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Mainstreaming Porn -- By Bo Llanberris


On The SexArt Set With Elle AlexandraWhat do you think would happen if you went to the latest Spielberg movie and in between the guys saving Private Ryan and the crazy scientist stuffing garbage down the flux capacitor to head Back to the Future, there were also graphic love scenes.  Intro SexArt.
My name is Bo Llanberris and I am a mainstream filmmaker and director.  I was trained in one of the finest film schools in the world. I set out to make great movies and to work with the world’s top filmmakers - and I did both.  I’ve rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and I’ve been down in the trenches with the nitty-gritty crew of independent filmmaking with no real money, just the goal of getting into Sundance or the like.
Over a year ago I was contacted by the guys over at MetArt.  They had this crazy idea about making high quality, cinema worthy, adult love scenes, in a site they wanted to launch called SexArt, a sister site to MetArt.  They didn’t want to make silly parodies and hire people who couldn’t and shouldn’t act, they wanted to do much more. You can call what they wanted to do porn, but somehow that word does not really describe what they had in mind.  They wanted to take MetArt, keep the high quality, and go graphic.
I have to tell you, although I felt the idea was worthy and somewhat lofty, as a mainstream filmmaker I didn’t want to be a part of it.  All I could see was “me doing porn,” which is not exactly why I spent all that money and effort to go to film school.  But after some further discussions we decided to give it a try and do one short film shoot as an experiment to see what it would be like.
Mind you now, I had never done porn before.  Sure, I watched it, but I never imagined being a part of it as a filmmaker, and certainly not as a director.  But in a very real way I was intrigued by the idea of making a love scene that was graphic and a turn on, but not like you’d see on a Tube site.  I wondered what would happen if I brought in a world class cinematographer, a top Hollywood composer and a professional Hollywood film crew, and approached a graphic love scene like it was in “An Officer and a Gentleman” or “The Titanic,” or “Pretty Woman.”
The result was awesome, but completely untested and no one, not even the wise folks at MetArt, knew what was going to happen.  Would the masses like it, or is everyone just interested in porn for the porn and damn everything else.  Did I make a mistake as a mainstream filmmaker and produce erotica that no one really wants to see?  As it turned out, people started to respond and respond well.  Comments like, “It’s about time” and “Finally, quality adult entertainment” came out of the blogosphere.   Our efforts were rewarded by sign-ups and great reviews and requests for more.
So now we all realized we did something right and the guys at MetArt were on to something.  And I realized that porn isn’t just a thing on “Youjizz” or behind a closed door in some dark alley.  Everyone has sex, and lots of people, although not all, make love, and those people like to see other people make love too.  Some of the greatest pleasures in my short life have been making love to a beautiful woman, where sex was really hot but it was our hearts that drove the passion.    And that, for the most part, is what I strive to show in SexArt - real cinema quality graphic love scenes that are shot like mainstream movies and are also hot and honest.  Looking back at the 100 plus films I’ve completed for SexArt, I realize I am a changed man.  Where once I was aghast at the idea of doing porn, I am now proud to say this is what I do, this is who I work with, and, until I’m asked to stop or no one likes it, I will continue on doing it.

Random thoughts on adult entertainment, from erotic to explicit...


Some of you may be aware that I'm the blogger in residence at MetArt. A member left a comment there that, while I chose not to publish it, got me thinking. In essence, this fellow expressed his distain for hardcore (either girl/girl or boy/girl) erotica and feared that MetArt was somehow drifting in the direction of SexArt. I should add that this individual is an articulate, thoughtful, and passionate consumer of erotica — and that he voluntarily withdrew and apologized for his self-described "rant."
Let me address this, if only in a somewhat random, rambling fashion.
First, let me say that the expanding MetArt Network is a group — perhaps family is the better word — of sites with a single, unifying approach to erotica, but which, individually, provide a unique product to a variety of audiences. You may love SexArt and hate MetArt. Although I think that's unlikely, that's your choice, based on your tastes and desires. While the creative minds at the MetArt Network will never try to provide "something for everybody," they do strive to offer a wide range of products to appeal to a wide range of discriminating customers.
I can state, flatly, that MetArt will never become SexArt. But, when I evaluate MetArt erotic pictorials, there are absolutely those times when I wish the model could take it a step further. In girl/girl photo sets, in particular, the fact that the models cannot interact in an explicitly sexual manner (no genital contact, etc.) reduces their impact. When a gorgeous young girl exposes herself completely in a MetArt gallery there are frequently times I wish I could see images of her touching herself — but that's against the rules (and philosophy) of MetArt.
Which is one of the reasons SexArt was created. Here the girls can do what they want, the MetArt rules do not apply. Consequently, single girl sets contain explicit masturbation and manipulation, and two-ways and three-ways can take it all the way. And that's a very good thing...if that's what you want! If it's too much, if it's too explicit, and you're more at home with MetArt, that's obviously where you belong and they're more than happy to accommodate your wishes and desires.
My commenter also felt that hardcore erotica was somehow fake, that it was paid performers going through the motions without any genuine emotion or passion. But can't that be said of nearly all photo and video erotica? Unless you are viewing spy footage of a loving couple who are completely unaware they are being watched (which is most likely illegal or at least unethical), electronic erotica is all staged and "fake" to one degree or another. The models at MetArt aren’t captured by the candid camera — they are paid to pose in planned, art-directed, stylized photos. The performers in a SexArt movie are paid to portray their characters. The fact that they achieve such a high level of "believability" and "realism" is a tribute not only to the performers, but to the artists and technicians who painstakingly and lovingly craft these productions.
I have far too many thoughts on this general subject for a single post, so I'll wrap things up for now. But let me pose a couple of questions for those who care to comment: Are you a member of two or more sites in the MetArt Network? If so, in what different ways to these sites fulfill your needs and expectations? Do you wish SexArt was more like MetArt, or vice versa? If you could suggest any additions, improvements, or enhancements to SexArt, what would they be? I welcome your responses and reactions.

"Gypsy Fortune" — there is passion and satisfaction in your future...


If you've been to an old fashioned amusement park or carnival — or if you've ever seen the Tom Hanks blockbuster "Big" — you're undoubtedly familiar with the coin-operated, animatronic, gypsy fortuneteller. Pay the price and the costumed apparatus foretells your future and dispenses a card with a few pithy words to live by.
When Logan Pierce stumbles across one of these antique amusements in the middle of nowhere one night he does what anybody else would do — he sets the machine in motion. Of course, this is SexArt, so don't expect to see the suave stud taking a tumble with a wooden gypsy mannequin (if that's what you're after I'm quite certain a quick bit of Googling will uncover an entire subculture of man-on-mannequin erotica, profusely illustrated, and in "living" HD color).
No, by following the robotic instructions of the gypsy in the booth, Logan ends up face to face with a real, flesh-and-blood gypsy, in the petite and pleasing form of Cindy Starfall. Through the magic of fantasy and gypsy mojo the tiny booth now holds a comfortable chaise — the perfect place for a sensuous encounter to unfold.
And so it does. In this magical space the once stiff and mechanical maiden is now a plush and inviting seductress. Topless, her plump nipples stiff with excitement and anticipation, she savors the act of orally pleasuring her partner. I've no doubt Logan is savoring the experience, but I think it's worth noting just how lovingly and leisurely Starfall performs her task — there's nothing perfunctory or casual about it.
This gypsy is a bit of a tease. She demonstrates that by stripping off various scarves before slowly lowering her skirt to the floor. At a hair over five feet in height Starfall is compact, but her body is perfectly (and invitingly) proportioned. One might say this Asian delicacy looks good enough to eat. Which is just what Pierce proceeds to do. He uses his fingers as well as his tongue, and Starfall isn't shy about lending a hand, and the result is a long session of foreplay punctuated by a series of orgasmic peaks.
A crystal ball isn't needed to predict that fucking will soon follow, and it does. And Hiro's camera is all over it — up close, playing all the angles, swooping as it changes direction, and soaring overhead for revealing views of the coupling couple. I'll also note that there's a nice sense of intimate connection between these two which adds a pleasing human touch to this fantasy encounter.
My prediction? Those who view "Gypsy Fortune" will be entertained, aroused, and satisfied.

"Hollywood Royale" — Tinseltown confidential...


It should by now be quite clear: the name of this site is no accident. SexArt combines sex and art, and it does so in particularly refined, sensuous, and stylish ways. "Hollywood Royale" perfectly illustrates this combination of the erotic and the aesthetic.
The history of film provides countless milestones and varied genres to inspire the creative mind. And the filmmakers who've created "Hollywood Royale" have crafted a deft homage to American film noir of the 40s and 50s. Their boldest creative decision was to shoot the film entirely in black and white. Why not present the titles and intro in monochrome and then switch to color when the action begins? Because that would dilute the concept and drain it of its inherent appeal and artistic authenticity, that's why!
And so we have the office of a private detective, dimly lit, of course, and crisscrossed with the shadows cast by Venetian blinds. We have photos of a cheating husband caught in the act. And we have a slinky blonde wife, the victim of her husband's serial infidelities. What does she want? Revenge. When does she want it? Now.
Van Wylde is the detective tasked with satisfying femme fatale Vanessa Cage's hunger for vengeance. In the gritty, hardscrabble world of private detection, this is a plum assignment. A willing dame, a locked door, a leather divan, and plenty of time to enjoy it. And so they do.
A leisurely introductory blowjob segues into an even more leisurely session of pussy-eating with predictable and passionate results. Ms. Cage then spreads her legs wide, places an ankle on Wyle's shoulder for support, and receives a vigorous plowing. Several additional positions follow, and finally, after a stout pumping in the style the French call "en levrette," the Dick drops his wad on the wanton wife. Case closed.
When is the best time to view this hardboiled hard-core film noir? After dark, my sweet.

"Rodeo Drive" — expensive, but worth it...


Jessie Volt in Rodeo DriveSome creators of "adult movies" weigh their productions down with elaborate plots and long stretches of dialog. I believe they think this will lend their work an air of sophistication and intellectual complexity. The result is usually the diametric opposite. One of the things I most admire about SexArt's approach to erotic cinema is that the set-ups are smart, short, and to-the-point. Dialog is kept to a minimum, and we learn just enough to pique our interest and draw us into the scene.
"Rodeo Drive" actually contains a bit more dialog than the other SexArt titles I've reviewed, but it doesn't amount to more than a few lines, and it's just enough to establish the premise. 
The premise itself is both simple and clever. So simple that I will risk becoming a spoiler and outline it. For those looking to experience "Rodeo Drive" without any foreknowledge, stop reading now and go enjoy the film.
A young man walks into a chic jewelry boutique on the fabled shopping street. He pretends to be shopping for an engagement ring and the very blonde, very sexy, and very French shop girl plays along. When the girl, Jessie Volt, agrees to try on the ring for the customer, Logan Pierce, the pretending stops and the real lovemaking begins.
No surprises here — the action unfolds at a natural, unforced pace, with each partner obviously savoring the experience in typical SexArt style. Pierce, who has been dreaming of this encounter for endless months, makes love to Volt with his mouth and fingers at considerable length, earning her vocal and orgasmic gratitude. She takes her sweet time while giving Logan a slow, loving suck, but both of them seem aware this is only a prelude to the main attraction.
Again, the pacing and flow of the scene isn't rushed, these two are enjoying every bump, thrust, and grind, taking their time, and building to ever higher peaks of pleasure. A variety of positions are employed, the camera has a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and Volt's uninhibited vocalizing adds to the intensity. Rodeo Drive may be notoriously expensive, but "Rodeo Drive" is well worth the price of admission.

"Spark Man & Chrome Girl" — striking while the iron is hot...

Original SexArt Movie - Chrome Girl and Spark ManI'm certain most members of SexArt have viewed far more of the site's content than I have. Most of my blogging hours are spent over at the mothership, MetArt, and I make a single appearance here every week. Even so, I've seen enough to make certain general observations. SexArt is obviously dedicated to a high quality product and presentation, with an emphasis on natural beauty and passionate, stylish eroticism with an overlay of romance. These factors are the foundational elements. But there's another important ingredient: surprise. The SexArt style is consistent and dependable but there's an element of unpredictability that keeps me guessing, keeps things fresh, and keeps me wondering what these creative professionals will come up with next.
"Spark Man & Chrome Girl" is a perfect example. In concept and execution it is quite unlike anything I've seen at SexArt. The story is a clever one, an erotic take on classic superhero comic books, with a sly nod to a movie featuring a famous British spy — James, something, I believe it was.
In the bowels of an abandoned warehouse a young man with mystical powers is hard at work. His sole companion? A beautiful girl sculpted from ingots of solid chromium. When this young man unleashes a shower of sparks magical things happen. As molten sparks strike her cold, silver surface life and lust stirs within Chrome Girl. Her limbs newly limber, she reaches between her spread legs and satisfies an urge that's long been building deep within. You've watched a nude beauty pleasure herself before. Take my word, you've never seen anything quite like this.
A powerful orgasm is the final step in Katie Jordin's transformation from metal maiden to living, breathing lover, and Tyler Nixon eagerly embraces his now completely reanimated playmate. So he strikes while the iron is hot...and it's particularly hot in this instance.
Katie Jordin is an expressive and vocal performer, but not necessarily a verbal one. Although she does utter a few spontaneous, feverish lines while in the throes of arousal, she speaks volumes in moans and gasps of pleasure. This is a particularly hard, fast, and passionate encounter, and the cuts as the couple switch from position to position occur with a stylish flash and bang that's perfectly in keeping with the sexual intensity we're experiencing. Those expecting a blooper or comic outtake after the end credits are in for yet another surprise — Katie Jordin, once more in her Chrome Girl guise, for another bout of solo action. Super, man.

"The Date" — the night belongs to lovers...


Lily Love & Tyler Nixon in The DateAfter last week's evaluation of "The Score," today I'm tasked with critiquing something far less dramatic, but no less involving. And, apart from the flow of action in "The Date," the film brings up several thoughts regarding the SexArt approach to erotica.
First of all, the level of technical sophistication here, and in every SexArt production I've viewed, is in a class by itself. Anybody with a camcorder and a couple of willing performers can shoot a sex video — and there are times when I suspect they all have. But not everybody has a crew of technicians, grips and set decorators at their disposal. Not everybody has high grade professional level cameras and lenses. And how many handheld gonzo porn shooters have ever considered using a dolly or a crane — much less had access to one?
Judged simply on the technical aspects, SexArt is a new breed of erotica. But then consider the aesthetic, the entire approach a director like Bo Llanberris takes to his creations. It's more than simply a smooth, polished visual style. There's concerted, thoughtful, effort devoted to presenting sexual intimacy in a way that captures the emotional component as well as the physical. Technical excellence, sophisticated artistry, and sincere, honest, human emotions are the indispensable elements that makes SexArt so very special.
Enough abstract musing, "The Date" illustrates the SexArt experience far better than any amount of theorizing possibly could. As day slowly turns to night Lily Love awaits her companion for the evening. Thoughts of the evening's activities inspire a bit of solo self-satisfaction, and the sight of Love's plush body is one to be savored. That savoring is interrupted by the arrival of Tyler Nixon — the smile on Lily's face at that very moment is spontaneous and as genuine as can be.
There are few surprises here — the action that takes place during "The Date" is what we all hope for. But it's the sincerity and the enthusiasm the lovers share that makes it such a satisfying experience. Yes, we see all the explicit detail, but it's the shared smile, the loving glance, the sighs, and the slap of fevered flesh against flesh that makes this...SexArt.

"The Score" — sometimes crime does pay...


Ella Milano & Logan Pierce in The ScoreIn the mood for some smooth, moody, and evocative SexArt erotic entertainment? Hold it right there, wise guy, and prepare yourself for something completely different. And don't make a move until I say so!
A hail of bullets and the squealing tires of a getaway car. A gorgeous gun moll and a Tommy gun-toting gangster. If that doesn't sound like typical SexArt fare, you're right, it's not. At least not as it begins. And that's part of the art and beauty of it. We, and certainly I, don't expect a SexArt production to begin with a robbery in progress, and yet that's exactly what we have in "The Score."
Hot-shoeing his emerald green Caddy from the scene of the crime, Logan Pierce high-tails it to a peaceful hideout in the hills where he can lay low for a while. Laying low, in this case, involves doing what comes naturally with Ella Milano. To express her admiration for a job well done, Miss Milano provides a job well done — blowjob that is. This is thorough and thoughtful oralism, and one gets the sense that Ella is enjoying the act as much as her partner in crime.
There's nothing like armed robbery to work up an appetite and Logan next feasts hungrily on Milano's sweet treats. As skilled with his tongue and fingers as he is with his trusty Thompson, Ella is transported to ecstasy in short order.
While the set-up may be something of a surprise, the actual action here is what we've come to expect of SexArt, and by that I mean it's well paced, passionately performed, and skillfully captured. Although the entire tryst takes place on a relatively small couch, Hiro's camera moves freely and acrobatically around the lovers. At one moment we're viewing an insertion from eye level. Soon after we're crouching down, looking up. And moments later we're soaring over the copulating couple for a beautiful bird's-eye view.
Contrary to common wisdom, orgasms are a girl's best friend, and Pierce treats Milano to several of them before coming to his own conclusion, which he does on her beautiful belly. Surprising and satisfying, "The Score" is a solid success.

"Concierge" — room serviced...


The SexArt HD erotic feature, "Concierge," unfolds at a gentle, relaxed pace while building steadily to several satisfying peaks of intensity. The soundtrack music, backed by the sounds of wind and surf, contributes much to the mood and ebbs and flows with the on-screen action.
That action begins in a picturesque setting. Redhead Dani Jensen relaxes on the patio of her hotel room overlooking the sea. The sights, the sounds, and the solitude inspire her mind to wander. Her fingers follow suit, and before long she's doffed her hat, disposed of her dress, and dispensed with her pretty panties. Soon those fingers are hard at work in the crimson-thatched paradise between her creamy thighs. Two insistently thrusting digits bring her to the first climax of the afternoon.
As the flame-haired temptress drifts off into post-orgasmic sleep, Tommy Reeves, the hotel employee who gives the film its title, approaches. Is he a figment of the sleeping beauty's imagination, summoned to satisfy her in the dream state? Or is he real, a diligent worker ensuring the satisfaction of a valued customer? Those questions are never answered in "Concierge," and this ambiguity imparts a bit of erotic intrigue to the proceedings.
A loving, leisurely session of fellatio follows. The pace may be slow, but the levels of passion and skill Dani displays are both extremely high. While we're denied the pleasure of witnessing the first insertion, the redheaded starlet assumes the reverse cowgirl stance and rides with enthusiasm and energy. The choice of position not only allows Dani to control the speed, depth, and intensity of each thrust, it also provides unobstructed views to what will certainly be an appreciative audience.
When the lovers roll slightly into a modified spoon position Tommy takes control and treats Dani to another orgasm. To heighten and ensure her own pleasure, Jensen applies fingers to clit as her climax approaches. Then she demonstrates further manual dexterity by coaxing spurts of satisfaction from her lover's cock. "Concierge" ends with a couple of brief comic outtakes — the cinematic equivalent of a mint placed on a pillow by a thoughtful concierge.



"New Love" — the physical expression of emotional connection...


I became familiar with filmmaker Bo Llanberris through his first contributions at MetArt. Now that he's a member of the core creative team at SexArt, I've had the pleasure of viewing his most recent work and I continue to be impressed. This artist has a smooth, sophisticated style — both on the set and in the cutting room — that is impressively polished yet unassuming and unobtrusive. His is a style that doesn't draw attention to itself. We can appreciate his technique, but it never distracts us from the performers and the action.
That action is well summarized by the title of this SexArt release: in "New Love" we look on as a young couple explore and express their blossoming romance through passionate and sincere physical means. While this is "New Love," I don't particularly sense that this is their first time together. They are at that stage in their relationship where any initial clumsiness has been replaced by passionate intensity and the ease of experienced familiarity. Tyler Nixon knows what Molly Bennet wants, and he goes about giving it to her with the kind of confidence that implies he's given it to her before. In this case it's an extended session of focused and enthusiastic cunnilingus. Focused and enthusiastic is equally descriptive of Molly's enjoyment of the act — I particularly appreciate the way the music fades out as her vocal expressions of orgasmic delight increase in volume.
Molly is a pleasure to watch. She has a plush, shapely body with soft curves and a ripe, squeeze-worthy ass. That ass looks particularly good when she straddles Tyler and teases his stiffness with her well-lubed slit. Even before the first single-hand-assisted insertion it's clear this girl knows how to move. And move she then does in a prolonged bout of cowgirl coitus — those bouncing boobies and the rhythmic banging of the bed frame providing visual and sonic counterpoint. "New Love" pumps vigorously to its explosive conclusion in a second position. Now Bennet is on her back, knees up, for a toe-curling thrill ride. Passionately performed and skillfully executed, "New Love" will never get old.

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    I remember as a young lad people jumping in our pool fully dressed. One girl took me aside asking if she could use a dryer for her clothes, once inside she stripped throwing her wet top and cutoffs to the dryer, standing there posed naked, making eye contact. she was the most beautiful creation. There wasn't just one aspect appealing. All of her together was magnificent. She had the most beautiful shape, face, expression... This makes a great photoshoot... a seduction, a moment... not just an overworked anatomical study of a single body part... at least anyone past 4th grade. anyone agree?

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