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On The Edge

Erotic fiction by Frank and Rose, inspired by Milena D and Emily Bloom

This follows on from a story posted on this blog on December 31, 2016, titled ‘Menage a Trois,’ which featured Emily and Milena having some fun with Nika N after a photo shoot.

The story continues…

Emily and Milena hadn’t seen each other since they shared Nika in that delicious threesome, so when Emily called to invite Milena to dinner, she immediately said yes. Milena started getting wet just thinking about what she would do to Emily this time. But she was destined to be disappointed. Emily was in town for a shoot, and when Milena offered to fuck her brains out she declined, saying she needed to be fresh for the early call time. With a teasing smile, she said she doubted she would get much sleep if she let Milena into her room.

“Anyway, it’s much better after the shoot… you know how horny I get when I’ve been posing nude,” she added. “Save it for tomorrow, and I’ll make it worth the wait.” Milena felt a thrill of anticipation as she agreed to pick Emily up from the location the following day when she finished shooting.

Throughout the day, Emily sent Milena lots of naughty texts and a few naked selfies too, keeping her friend in a state of nervous excitement for hours at a time. By the time Milena picked Emily up, she had already made herself come three times, and her panties were so wet she’d taken them off and stashed them in the glove box. Emily flashed Milena a wicked grin when she asked how the shoot had gone.

“Well, it was supposed to be for MetArt, but I think it will end up on SexArt instead,” she giggled. “I couldn’t help touching myself every time I thought about you! I had to go and masturbate in the bathroom during our coffee break, but even that didn’t help… I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on you, baby!”

She leaned across and put her hand on Milena’s tanned thigh, sliding it upward, but now it was her girlfriend’s turn to tease.

“If you keep doing that I won’t be able to drive!” she laughed, pushing Emily’s hand away. “Now let me concentrate on the road!” She relented once they reached the parking lot of Emily’s hotel, and when Emily slid her hand right up under Milena’s skirt, she was delighted to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You hot little slut!” she exclaimed. “You’re so wet already! Have you been touching yourself, you dirty girl? You know you’re supposed to wait for me.” Milena felt her pulse begin to race at Emily’s stern tone. She loved seeing this dominant side of her sweet girlfriend, and it really turned her on when Emily took control.

“I’m sorry, Emily. I’ve been a bad girl today,” she said meekly. “I was thinking about eating your pussy, and I couldn’t help myself. I put my hand in my panties, and I was so creamy, and I humped my pillow and pretended it was you, and fingered myself until I came.”

“You’re a bad girl, Milena,” said Emily. “And bad girls need to be punished. You know that, don’t you?” Milena nodded. “You’re not allowed to come again until I say so,” Emily told her. They went up to Emily’s room in silence; Milena didn’t dare make a sound, even when Emily pressed right up against her and tweaked her nipple in the elevator. She already felt on the verge of another climax just from the hard, searching look Emily was giving her, and she wasn’t sure how long she could hold back – but she had to try.

As soon as they got into the room, Emily pushed Milena onto the bed and straddled her. She held her hands above her head as she kissed her hard, but when Milena tried to grind up against her, craving contact, Emily arched her body away.

“Don’t be greedy,” she said primly. “Naughty girls have to wait.” Milena lay back passively, trying to quiet the voice in her head that was begging to be touched. Agonizingly slowly, Emily kissed her way down Milena’s neck, sucking a love bite on her collarbone; then on down, nuzzling her nipples through her top until they were rock hard. It took all Milena’s self-control to keep still as Emily pulled her top up and took a nipple between her teeth, tugging and nibbling until her girlfriend was gasping with arousal. She could feel wetness seeping out to coat her thighs.

When she was beside herself with frustration and arousal, Emily finally kissed her way down over Milena’s flat stomach, taking her time, brushing the skin until it fluttered and Milena had to fight not to buck her hips. Emily flipped Milena’s short skirt up, exposing her bare pussy and gazing at it until Milena wanted to squirm. Emily blew on her overheated flesh, making it tingle. When she spread Milena’s thighs wider apart and started to kiss and suck and bite them, Milena wanted to scream with horny frustration.

Emily’s mouth moved closer and closer to Milena’s pussy, but she didn’t touch it. Instead she turned around so she was on top of her in a sixty-nine, and lowered her pussy down onto Milena’s face. She leaned forward so she could stroke all around Milena’s mound with her teasing fingers, as Milena grasped her hips and pulled her down harder. Crazy with lust as she was, she couldn’t resist Emily’s sweet taste.

“Oh yes! Show me what a good girl you are!” Emily gasped as Milena’s tongue swept over her clit. “Make me feel good and then maybe… maybe… I’ll do the same for you!” Milena licked her deeper, savoring her tangy taste, feeding off Emily’s response. She knew instinctively how to make Emily shudder with pleasure – and focusing on that helped take the edge off her own need for release.

But as Emily approached orgasm, her fingers grew clumsy, fluttering closer and closer to Milena’s pussy until they were brushing over her clit. Milena’s hips bucked up involuntarily, chasing the sensation. Immediately, Emily’s hands clamped down on her thighs, holding her still. Milena howled with frustration, and that vibration was all it took to send Emily spiralling over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

Milena did her best to lick Emily gently through the aftershocks of her climax, hoping it would make up for her bad behavior, but she found it difficult to concentrate as her thighs were spasming and shaking. The pressure was building inside her to the point where she felt she could come untouched. But Emily, having regained her composure slightly, was ready to resume tormenting her again now.

Softly – far too softly – she started to kitten lick Milena’s clit, fingertips digging into her thighs to hold her steady whenever she tried to move. Milena was moaning uncontrollably, her resolve to stay silent forgotten as her desperate need for release swept everything else away. Emily dipped a finger a little way inside Milena’s creamed-up hole, but pulled it out again at once.

“Please, Emily!” Milena gasped, her voice hoarse with lust. “Please fuck me! Please!” Emily slid her finger in again, a little deeper this time, but still not deep enough to hit Milena’s G-spot. After teasing her this way for a while, she added a second finger, making Milena feel a little fuller. Finally she thrust deeper, crooking her fingers to press that perfect spot. Milena’s back arched and she gasped with relief, thinking that this was it… but as the waves of sensation carried her towards orgasm, Emily pulled her fingers away again, letting her excitement subside minutely.

“Emily, please!” Milena sobbed. “Please let me come!”

“You’ll come when I say you can,” Emily purred, lapping at Milena’s clit a little harder. She did the same thing again, coaxing Milena right to the verge of orgasm, and then denying her the release she craved. And a third time; by now, Milena had lost all sense of who she was, where she was, her entire being focused on the unbearable throbbing between her legs. At last Emily seemed to sense that Milena was ready to break.

“Good girl, Milena. You can come now,” she said, and this time she sucked hard on Milena’s clit as she plunged her fingers all the way inside, pressing her G-spot firmly. That was it; Milena’s hips bucked crazily, her head thrown back as she yelled and shook and came, harder than ever before in her life.

After that, the girls lay and kissed for a while, Milena’s over-stimulated body unable to take anything more; but later they fucked again, more languidly this time. By morning Emily’s pussy, which had looked so neat and tight at the photoshoot, was spread open and soaking wet; and Milena’s thighs were marked with the bruises Emily’s fingers had left.

Many thanks to our member, Frank, for co-writing this story with me. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



Patritcy reveals what turns her on!

Latvian sweetheart Patritcy is an extremely popular star right across the MetArt Network, and with good reason. It’s not just because she’s very, very cute – although those adorable dimples, perfectly perky breasts, long legs and pert bottom would certainly be enough to make her a star. It has more to do with the irrepressible sense of fun she brings to everything she does, her ready smile and giggly demeanour, and the effervescent energy of her sex scenes.

I was lucky enough to spend time with Patritcy on location with our artists Don Caravaggio and Alis Locanta a while back, and I have to say it was an absolute riot. Topless cooking, singing, dancing and lots and lots of laughter, there is never a dull moment when Patritcy is around. Of course I took the opportunity to interview her, and to get the full effect of her devastating charm I’d highly recommend you watch the behind-the-scenes movie on Viv Thomas; but here are a few highlights…

Patritcy, please tell us about yourself.

P: I’m 21, and I’ve been making movies for three years already, from the age of 18. I travel a lot, more for shooting, not for holidays or free time.

What do you like about your appearance?

P: I like to be natural – my hair, my tits, my ass, it’s all natural. I don’t like to have something that’s not real… sometimes I go to the gym, because really I don’t like my body… sometimes it looks fine, and sometimes I’m, “Oh my god, I need to train!”

What made you decide to become a model?

P: All girls would like to be models, but not this kind of modeling, showing their body to everyone! I just remember when I was 16, 17, already I’d been such a bad girl, and I liked to show my body. So when I reached 18 I tried my first shoot, and now it’s been three years already!

What do you like about making movies?

P: I like to make solo movies best, because when I’m alone I can be more open… I like to play, of course, but more with myself. With girls it’s fine, but I like to make solo videos and touch myself and enjoy myself.

Did you have any experience with girls before you started making movies?

P: Yes, one time when I was very young, it was a new feeling. Then when I was maybe 15, I kissed another girl from my school… I don’t know why, but we just tried it, to kiss each other. Kiss kiss kiss, only kisses, not sex.

So you like boys and girls?

P: I prefer boys of course, because I need dick! And I can love them. But with girls, I can only like them… just to be naked and kiss kiss kiss, just for fun but nothing more.

How would you describe your personality?

P: I am so funny, crazy, silly… I am so happy in my life, it’s not because someone makes me happy, it’s just because I enjoy my life.

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

P: No… I did it on the beach, but there were not a lot of people… and apart from that, only in my bed! If I make a video in public, I am happy to show my body, but not to have sex in public.

Do you have a high sex drive?

P: Yes, I like sex a lot, but in real life I have sex only with my boyfriends, so if I have a boyfriend, I have sex; if I have no boyfriend, I have sex with myself! I can’t have sex with friends, just one or two times – it’s not for me. But I like sex a lot, so if I don’t have sex, I play with myself because I like to come… I love to come! It makes my mood better! So when I need it, I do it.

What would be your perfect date?

P: To go somewhere so far from my country, it would be so good to have no people around who know me, and to be together, just my boyfriend and me.

Have you ever tried anything really naughty?

P: I like to be submissive, and when people spank me, I like when it hurts… and a little bit of hair pulling… but not too much!

What kind of men do you like?

P: I prefer men aged about 30 or older, and he needs to be funny, that’s the first thing I want to feel. He doesn’t need to be romantic but he must not be stupid! He needs to think like a man.

What would you like to say to the members?

P: Sometimes I talk with you guys, because some of you follow me on twitter @pie_merry and on my webcam, and I would like to say hi to you and I love you so much... it’s so true... because I know you like me if you watch my movies, and it makes me feel good. I hope you’re feeling good, and thank you so much!  

For the full interview, check out Patritcy on Location – it’s available on Pay Per Scene if you’re not a Viv Thomas member.



Jay Smooth – the thinking woman’s sex star

If I ever come back as a man in another life, I’m picking Jay Smooth as my role model. Not only is he handsome, well-endowed and lucky with the ladies, but he’s also ambitious, articulate and genuinely charming. He’s a great ambassador for the adult industry.

Jay made a powerful first impression on SexArt with his role as the deceptive lover in Alis Locanta’s groundbreaking series “Love For Sale: Season 2.” More recently, he worked with director Andrej Lupin in Amsterdam, playing a variety of roles ranging from the tender romantic in “Charwomen” to the unfaithful husband who gets rewarded with a surprise threeway in “The Cheater.” He brings energy, passion and a very impressive physique to his movies. Women want him, men want to be him; and as a gym bunny myself, I’m going to admit here that I have a little bit of a crush! Lucky me, I got to ask him some of my naughty questions…

Jay, please tell us about yourself.

JS: I have just turned 30 and I am from Poland originally but I have been living in Los Angeles, CA for the last seven years. I love to stay active and fit. I used to play soccer professionally before I became a model – that’s why my thighs are still big! I love to play sports, hit the gym, hike and travel. My big hobbies are video games, music... astrophysics and chemistry; I know, I am a geek at heart! My favorite bands are Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears. I love Pink Floyd as well and I like electronic music a lot. At this moment I don’t have any pets. I used to have a dog when I was growing up. I travel so much and I am so busy that it would be irresponsible for me to have a dog right now. Hopefully in the future. I love dogs. 

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

JS: I think it’s my smile.

How do you keep in such good shape?

JS: Diet is key. I try to eat healthy and drink a lot of water. I also keep fit by working out and staying active. And of course, I can’t diminish the value of sex. Having lots of sex helps you to stay in shape and live a happy life!

What inspired you to get into adult movies – and when did you realize you had the right too for the job?!

JS: I had my big porn crushes when I was growing up and I imagined myself one day performing with them. I think that inspired me the most. I also wanted to bring something new to the industry. I wanted to bring respect to women. As adult performers we are responsible in many ways for the sexual education of our teenagers. I always wanted to perform passionate scenes, real and full of connection and chemistry, which would inspire everyone: women, men and couples. I think I realized that my tool is right for the job after some successful scenes I shot. Although, when I got into this industry I was not well prepared and had to learn fast to adapt to new circumstances.

What advice would you give to guys who think it might be the career for them?

JS: To consider the fact that this is a very hard job. In many cases you are challenged through very difficult conditions and pressure to deliver what the director asks you to. You need to realize that this is hard work and you are not on set to enjoy yourself. Imagine having sex in front of 10 or more people. Can you do that? Would you still be comfortable having sex when people put pressure on you or if you are asked to have sex in a very uncomfortable position, in the heat, in the cold, for many hours? If you think you are sexual and you are able to be stimulated and have a good connection between your head and your body then you might try to perform. This job teaches humility and you’ve got to be ready to face all the challenges to establish yourself in the industry. 

How long have you been making films?

JS: I have been performing in the adult industry for about three years now. I have also been appearing in mainstream TV and films. I love acting in general so it is a lot of fun for me to play different characters. I also love sex. Having the opportunity to have sex with so many beautiful and sexual women is keeping me excited. This job is never boring. I also love the fact that I can inspire others and spice up their sex lives by delivering very passionate and steamy scenes and movies. Receiving positive feedback from fans drives me even more into making more movies.

Do you have any formal acting training? Do you enjoy the roles that require acting, such as Alis Locanta’s series ‘Love For Sale’? 

JS: Yes I have studied in two very prominent acting schools in Los Angeles. I love acting and I enjoyed playing my character in “Love for Sale.” I liked the script, the twists and great cooperation with Alis and his Italian crew. Unfortunately, we were very time pressured and jetlagged when we shot this feature so I wish I could redo some of my acting scenes. I am very critical about my performance and I always want to give as good a performance as I can.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

JS: Yes and no! Yes, because I am very critical about myself and I always want to see what I could do better. No, for the same reason. The critical eye focuses on imperfections too much.

Please tell us about shooting with Andrej Lupin in Amsterdam.

JS: That was my first time shooting with Andrej Lupin and his crew. I spent two weeks with them in Holland and I enjoyed that time very much. The crew was super friendly and entertaining and we clicked well from the very beginning. I had a good communication with Andrej and I felt we delivered some pretty hot scenes. I am looking forward to working with them and SexArt more.

How would you describe your personality?

JS: I love life. I have a big personality, I am never bored and I am always pursuing something, always occupied by something. For some people it could be a little too much. I think those that know me, they remember me for my positive personality and the smile on my face that I carry very often.

Are you a romantic person?

JS: Not very romantic, but I have my romantic moments. Beautiful music and views put me in a romantic mood. I can be romantic towards my partner. Flowers, nice dinners, romantic walks. That’s definitely Jay Smooth…

Are you an exhibitionist?

JS: I think I am. I am an adult actor, I get naked regularly in front of people and cameras. I am very comfortable with myself and my body. When I am at home I am almost always naked. I also sleep naked. It is so nice. At the same time I respect other people’s boundaries and I try not to offend them whenever I am in public.

Do you have a high sex drive? Do you still jerk off even when you’re filming a lot?

JS: I do have a high sex drive. I like to have sex very often. At least three or four times a week if not more. I jerk off very rarely these days as I work quite a lot and I prefer to feel fresh for my scenes. Moreover, the more sex you have the more you want it. 

What kind of girls do you like?

JS: I like natural, sexual girls, with beautiful faces, nice hands and feet, well taken care of. Usually not taller than 5’10”. I like them petite. When I work with a new girl I always talk to her before and try to break the ice and make sure we are comfortable with each other. Personality is very, very important for me. The girl might be the prettiest in the world but if she is cold and has attitude, that ruins everything. What turns me on more is the personality and sexuality, rather than just solely beautiful but cold looks.

What is your favorite position?

JS: My favorite positions are cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. They stimulate me the most. I love cowgirl because you can have amazing eye contact and connection while having sex and also it looks so sexy on camera. 

What turns you on?

JS: My biggest turn ons are eye contact and deep eye connection, very sexy face, lovely athletic body and pretty feet. As I mentioned before, personality is key. If I feel the right connection with a girl I am sure we will deliver an unforgettable performance. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

JS: I have had sex in many public places. Including cars, public beaches and parties. I think the weirdest experience was when I had sex in my car and the police came over to question us!

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

JS: My favorite sexual fantasy is to do something called reverse gangbang. That means there is one man – me – and four or five lovely girls having sexual fun with me. That’s pretty much the only thing I have not done sexually yet.

Where do you like to meet girls? Any good pick-up lines to share with us? (We found out in “The Cheater” you have a very sexy voice!)

JS: There is no set place for meeting girls. You can meet amazing people in the least expected situations and places. I don’t have any pick-up lines. I am just myself. If I feel I like a girl I don’t hesitate to let her know about it and take the initiative.

Do you remember your first kiss?

JS: Of course I do, those things are unforgettable. Although, my first kiss wasn’t the best. I have a very special sentiment about my first kiss with my very first real girlfriend. That was magical and unforgettable. 

Did you ever have a threesome in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

JS: Yes I did. I had maybe two or three before I did adult movies.

Do you believe in open relationships?

JS: Absolutely. There are many people who are very happy in open relationships. When people are willing to accept having sex with different partners and not be jealous about it that can only help strengthen their relationships. Sex is a wonderful experience and we don’t need anything in addition to it. No technology, no distractions. It can be pure pleasure, so why not share those moments with our loved ones? Love and sex are two different things. In the ancient times, the Greeks and the Romans had a completely different approach to sexuality than our modern society affected by the medieval times. I look up to sex positive communities and couples and I see how happy they can be and how strong their open relationships are. I am a big advocate of open relationships and sexual experimentation. It is never too late to try.

What are your ambitions?

JS: I would like to perform more in bigger budget movies and features. I also want to start directing my own movies and scenes. I want to spread a positive image of sex and fight against the stigma that sex workers are dealing with every day. I hope to be more involved in the freedom of expression and speech movement and continue to inspire others that sex is a wonderful therapeutic activity that we all should embrace and not be ashamed of.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

JS: I’d like to thank all my fans out there for your support and positive comments as well as criticisms. I appreciate each and every one of you regardless of your skin color, nationality and sexual orientation. Please follow me on twitter @jaysmoothxxx for more updates of my work and future releases.



The acceptance of pansexuality

A short while ago on our sister site Viv Thomas, there was a discussion that really got me thinking. A member wrote about how a movie had made her see the two female participants as a couple, first and foremost, without being focused on their gender. To quote, “I was left with, mentally and conceptually… the idea that these are two PEOPLE, two HUMANS, with a great devotion to, and desire for, cherishing, ‘loving,’ and being ‘loved by,’ each other. And their gender being the same had no bearing on this desire.” 1

This encouraged me to voice my hope that one day we’ll all just be able to describe ourselves as ‘sexual,’ without the need for any prefix. But until then, my current preference is for the term ‘pansexual.’

In the past I’ve described myself as bisexual, because I’m attracted to both women and men, but it doesn’t really seem to describe the fluidity of my sexual relationships adequately. Sometimes I find myself more interested in men, sometimes women, and sometimes both equally (what can I say, I’m greedy!). The truth is, I’m attracted to the person, not the gender. That’s why, when I stumbled across the term ‘pansexual,’ it was the first time I could really express how I felt; technically it’s a label, but in reality it’s more of an anti-label.

The dictionary definition of pansexual is:

“not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.”

It’s a broader definition of sexual orientation than bisexuality because it acknowledges gender identity (psychological) and not just sex (physical) – so it embraces the possibility of attraction to transgender, transsexual, androgynous and gender fluid individuals. And it’s a concept I champion, because it seems to fully articulate the notion that attraction can occur on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – regardless of culturally imposed barriers.

SexArt movies are all about the connection between the participants; not just sexual chemistry, but emotional chemistry too. We all feel that spark of connection with another human being – often many times in a day. You can call it bonding, understanding, communication, fellow feeling, empathy or whatever. You feel an indefinable sense of being drawn to another person. It can be as subtle and fleeting as a warm smile exchanged with a stranger in the grocery store, or as deep and all-encompassing as an intimate night with a soulmate. It’s not necessarily sexual either; you may feel an intense connection with your bestie without wanting to jump their bones. But given that we all instinctively recognize the truth of this – that a bond happens on an unconscious, innate level – is it really such a stretch to apply this to sexual attraction too?

The term ‘pansexualism,’ now sometimes used interchangeably with ‘omnisexuality’ or ‘gender-blindness,’ was originally coined in 1917 by critics of the psychologist Sigmund Freud to denigrate his theory that all feelings of desire are manifestations of sexual instincts; but later came to be used to describe a fluid sexual orientation not limited by gender. It’s become much more widely used over the past decade or so, perhaps not surprisingly as issues of gender identity and gender fluidity become more openly discussed. It’s now used as both an overt statement of radical gender politics, and a cool thing for media-savvy celebrities to say.

Recent scientific studies suggest that sexual orientation can change over time, and is much more fluid than previously supposed. Sociologist Elizabeth Aura McClintock of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, presented research to a meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA) in 2015 2 suggesting that sexual orientation is not something that we are born with, but is based on choices. “Women’s sexual attraction may be more flexible and adaptive than men’s… The research revealed women were three times more likely than men to change their sexual identities by their late 20’s,” she explained.

In an experiment carried out by psychologists at the University of Essex, UK, videos of naked men and women were shown to a sample of 345 women. Responses that might reveal attraction, such as pupil dilation, were measured; the results, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 2015 3 found that, of the women who described themselves as straight, 74 percent were ‘strongly’ sexually aroused by both male and female imagery. The study’s leader, Dr Gerulf Rieger, stated, “Our research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, [women] are either bisexual or gay, but never straight.”

If there is genuinely such a dissonance between so many women’s experiences of sexual attraction and sexual behavior – that’s to say, actually having sexual contact with those to whom we are attracted – maybe it’s time to start viewing our sexuality as fluid rather than fixed… and even to be more openminded and accepting when it comes to our own unexpected and unanticipated desires?


1. – member comments

2. American Sociological Association. “Romantic opportunities appear to influence women’s sexual identities, but not men’s.” ScienceDaily, 25 August 2015.




Beautiful breasts, dripping wet: location report day five

It’s my final day on location near Prague with Team Lupin, and I have house envy as well as tan envy. We’re shooting in the luxurious bathroom of our rental house, and the two beautiful girls in front of me have matching deep tans, no mean feat as it’s barely above freezing outside!

Anna Rose is a SexArt favorite with good reason; her elegant style and willowy figure give her the look of a high-class fashion model, but she is actually great fun, very down-to-earth, and a really versatile actress too. Annabelle is brand new to SexArt and has the potential to become a big star; she’s adorable, with freckles and a cute gap between her front teeth, but also happens to have surprisingly big natural breasts! I have a feeling you’re going to love her.

The girls are bathed in soft natural light as the scene – titled “Water” – begins. They have been flirting and blowing kisses to each other before shooting starts, and as Annabelle reclines in the bathtub and Anna Rose pauses to stroke her on the way to the shower, their attraction to each other is evident. Anna Rose starts to soap up her slender body, touching herself and gazing hungrily at Annabelle through the glass. She joins her girlfriend in the tub, kissing her avidly and fondling her incredible breasts, her peachy ass high in the air.

At this point, camera supremo John Sweet is standing precariously on the edge of the bath, heavy camera on his shoulder as he gets a perfect overhead shot, and with two other camera operators, director Andrej Lupin, myself and the two gorgeous girls in the room, and all that hot water running, things are getting pretty steamy. The water on the girls’ bodies is casting too much glare, and it’s the sweetest thing to see camera operator Qweedo Climber respectfully dabbing Annabelle’s boobs with a towel and trying not to touch – they should have given the job to me!

Annabelle moves to sit on the edge of the tub, her thighs spread as Anna Rose kisses all the way from her pretty toes to her sweet pussy. She licks and strokes gently at first, making Annabelle moan softly, then sucks her nipples as she fingers her deeper and harder. Annabelle lifts her hips, supporting her weight on her hands as she rocks her pussy against Anna Rose’s mouth, boobs jiggling. It’s intense, her pussy making sexy wet sounds; suddenly she’s so overcome with pleasure she slides back into the water, giggling and gasping.

Anna Rose moves into doggy position, one leg up on the side of the bathtub to give Annabelle full access to her pussy. Annabelle’s talented tongue and fingers drive her wild, making her hump back fervently, her excitement building. Annabelle presses her soft breasts against Anna Rose’s firm ass as she finger-bangs her vigorously. Anna Rose turns onto her back in the water and Annabelle strokes her to a breathless and powerful climax. The girls caress each other languidly as they bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

I would love to stay and see what happens next, but it’s time for me to head to the airport and back to reality. Below you can see a sneak preview from the afternoon's scene, with Delphine and Kiara Night, the new model I told you about yesterday. Now Team Lupin is moving to a new location, with a bunch more models arriving, both new girls and returning favorites. I can’t wait to see what they shoot. Thanks to the whole lovely team for making me so welcome and letting me see the magic this week – I had a blast!


A loving couple and a brand new babe: location report day four

Day four of my visit to Prague for Andrej Lupin’s location shoot brought freezing temperatures and hailstones; it was a new experience for me to go for my morning run wearing gloves and a woolly hat, but the scorching scenes that followed soon warmed me up again!

First, the team were shooting lovely Russian doll Leda with her partner Bran, for a scene titled “Hurry Up.” Bran was attempting to read a magazine, while Leda did her utmost to distract him; guess who won? Well, I certainly wouldn’t be able to resist if this gorgeous babe climbed on my lap and started kissing me, and as it turns out, Bran isn’t immune to her charms either! It’s a simple premise for the scene, but it works perfectly because of the genuine love and passion between this real-life couple – they are so in tune with each other, physically and emotionally. 

Leda is only wearing a shirt, and when she unbuttons it to reveal her fantastically firm, tanned body, there is a collective intake of breath from the whole crew. She really is stunning. She grabs Bran’s magazine and tosses it away as she straddles him, and naturally he doesn’t resist. Leda kisses him avidly and frees his cock from the confines of his pants, stroking it and then guiding it into her pussy. She rides him energetically, bouncing on his cock faster and harder, then turning around into reverse cowgirl and sliding all the way up and all the way back down again on each stroke. Her perfect ass ripples with the effort as Bran lets her do all the work; she comes abruptly and extremely hard.

Dismounting, Leda sucks Bran’s cock lovingly, and then he eats her pussy before thrusting back in missionary-style and fucking her all the way to their mutual orgasm. It’s a real feelgood scene, and as they kiss and cuddle afterwards you can sense that performing together for the camera adds an extra closeness to their relationship.

A little later, it was time to shoot something quite special – a beautiful girl filming her first EVER scene! Kiara Night is a pretty blonde Russian girl with big blue eyes, uptilted breasts and sweet soft curves. Although she doesn’t speak much English, she is very friendly and clearly eager to take her first steps on this new adventure. Her partner for the scene – working title “Love to You” – is Ricky, a handsome Czech guy who is evidently delighted to be guiding her in this experience.

Not that she needs much guidance, as it turns out! As soon as they start kissing, Kiara’s hands are all over Ricky’s body, grabbing and stroking and squeezing. She is clearly very excited to be doing this, and as they kiss she slides her hand down to rub her pussy frantically. Ricky replaces her hand with his own, and they are too hot to waste much time on foreplay before both are naked and he is thrusting his rock-hard cock into her. She is flushed and moaning, squeezing her nipples as he goes down to eat her pussy ravenously and then slides back into her in spoons. He lifts her leg high and jackhammers into her, getting her more and more aroused.

Kiara dismounts and takes Ricky’s cock in her mouth, jerking him off and licking up and down the shaft, then sucking him deeper and deeper with each bob of her head. His cock is shiny with saliva when she straddles him in cowgirl, riding hard. It’s so refreshing to watch a girl who hasn’t picked up any porn star mannerisms having sex just as she would in her bedroom at home, flushed with the exertion and throwing her head back as she rocks her hips sexily. She’s clearly loving every second, and Ricky looks like all his Christmases have come at once as he flips her onto her back and starts pounding into her in missionary. He almost fucks her right off the bed with his vigorous thrusts.

I’m right up close to the steamy action, and I’m watching her face in cameraman Qweedo’s monitor too; she looks so pretty, her face suffused with lust as she claws spasmodically at Ricky’s chest and orgasms hard and loudly. Ricky fills her with his load as she comes around his cock, both off them glistening with sweat. The temperature inside the room seems to have risen exponentially!

A night out in Prague was called for after such an amazing day’s shooting… more tomorrow, folks! 


Hot sex, Tracy Lindsay and bonus boobs: location report day three

So, look what I found on my phone! That naughty Tracy Lindsay obviously had a message for you all that just couldn’t wait… what a gorgeous girl she is!

Today’s shoot here on location in Prague with Andrej Lupin and his team kicked off with a scorching boy-girl movie, “Day Off,” starring brunette beauty Kerry Cherry and Team Lupin’s production manager Matt The Great, in his alternative identity as super-stud Matt Ice. It’s pretty damn impressive how he can switch from one to the other with seemingly boundless energy, and he’s such a sweetheart all the girls want to work with him.

From the start, it’s obvious this is going to be a great scene. Kerry has a terrific personality, smiling all the time and joking with the crew; if you met her in real life you would certainly want to get to know her better. She and Matt have outstanding chemistry and are giggling, smooching and cuddling long before filming starts.

The story is that Kerry is cleaning out the kitchen cupboards on her day off, and asks Matt for help reaching something from a high shelf. The fooling around and play-fighting soon turns to genuine kissing, Matt pulling up Kerry’s top to suck her nipples and then lifting her onto the counter. He licks down her taut stomach and tongues her pussy through her panties, before pulling them off and eating her with an intensity that has her back arching and her whole body shuddering with pleasure.

Kerry moves to her feet to unzip Matt’s pants, stroking his cock and then bending over the counter so he can slide into her. She grinds and thrusts back against him, moving faster, loving the sensation of his thick cock inside her. Matt slams in harder, Kerry’s pert ass rippling with each stroke and their flesh slapping together noisily. He lifts one of her legs so he can penetrate her even more deeply… they are so into each other that they keep right on fucking even when the crew stops to make technical alterations, in fact I don’t think they even notice the cameras aren’t rolling!

Matt lifts Kerry right up, supporting her whole body as he thrusts up into her, then sitting to let her ride to her climax. She has several quiet but powerful orgasms before the big one hits her, then hops off to suck and lick him, and jack him off all over her perky tits. The sexual energy throughout the whole scene is so amazing you certainly won’t want to miss it. 

After lunch, Leda and Kerry shoot a scene that has a working title I can’t even translate – Andrej tells me it’s something between licking and fucking! The girls certainly do plenty of both, looking absolutely irresistible together in elegant silk robes. As they chatter away in Russian, Kerry teasingly grabs the sash of Leda’s robe and unties it, uncovering her beautiful breasts. She lets her own robe slip to the floor as they kiss and rub their lovely bodies together. Both are such naturally stunning, slender, tanned brunettes, and the effect of seeing them wrapped around each other is sensational.

Leda guides Kerry down to suck her nipples; when they are stiff and throbbing, Kerry kisses her way on down to Leda’s sweet pussy, eating and fingering her hungrily. It’s hot, juicy and intense, and Leda comes hard around Kerry’s questing fingers. Kerry sits on the table and Leda spreads her thighs wide and licks her hungrily. Kerry sinks back, her hips undulating as the onslaught of tongue and fingers drives her wild. She moves onto Leda’s lap to get rubbed to a frenetic climax, Leda’s fingers strumming her clit as she comes. From where I was sitting (very close to the action) it looked both artistic and sexy – an ideal SexArt scene, in other words!

After this, Leda interviewed Kerry for me – in Russian – as they had already built up such a close rapport. They were clearly having fun together, so I’m looking forward to the translation.

Andrej and Ariel Piper Fawn then gave me a tour of the brand new Team Lupin office, a very glamorous and impressive set-up in a stunning old building with a huge and well-equipped main office and multiple rooms for shooting. I’m so excited to see the work that is going to come out of this inspiring space. They then surprised me in a totally different way, with a trip to a traditional Czech restaurant, complete with topless and extremely busty waitresses! Czech people are very friendly and it was a super-fun way to end a hot and enthralling day. More from the set soon…



Two cuties and a superstar: location report day two

Day two on location near Prague with Team Lupin sees the arrival of the sunshine, and also gorgeous Russian babe Leda, who is a big star on our sister sites MetArt and The Life Erotic as well as here at SexArt. What a treat to watch her shoot her first girl-girl scene for the network!

Leda and Aria Logan look cuter than a basket of kittens as shooting starts for a scene with the working title of “Lazy Day.” The girls are relaxing on the bed; Aria is reading and Leda is brushing her hair, but they keep exchanging little glances and smiles, clearly very aware of each other’s presence. Aria takes over brushing Leda’s hair, gazing at her pretty girlfriend in the mirror. They wrap their arms around each other lovingly, Aria sliding her hand down between Leda’s thighs to touch her inside her sexy silk panties. I love to see this, being a bit of a panty fetishist, and let me tell you it looked as hot through the monitor as it did right in front of my eyes.

Leda watches in the mirror, starting to get as excited by the sight of her girlfriend touching her as by the sensation itself. Aria licks her fingers and smears the wetness over Leda’s clit, getting her even hotter. As Leda lies back and Aria’s fingers thrust inside her, her arousal visibly escalates, her breath coming in gasps and her pussy making sexy wet sounds. Aria moves on top of her in a sixty-nine, Leda finally getting to stroke and lick her sweet pussy – but Leda’s focus is interrupted by Aria fingering her to the most delicious, breathless orgasm, her thighs clamping shut and feet arching as she comes hard.

When she’s recovered a little, Leda kisses and sucks Aria’s nipples, then moves down to eat her pussy, smiling up at her with the most radiant expression. She plays Aria perfectly, leading her to the edge of orgasm several times before finally pushing her legs high and eating her to a powerful climax. It’s a scene that manages to be both hot and adorable, and I can’t wait to see it on screen.

Later Leda shoots a boy-girl scene with her real-life partner Bran; you’ve seen them in a couple of photosets here, but to see them in action is a whole new level of hotness! Meanwhile I am interviewing Aria; she is new to the world of movie-making and so she’s a little shy at first, but very, very cute. As she and Leda both find it easier to express themselves in their native Russian, I have the bright idea of asking Aria to interview Leda, and she does an awesome job – I’m curious to learn what they were telling each other, because they seemed to be having fun.

And then comes the most sensational bonus ever… the surprise arrival of my dream girl Tracy Lindsay! Tracy is not shooting with Team Lupin this week as she is busy studying, but Ariel invited her to come over just to do an exclusive interview for SexArt members. And oh my goodness, she is as beautiful, charming, funny and loveable as you could possibly imagine. Men and women go weak at the knees in her presence. She is also wonderfully honest and uninhibited when it comes to talking about sex, and opens up to the camera with such interesting revelations about her life and her sexuality – I think you will love it. Later I discovered the naughty girl even took some sneaky selfies on my phone! That was an amazing climax to my day, and after that it was time to celebrate with a night out on the town and some traditional Czech cuisine. More from the set soon, folks…



Grey skies, pretty new girls: location report day one

So, here I am in Prague – well actually Ricany, a small town outside Prague – and things are looking good. For starters, virtually the first person I see as I arrive on Czech soil is my gorgeous girl Ariel Piper Fawn, who has come to pick me up from the airport. It’s a grey, drizzly day, but it always feels like the sun is shining when you’re with APF!

There’s just time for a quick reunion with our SexArt director supremo Andrej Lupin and his wonderful team before filming begins with two lovely new Russian girls, Aria Logan and Kerry Cherry. Pretty 21-year-old blonde Aria has only been shooting movies for two months, and is so box-fresh it feels vaguely naughty to even be watching her… but you know me, I watched anyway!

The mood is one of hilarity rather than horniness as camera operators John Sweet and Qweedo Climber act out the action for the girls, to overcome the Czech-Russian communication problem. But things take a turn for the hotter when the girls take over. The working title for the scene is “Confession,” because sweet brunette Kerry is telling Aria something serious – like you, I’m going to have to wait for the subtitles to find out exactly what! But Aria finds a very effective way to cheer Kerry up, peppering her with soft kisses and sweet endearments. She teases by working her way – agonizingly slooooowly – down to Kerry’s pussy, fingering and licking her with increasing intensity. Kerry’s climb to orgasm is a long slow burn with a fiery finish. When she’s caught her breath, she kisses Aria all over, and Aria straddles Kerry’s face and rides to a frenetic climax. A very hot start to my trip!

After a chillout break, filming resumes: this time, a super-hot boy-girl scene called “The Pianist.” Aria looks sensational in a short, skintight white dress and platform heels that show off her long, tanned legs to perfection. Her attention is drawn to Matt Ice, who is playing the piano; as she begins to embrace him seductively, his playing significantly deteriorates! Before long he abandons the attempt altogether and turns to kiss her; she sits on his lap and he slides a hand up her skirt to stroke her pussy.

At this point, I should reveal that I’m sitting just a couple of feet away from the couple, with three cameras around me – John Sweet, John Humble and Qweedo Climber are all shooting, with Andrej directing – so I can see at least two monitors at all times, as well as the live action unfolding in front of me. It’s pretty intense! Aria bends over the back of the sofa so Matt can eat her, then frees his stiff cock from his pants and long-licks it. She sucks it deep, getting it wet before bending over again so he can thrust it into her. His strokes are vigorous. She grinds back against him, her pleasure building.

Matt takes a seat on the piano stool and Aria mounts him in reverse cowgirl, sliding all the way up and down on his cock and bouncing energetically. She is shaking with passionate arousal by the time they move into missionary, Matt pounding into her and making her climax hard, before anointing her with his creamy load. Whew! I can’t wait to see how this scene will appear on the screen, because from where I was sitting, it looked amazing.

After that, it was time for a fun night out in Prague… more soon, folks!



Albert Varin: interview with a SexArt artist

Although better known as one of our esteemed MetArt artists, photographer Albert Varin is also a regular contributor here at SexArt, with an unerring eye for fresh new talent, as well as a hotline to some of the Network’s most enduring stars, such as Ennu A, Tofana A and Macy B. Recently he has introduced two hot new rising stars, Ambre and Messiah, and he also shoots highly arousing and atmospheric boy-girl and girl-girl photosets. He enjoys interacting with members and discussing his work, so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what inspires him…

Albert, where are you from?

AV: My great-grandfather lived in Germany, he was quite a wealthy person and a traveler. He enjoyed hunting and he kept a diary with illustrations. I guess because of his curious nature he came to Russia, where he got married and had eight daughters; one of them was my grandmother. Since then my family has lived in Russia. I was born in Moscow and I travel a lot. I think it’s in my genes from my great-grandfather.

What is your background in photography?

AV: Another passion of mine, aside from traveling, is painting and modern arts and crafts. I love new materials and technologies. One day I discovered digital photography. Before the digital era I shot on film and it didn’t excite me, it was more documentary-style shots. But with digital technology everything was taken to another level and I began to experiment, first with themes, then with color. I had a lot of models who wanted to see themselves outside the frames of their everyday life. Slowly my photographs became more and more erotic, so it happened quite gradually.

How long have you been creating erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

AV: During one of my trips to Prague I visited Saudek’s exhibition. I think it was in 2006, and back then I felt like Prague was full of electric erotic impulses. I brought back a lot of albums of erotic photography from that trip, as well as publications from Taschen with daguerreotypes, photos of Playboy models, Helmut Newton’s album, I studied them all.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

AV: I like elements of cinema in photographs, I like Fellini’s absurd, Tarkovsky’s frames. I also like open eroticism with notes of humor, like we see in Tinto Brass’ work. I was also quite inspired, like many others, by Zalman King’s ‘Wild Orchid.’ As for books, I read constantly, I like Borges, books with a mysterious storyline, philosophical literature. But philosophy, if you read it at night, is also a good sleeping pill. In painting, I love color and expression; in some of my photo shoots with models I have used my own paintings as the background.

You have been shooting for MetArt since 2010 and SexArt since 2012; how do you think your work has evolved?

AV: As much as I can judge my own work – in 2010 it was a hobby, but now it grabs me almost completely. I try to capture the feeling of the present moment, immediacy, as if the viewer can reach out and touch the model’s shoulder.

Is there a photoset you are particularly proud of?

AV: It’s hard for me to say. In all honesty, I like all my photosets, especially those that haven’t been published yet.

You have shot many of our new models in their ‘presenting’ photoset. What makes a good model?

AV: I love working with debutantes. It has a certain drive, it’s like opening a new book of poetry, or coming to a new city, where you’ve never been before. I pay attention to the temperament of the model, her grace, her movements, her sweet face. Her smile is very important for me. A good model has all these qualities. Another important thing is the model’s desire to present herself at her best: her excitement, her mood, her young spirit. This is what, in my opinion, makes the model interesting for the viewer.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

AV: This is another difficult question. Of course there are models with whom I work very comfortably and we have fun. Not all girls are the same, some are quite chatty, laughing a lot, some are quite dreamy. For example Veselin is very lively and fun and it shows in her pictures, and Sigrid is more shy. But of course I love to work with them both. There are models that have become my friends, such as Subil A, who first posed for me and then decided to continue her career as a model.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

AV: I plan my shoots, I try to think all the details through. I think that’s what makes the work easy. It doesn’t always turn out as I plan; sometimes shoots get cancelled, sometimes the weather interferes, or accidents happen – that’s life.

How about shooting movies?

AV: Most often I work with debutantes – non-professional models – and working with a video requires a model who has more self-control than for a photo shoot. Moreover, often models get shy in front of the video camera. But I do shoot videos when I meet models who enjoy it.

What are your ambitions for your work with the MetArt Network?

AV: My ambition is to continue being at the top, to bring a lot of exciting new models, and to publish on Errotica Archives. Perhaps I would like to release an album with Taschen or Goliath. I would also like to do a photo exhibition, perhaps with other artists from MetArt, I think it’s an interesting idea.

What do you hope the viewers get from your photos?

AV: I want to give the audience the intimate world that surrounds our favorite models. I am happy if I can convey their beauty, youth and playfulness.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

AV: I like that the audience is very large and each participant can look at my work. I always read the comments and I like controversy, I like the fact that my work pleases subscribers. Being popular is a damn good feeling. I particularly pay attention to the negative comments, and I am grateful for reasoning and specifications, because if I know the specific flaws, I can fix them in the future. We live in a big world, in different countries, with different traditions. Love of beauty, passion and inspiration for life – that’s what is understood by all: men and women, in the north and in the south, that’s what unites us. Let’s love, that’s what makes us happy.



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