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SexArt nominated for XBIZ Adult Site of the Year award!

There’s nothing quite like receiving an accolade from those who know the adult entertainment world inside out, so we are stoked to announce that SexArt is on the finalist nominees list for the Adult Site of the Year – Erotic award at the 2017 XBIZ Awards.

SexArt won this prestigious award in 2016, so being nominated again makes us super happy that we’ve lived up to the title. We pride ourselves on creating high-caliber erotica for a discerning audience who want to see an authentic expression of sexuality. We love what we do, and we hope you do too, so this recognition from our industry peers is much appreciated.

The XBIZ Awards show will take place in Las Vegas on January 12, 2017. Wish us luck!


Vote no on Prop 60!

Adult industry players and civil rights activists across the world are uniting to oppose Proposition 60, a new proposal that would make the use of condoms mandatory in all adult films shot in California.

Proposition 60 goes to the vote on November 8, 2016. And while its sponsors claim the bill is intended as a protective measure, its many critics believe it could have serious repercussions for the safety and freedom of adult performers.

Citizens as ‘condom cops’

One of the most unusual and disturbing aspects of Prop 60 is that it allows any Californian resident to file a for-profit lawsuit if a condom is not visible in a single frame of a video – and without having to provide evidence that they suffered any harm in doing so.

Not only does this open the door to frivolous lawsuits; but it allows private citizens access to the personal information of adult performers simply by opening up a lawsuit, whether it is legitimate or not, making them easy prey for stalkers.

And Prop 60 makes anyone with a financial interest in an adult movie, such as a producer or distributor, liable for prosecution. Industry insiders fear this irregular and highly alarming provision could even extend liability to hotels and cable companies, giving it far-reaching consequences.

The adult industry already safeguards its own health

Those behind the Proposition say it’s a protective measure, and argue that it would send out a safer-sex message to viewers. There is already a law in place in California that requires condom use in adult movies, but lead sponsor of Proposition 60, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, says the state isn’t doing enough to enforce it.

This heavy-handed approach fails to acknowledge that industry performers undergo testing for HIV and STD infection every two weeks as standard. In fact there has not been an HIV transmission case linked to the industry in 12 years. 

Adult performers say that in some cases condoms can actually increase risk by causing friction and tearing, and they want the freedom to make their own choices. Proposition 60 is a violation of their civil rights.

Driving the industry underground

Earlier legislation – the notorious Measure B – drove a lot of the adult industry out of LA, resulting in economic losses to the state. It also forced elements of the adult film industry underground, increasing the vulnerability of performers by exposing them to more dangerous work.

A YES vote for Proposition 60 has the potential to intensify this situation.

Strong opposition from all sides

Prop 60 is being opposed not just by Californian adult performers and producers, but also by major newspapers and political organizations in the state, and public interest groups such as the Free Speech Coalition.

The Los Angeles County Commission on HIV, Equality California and AIDS Project Los Angeles are all opposing Prop 60, putting the lie to the implication that it is primarily intended to protect health. Members of both the state Democratic and Republican parties are also on record as opposing Proposition 60. 

The MetArt Network has joined the protest against Prop 60 to safeguard the privacy and freedom of choice of all those involved in creating and enjoying adult entertainment. We hope you’ll join us in voting NO on Prop 60.



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Latest Comments


    Mugsy 12 hours ago

    Tracy and ANY other woman IS the perfect match up!

    on Little Delay

    Pete61 15 hours ago

    There is nothing more awkward and un-sexy that a woman having sex while still wearing heels. Waliking is heels, yes. Fucking in heels, a complete turn-off. I get so distracted by those stupid heels, I lose the impact of the sex.

    on The Movers

    swtptr 19 hours ago

    Outstanding. Great to see a truly oral movie. Truly inspirational

    on Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded

    wmholt 20 hours ago

    I don't understand why the photos are bright, well-lit, and warm, and the videos show up like they were filmed on an overcast day with very little brightness, and just a cool grey tone compared to the photos. It's bizarre really.

    on Warmth Of The Sun

    Rose 22 hours ago

    It's hot to see a movie that focuses purely on oral – and Clea obviously loves it! I'm a big fan of big Juan :-)

    on Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded

    Groundhog 22 hours agoLifetime member

    So much innocence...and so much boudless passion!

    on Filan

    Rose 22 hours ago

    Check out her girl-girl debut with Sybil A in "Glamorous" directed by Sandra Shine on our sister site Viv Thomas. It's sensational!

    on Jia Lissa

    ori3noco6 1 day ago

    Sensational. Melena is feminine dynamite. What a model.....

    on Magenta

    ori3noco6 1 day ago

    What a major discovery Jia Lissa is. She can rocket as an erotic model.
    Great photographic team work with Alex Lynn.
    I am sure we will have her in burning hot G / G videos at SEXART. Should take very little time....

    on Jia Lissa

    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Well she just started. I must admit I was really looking forward to this shoot. I like many of the new ladies. Like a new lease on life. But you can appreciate that with a person like her, how much doing this with another would intensify it tenfold. She has to be one of the softest things on earth what with 5'5" 90 pounds. Wow! It would be great to see another woman show us just how soft this little cutie is. I would bet the usual suspects would jump at the chance to plow through that ultra soft flesh. Maybe next time??

    on Lerzi