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Surveillance, Privacy, and Erotica...

Somebody's watching...what are they seeing?

Yesterday, while reading the New York Times online a headline caught my eye. It read: " N.S.A. Often Broke Rules on Privacy, Audit Shows."

The N.S.A. (National Security Agency) administers the massive electronic surveillance operation revealed by (now fugitive) whistleblower Edward Snowden. Americans have been assured that the data mining adheres to strict standards designed to protect innocent individuals, but we now learn (not surprisingly) that those standards are regularly ignored.

The U.S. government spies on its citizens in America and overseas. The surveillance extends to phone calls, e-mails, Internet search histories, text and instant messages — every modern mode of human communication.

Defenders of the gargantuan and unprecedented spy apparatus insist that it's an effective and necessary tool in the global war on terror®. Further, some surveillance advocates declare: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear."

And yet, this U.S. government administered program exists in near total secrecy, with virtually no public, judicial, or legislative oversight. It is also in clear violation of the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which reads, in part: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

So, what does this have to do with SexArt?

At the moment, absolutely nothing! But it's all too easy to imagine a time or circumstance when a giant, super-secret, unregulated surveillance program could be used to track, record, censor, or even completely eliminate your access to erotic art and entertainment.

Today, in this country, there is a small but vocal group of anti-erotica zealots. Whether due to their political or religious beliefs, they see access by adults to sexually explicit materials as a threat — to their moral values, to the nuclear family, to civilization itself. These people are extremists, they are far outside the mainstream, and their arguments are unfounded and fallacious.

But what if someone who held these crackpot views managed to gain real political power or high elected office? Do you think they would hesitate to harass, persecute, or even prosecute producers and consumers of erotica?

No? Well, they've done it before. The so-called "Meese Report," produced by then U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese on then President Ronald Reagan's order, was a big — fortunately unsuccessful — step towards suppressing the adult entertainment industry. But the censors, the "social conservatives," and the morality police are still out there. Waiting.

It's also worth noting that in a complex, chaotic, and dangerous world, where real concerns are many — war, civil strife, unemployment, poverty, and environmental disaster, to name but a few — it can become politically expedient to have something to divert and distract public attention. A war on poverty? Too difficult! Too expensive! But a war on porn? Cheap and easy!

High tech surveillance is very much a product of the 21st century, but this admonition from Benjamin Franklin is even more important today than when he wrote it over two hundred years ago: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."


The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013: 3 Days in August that will change the way you orgasm forever!

The male orgasm is well understood. Apply stimulation to the penis until it is erect. Continue applying stimulation until orgasm is achieved. To make things even easier to understand, the male orgasm results in the discharge of semen — a receipt, if you will, physical proof positive that the orgasm occurred. The male orgasm? It's not rocket surgery.

The female orgasm, on the other hand (pun intended), is far more complicated. Not simply in physical terms, but culturally, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

A man who achieves many orgasms, ideally with a partner or partners, is often considered a "stud" or "stallion," a pillar of potency and virility.

A woman who achieves the same feat is, however, often branded a "slut," or a "whore," hardly flattering labels.

But human society is forever evolving, and social norms, mores, standards, and knowledge continue to change and develop. This is certainly true of the female orgasm, and as the global culture becomes more open in its discussions and attitudes about female sexuality in general, the orgasm is more openly discussed, studied...and sought after.

And that brings us to OMOrgasmic Meditation. OM is a movement dedicated to the study, appreciation, enjoyment, and proliferation of the female orgasm. OM is also far more than that — it's a practice, a way of cultivating the orgasm to prolong it, enhance it, and reap the practically boundless physical, emotional, and mental benefits of orgasm. OM helps women and their partners get in touch with their bodies to achieve and enhance the orgasm in wonderful new ways.

The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013, is being held at the Regency Center in San Francisco from August 9 through 11. Medical doctors, authors, experts, and noted authorities in the field of female sexuality will gather to lecture, educate, discuss, deliver presentations, share cutting edge research and information, as well as host hands-on workshops about the theory, practice, and benefits of OM.

For any woman interested in the practice of OM and the pursuit of dramatically enhanced orgasm, sexuality, and overall health and wellness should consider attending this ground-breaking event. And so should her partner! To make this opportunity even more irresistible the event organizers are extending a special half-off discount to MetArt and SexArt members!

Visit for further details, and be sure to use the MetArt/SexArt Special Discount Code — ESH — to save half-off your registration!


Introducing Italian SexArt Model Luna

SexArt Model LunaNo matter the venue — concert hall, playhouse, or cinema — a solo performance presents its own unique challenges. Alone in the spotlight, with no costars to interact with, the soloist must capture and hold the audience's attention and withstand its unblinking scrutiny. We expect seasoned, experienced performers to craft polished solo performances, but when a newcomer delivers one — without support or accompaniment — it's even more impressive. And so it is with Alis Locanta's "Just the Beginning." The film's star, dark-eyed Italian beauty Luna, presents a layered, complex, yet spontaneous and naturalistic performance as a young woman exploring her own orgasmic sexuality. And the explosive erotic force of Luna's performance is all the more notable when one learns that this is her very first erotic movie appearance anywhere. Intense, emotional, tender, feverish, intimate, honest, and incendiary, "Just the Beginning" is a truly impressive debut and a thrilling example of the art and power of female autoeroticism.

"Just the Beginning" is releasing tomorrow. If you're not a member Join Us.


Better Living Through...Erotica?

A Kalena A a day keeps the doctor away! Relax, erotica is good for you!You've no doubt heard the expression: "Music has Charms to soothe a savage Breast." Well recently released research indicates that viewing softcore erotica may actually soothe and reduce stress in males. Music is great, but as a SexArt member we're sure you'd agree that erotica has some extremely powerful Charms of its own!

We all experience stress, tension and anxiety at one time or another - it's an unavoidable part of modern life. When we experience stress our bodies produce elevated amounts of the hormone cortisol, agitating the central nervous system and interfering with brain function - specifically its problem solving ability. Research recently conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania found that males who viewed erotic photos experienced a diminished cortisol response, resulting in lowered stress levels.

According to one of the study's authors, J. David Creswell, Ph.D., stress levels in subjects who viewed the erotic images were reduced by 50 percent compared to a control group that viewed non-sexual photographs.

The "soft erotica" utilized in the experiment not only served to lower stress, according to the study, it also resulted in a 50 percent performance improvement in the mathematical problem solving portion of the testing. So not only did viewing erotic photos lower stress, it also raised a specific type of cognitive function - test subjects were not only calmer, they were also measurably smarter. Not a bad pay-off for enjoying some soft erotic imagery.

SexArt. It's not just good, it's good for you!

À votre santé!


The Plot Thickens...

Fire Dance SexArt HD erotic film starring Jessie Andrews and Malena MorganIt's a familiar and popular expression — when an unexpected twist or complication arises in a narrative an observer or participant often says "the plot thickens." I've been thinking about "plot thickeners" and plots in general, after doing a bit of reading and research about women and porn — specifically, what do women look for in erotic entertainment?

When I first got involved with erotica on a professional basis the conventional wisdom was that men were "visual" and that women were "cerebral." All that men needed to become aroused was a glimpse of something sexy, a picture, a movie, a primitive drawing scrawled on the wall of a cave, and his libido kicked into high gear. But women were different. A blurry Polaroid picture wasn't enough. She needed atmosphere, ambiance, detailed narratives, and an engaging plot before her sexual juices could be induced to flow.

But time marches on. And yesterday's conventional wisdom may not still apply today. Pornography has undergone a massive transformation over the last several decades. We've moved from illicit "Tijuana Bibles," the so-called "eight-pagers," crudely illustrated, explicit comic books, up through black and white stills processed and printed in home darkrooms, to 8mm loops passed from collector to collector, to "Porno Chic" and the heyday of the adult movie theater, the home video explosion, up through today's universally accessible high definition streaming XXX video.

So it's fair to ask: in the Information Age, are men still "visual" and women still "cerebral," when it comes to erotic entertainment? Has the exponential growth of the XXX industry changed attitudes and appetites in erotica?

The short answer seems to be Yes. And No. The basic visual/cerebral divide still exists. Males simply respond to graphic depictions of sexual activity more powerfully than women do (of course, I'm generalizing). But women do consume porn, and they're consuming more and more with every passing day. And as the female market grows, it also becomes more defined — female consumers' tastes and needs are evolving and becoming more precisely understood.

The growing but underserved — and often misunderstood — female audience was one of the prime motivations for the creation of SexArt, in fact. And the task of creating erotica that appeals to men and women in equal measure is one of the most stimulating and inspiring challenges SexArt's international pool of artisans is faced with.

To complicate matters, in order to create entertainment for a global audience, SexArt's movies tell their stories in a visual, generally non-verbal manner. The storylines, no matter how simple or complex, are shown rather than spoken. Is this "visual" method of plot exposition enough to satisfy the "cerebral" female viewer? Our own market research and the notes and comments provided by female SexArt members indicate that, yes, the SexArt approach — stylish, artistic imagery combined with appealing, evocative, "relatable" narratives — is a success, with female and male viewers, alike.

But what do you think? Would you like to see more (or less) story in SexArt films? More dialog? More elaborate plots? More character development, more back-story, more non-sex interplay? How about costumes, special effects, action, stunts, or exotic locations? I'd particularly like to hear opinions and input from a female perspective, but all members are encouraged to share their thoughts on the subject in the comments, below.


SexArt Now Accepts Bitcoin — a new way to pay...

The MetArt story is inextricably connected to the evolution of digital technology. We pioneered the online digital erotic art photography marketplace, and we've embraced every meaningful technological advance — whether it was multi-mega-pixel imagery, HD video, or streaming technologies — in our content as well as in the features and user interface of the site itself. Now that MetArt has grown into the MetArt Network, an expanding family of premium quality erotic sites, our ability to harness and employ the latest technological developments is more important than ever.

It is in this spirit of ongoing technical advancement that the MetArt Network has become the first adult entertainment company to accept the revolutionary digital currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the first widely circulated and accepted digital currency, has the potential to completely revolutionize ecommerce on a global level. The MetArt Network made the decision to accept bitcoin for a variety of reasons, but chief among these are the benefits the new payment method offers our members. Bitcoin offers unparalleled levels of anonymity, confidentiality, and protection to the consumer. Customers who would prefer not to use personal bank accounts, checks, or credit or debit cards can now purchase site memberships with the safety and security of digital currency.

While payments in bitcoin provide MetArt Network customers with a secure and convenient alternative payment method, bitcoins also pack a lot of bang for the buck (bang for the bitcoin?) because monthly memberships in all the MetArt Network sites are currently offered at a half-off discount for those who pay with the cryptocurrency. For a newfangled payment method that's old fashioned value.

Whether you choose to purchase your MetArt Network access with bitcoin or any of the other methods offered, MetArt's embrace of the cyber cash proves, once again, the company's dedication to constant and ongoing improvement of our products and commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Click here to join with BitCoin!


Behind The Scenes Look - Lanzarote 2013

Original Post By Ariel Piper Fawn

Hello Everybody,
We just completed our first big SexArt production and I wanted to share the experience with you. We choose Lanzarote, the beautiful Island off the coast of Spain, one the Canary Islands. 
Immediately after the crew and I landed we started to search for nice places to shoot on the Island. We found beautiful locations and our villa we stayed and worked in was incredible. For fourteen days, we filmed, ate, slept and most importantly had an absolute blast.
The Island of Lanzarote is known for its black sand, rock beaches created by volcanic eruptions. You will see some great movies that we shot on these unique beaches. I am sure you will enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed shooting them. 
Instead of the expected 25 degree celsius weather normally felt on the Island this time of year, we experienced rainstorms which is very unusual. Even after all these problems that make filming so difficult we were able to make films that we were extremely proud of. For example, Love From A Bottle, The Sea Mousse, Señora and Jorge just to name a few.
On the first day everybody was full of energy, so we aggressively shot 4 scenes. We finished at 3am, exhausted and sleep deprived. After this marathon shooting, I understood that I can not destroy my team before we get started, we immediately slowed the pace down going forward.
Shooting in the bungalows were without troubles. We enjoyed all our new equipment, actors were great and the production was without hassle. Our cinematographer John Humble learned fast as his new role of jib operator. If I wouldn't of known this, I would have never guessed that he was not already a seasoned veteran.  
During shoots on the beaches, we wanted to tryout a super-slow-motion camera for the first time. The camera guys did not hesitate to jump right in the water to get the shots planned in our pre-production meetings. They enthusiastically jumped into the water and began filming, not always being able to avoid getting smacked by a giant wave.  No matter what hurdle we faced the beauty of the Island kept our moods lifted. 
Everyones favourite model Lorena, shot her first Girl/Girl scene and gave us the most incredible performance as you will soon see. We are finishing the final editing on her scenes.
Next scene we shot was a scene with Whitney Conroy. Originally, we were going to shoot a Girl/Girl scene with her, but during our stay she got really close with Matt Ice and she told me she wanted to make love to him on camera. Who would say no to her? To unexpectedly be asked to make love to the beautiful Whitney Conroy.  Obviously Matt was“feeling” her too, so the decision was made by the couple to do a love scene together, and we went with it. The outcome was EMOTION, and it was one of the best scenes we shot.  You can see this scene on SexArt now. It was released last Saturday on the 20th of April.
I can say, without a doubt, the Lanzarote production was the most amazing experience we’ve ever had as a film crew.  MetArt’s hands off approach, letting the artist have 100% creative control has allowed us to experiment with our craft in ways I never imagined. It was at times exciting, exhausting, relaxing, but always hot and sexy!
Everybody was sad when the production was over.  On the last day of the trip we had fun with Silvie Deluxe to extend the fun. The crew wrapped her in plastic foil used for the film equipment, and they tried to ship her back with the luggage :). The crew told her they thought she could use better sun protection for the ride to the airport.
As the flight home got closer we started to dance the Harlem Shake. If you want to see a very embarassing moment of the European SexArt team dancing like fools, check it out here: 
Because we are sticklers for perfection, we made a better one at the airport.  There was a lot of angry people at the airport because their flights were canceled, we thought it would be appropriate to lighten the mood.  We switched on the music from my laptop and started to dance in the middle of the airport like crazy people. We began to see people smile, it was a great feeling to make people happy in a stressful situation. I want to make you happy too, so here is the video from the airport: 
I would like to thank everybody, from the crew to the actors that made this trip such a success. We love and MetArt for allowing us to bring the members content we are extremely proud of. 




"Emotion" — love, lust, desire, style, heart, and art...

In addition to blogging — both here and at MetArt — I'm often asked to write synopses of various SexArt movies. As it happens, I wrote all the synopses for the entire "Snow Fun" series — eleven episodes, count 'em! — so I consider myself well acquainted with the work of director Andrej Lupin. I thoroughly enjoyed "Snow Fun," and when I sat down to watch Lupin's latest effort, "Emotion," I anticipated a similarly enjoyable viewing experience. But nothing I knew of the director's previous work could possibly have prepared me for this. "Emotion" took me by surprise. And what a pleasant surprise it was!

Waves break slowly against rocks under the MetArt Films logo before fading to black. In hindsight, I consider this beautiful image something of a mental reset. Forget what you think you know. Discard your expectations. Experience "Emotion" with fresh eyes. And then it begins.

The first image, of Whitney Conroy, is warm, bathed with diffused light, and has a painterly quality that flatters her considerable beauty. As the credits roll Conroy spins, her hair swinging in slow motion through space. Before thirty seconds have elapsed she is locked in a passionate embrace with Matt Ice. Even in these first moments the mood, the actor's presence, is entirely different. Gone is the cheerful ski bum of "Snow Fun." As the strings of the soundtrack swell, and tympanis thunder, we enter entirely different stylistic territory.

Cinematography, direction, and editing work seamlessly to underscore the title and the theme. Watching Whitney Conroy fall, gracefully, slowly, backwards onto the bed is worth repeated viewings in and of itself — a striking and evocative effect. The performers approach perfection, and by that I mean that at no time do I sense that they are performing. These two have a connection and every move of the camera, every edit, every change of position, looks and feels entirely genuine and natural. When the shot is framed from outside a doorway it adds a hint of voyeurism — and we are voyeurs looking in on these two. When the camera moves in close to capture a facial expression or Ice's point of view, it adds to the feeling of intimacy without drawing attention to the technique.

The sex? Particularly hot, and exceptionally passionate. But it's of a piece, so to say — the love making we witness in "Emotion" is a physical expression of deep, powerful emotions and that's what makes it so compelling. Wonderful performances by skilled performers. Stunning visual and technical style. An impressive piece of erotic artistry from two gifted actors and one talented — and versatile — director.


"Upper West Side IV, Last Call" — make it a double...

It's been a while since I've had the pleasure of viewing a film directed by Bo Llanberris. And I haven't seen any of the previous episodes of his "Upper West Side" series, so I have no choice but to experience and judge episode IV, "Last Call," on its own merits. As fortune would have it, those merits are obvious and plentiful.

Chloe Foster, making her SexArt debut here, is a fine addition to the talent pool, that's immediately clear. In his notes about the film Llanberris writes: "I took my time with her and let my cameras collect her lovely body." And that fact is clearly demonstrated as the film begins — the first five or so minutes proceed at a languid pace and we have ample time to acquaint ourselves with the beautiful blonde newcomer as she lounges on a bed and slowly — very slowly — removes her blouse and panties.

After that slow introductory tease "Last Call" abruptly shifts gears as Chloe begins playing with her pretty pink pussy at a frenzied pace. I don't know if this performer has previous on-camera experience, but her lack of inhibition and natural intensity is really something to see. It's also something to hear, and her moans of delight have the unmistakable sound of spontaneity and total sincerity. Another sonic bonus? The sounds of Chloe's fingers furiously working her wet pussy are clearly audible on the soundtrack. Sounds good to me!

After Chloe has treated herself to a handful of orgasms (pun intended), "Last Call" shifts gears once more. Without explanation or introduction, right around the halfway point, we find Chloe astride Chad White. After a bit of kissing and tongue-play she peels off his pants and sucks the first thing that pops up. That brief session of oral is a prelude to an extended session of fucking, mainly with Chloe on top and setting the pace. Although Chad is obviously enjoying himself — who wouldn't?! — Chloe is in control here and watching her greedily wring every bit of pleasure out of her partner is a torrid treat. And when she finally pleads, "Come on me, please!" Chad is only too happy to oblige, ending "Last Call" with both a bang and a blast.

Although it is technically a "short" film "Last Call" is actually a double-feature. Chloe Foster's solo masturbation scene is hot and satisfying enough to stand alone, as is the full-throttle duet she delivers when partnered with Chad White. It's two, two, two films in one! But be careful — this double is particularly intoxicating.


(More) Random Thoughts on Sex, Style, Image, and Imagination...

You're walking down the street in the city. A gust of wind lifts a pretty girl's skirt. For a tiny sliver of a fleeting moment you get a partial glimpse of her bare ass. Involuntarily, your eyes widen and pulse quickens. And your imagination goes to work. Is she wearing a skimpy thong, or is she bottomless? Will the wind work its magic again? Should you approach her? Does she know? Is she aware of what others have just seen? Is it deliberate, is it a provocation, an invitation? Oh, what a tease this beauty is! And within moments you've imagined scenarios, envisioned outcomes, woven a rich tapestry of fantasy. All based on a quick glimpse of exposed skin.

The film begins. The performers are totally nude. She is wet (although you don't know if the lubricant is spontaneous or synthetic) and eager. He is erect and obviously ready for business. The action begins immediately. She sucks his cock with ravenous abandon, always being sure that her hair is pushed back and not blocking the shot. He eats her pussy, but it's only a brief, seemingly obligatory interlude before the main event. When they fuck it's an athletic and acrobatic performance. The couple bends and twists into camera-pleasing positions that test their stamina and strength. After hitting their marks, somebody, the director one assumes, can be heard off-camera delivering a cue. He pulls out, she hits her knees, he strokes and explodes. She smiles awkwardly as semen smears her elaborate eye make-up.

In the first scenario, the viewer's imagination was ignited by an image that appeared and disappeared instantly. In the second, no shred of imagination is required, all is on view, completely and explicitly. The second scenario can absolutely provide the viewer with excitement and stimulation, but it achieves its effect with blunt force and not a shred of subtlety or story.

Which of these two "viewing experiences" would you consider more erotic? Clearly, if you're sitting down to enjoy some erotic entertainment, it's a lot easier to watch a video than it is to watch a beautiful, mysterious, sexy girl have her skirt blown up on a city street. But is there a way to combine the two extremes?

As a member of SexArt you know the answer to that question, and it's an emphatic "yes!" On one level, sex is sex. She blows him, he eats her, they fuck, he comes — sometimes she does, too. But adding some emotional depth, some human connection, some intimacy, intrigue, and imagination to the simple sex act is where the art comes in.

Sometimes watching people have by-the-numbers sex is enough. But if you're after a richer, more complex, more involving erotic entertainment experience you want more than that. Not more explicit, but more nuanced. Not harder, faster, wilder, or more "extreme," but something believable, relatable, more genuine, and more human.

Would you rather watch "sluts and studs" put on a sex show? Or would you prefer to see "women and men" enjoying each other in honest, passionate, intimate, and imaginative ways? If you chose the second option you're definitely in the right place.


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