-mounted camera circles the performers. So, rather than a stationary audience viewing a performance on a central stage, we have a camera in near-constant motion circling the "stage" as the action unfolds.

Viewed individually, the separate chapters of "Waltz with Me" are fully realized, engaging, and visually inventive stand-alone films. Viewed as a set, the four episodes of "Waltz with Me" combine to create a truly impressive and extremely entertaining work of erotic cinema — this is one of those instances when the whole is even greater than the sum of its splendid parts.

"Waltz with Me" premieres in just a couple of days. The dance is about to begin, and you do not want to sit this one out.


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