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Malena Morgan: From contract star to cover girl...


MetArt Contract Model Malena MorganMalena Morgan is a star. The owners of the MetArt network recognized Malena's potential instantly and signed her to an exclusive contract before anyone else in the adult entertainment industry could. And almost immediately after making her debut in a MetArt erotic photo series she shot straight to the top of the Top Models list. The MetArt membership loves Ms. Morgan and her sets and HD erotic movies are among the highest rated and most popular on the site.
And when SexArt was launched, Malena Morgan was a huge part of the new site's overnight success. Not surprisingly, she quickly became the most popular performer at SexArt based on the votes of the membership at large.
When the creators of Touch me Magazine, an innovative new erotic entertainment e-zine, published their premiere issue what erotic superstar did they choose for the cover? Malena Morgan. And Malena isn't simply an eye-pleasing cover girl, she's also featured in a photo-illustrated Q&A that's filled with biographical background and more than a few tantalizing tidbits of trivia. Did you know that Malena likes to sing Christmas songs in the shower? Neither did we!
The second best thing about Touch me Magazine — the Malena Morgan cover and interview is obviously the first! — is that individual issues as well as subscriptions are totally free of charge. The magazine can be viewed in a browser, but it's completely cross-platform and Mac, PC, smartphone, and tablet users can enjoy all its interactive goodness anywhere they go.
Touch me Magazine, Volume 1, #1 also includes a detailed and extremely favorable review of SexArt. This comes as no surprise since the editorial team at the magazine obviously have excellent taste. And as a bonus — some might consider it a bit of a tease — Touch me Magazine also devotes a page to SexArt model Sinia A.
If you'd like to see more of Malena Morgan (and read about her, too) you don't want to miss this. And if you'd like to learn what an independent critic thinks of SexArt, the newest site in the MetArt network, you'll want a copy, as well. You'll find your free copy at:

"Enchantress" — touched by an angel...


Jessie Andrews in EnchantressBo Llanberris starts off his latest effort with a subtle and skilled homage to the swimming pool scene in Amy Heckerling's Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He's deleted the Judge Reinhold character, however, and instead of Phoebe Cates emerging in from the crystal waters in sensuous slow motion we have Jessie Andrews, the "Enchantress" who gives this film its title.
The sight of this petite siren, hair slicked back, her body wet and glossy in the sun, is arresting, and pulls the viewer directly into the flow of the film. The lush landscaping and the exotic flavor of the soundtrack add a bit of middle eastern mystery and creates the perfect setting for some intense and involving alfresco autoeroticism.
The pace is languid, with a smooth, particularly fluid progress. This aspect is emphasized by Hiro's camera which rises and falls, pans, slides, and tracks with silken, buttery grace. While we might have an idea of what is about to happen, Jessie takes her sweet time and savors each emotion and every physical sensation as she begins to unwind and undress.
She's only wearing a bikini, but it does take nearly two minutes before the top comes off, and that adds considerably to the tease factor. And even after she slides off the bottoms we still have some waiting to do before Jessie sends her fingers in search of self-made pleasure. It is made quite clear, both through Jessie's pace and the cinematic style, that this is an experience she intends to savor.
And savor she does. Using only her fingers, she works herself into an ever-increasing state of arousal. And as her arousal increases, the music diminishes and soon the soundtrack consists solely of a flowing fountain, the birds in the trees, and Jessie's moans and sighs of erotic enjoyment. She begins in a seated position and later rises up on her knees. In both postures we're offered ample intimate close-ups and an eye-filling view of the increasingly fevered action. The reward of the measured pace and leisurely build-up? A prolonged and powerful climax.

"The Cove" — thrill waters squirt deep...


SexArt Movie - The CoveConsidering all the actions, passions, and explosive erotic eruptions it contains, "The Cove" unfolds at a restrained, mellow, and moody pace. The blue waters of the Pacific are framed by three picture windows as it begins. This isn't simply a pleasing image, it's also a visual clue and a metaphor, as well.
A shapely silhouette moves across this background and joins her partner on the bed. Passionate kissing and caressing ensues. As the lighting and focus shifts we discover that it's Malena Morgan and Tyler Nixon, and their Frenching and fondling builds, gradually, in its passion and intensity. Even without live sound (at this point) the attraction and interaction between this couple has a genuine look and feel, and it's a pleasure to watch them pleasure one another.
It's well worth noting that this is — by far and away — Malena's most extensive and explicit erotic interaction with a man in her entire film career. Ms. Morgan made her reputation as a skilled specialist in the Sapphic arts, and those who have hungered to see her play with a male partner will be both surprised and satisfied by this performance.
The second of several enjoyable surprises occurs when Malena turns and beckons to an off-camera someone. That someone is Riley Reid — let the threesome begin!
Not so fast. We do have three participants, but how they participate isn't entirely expected. Riley and Tyler pick up where Tyler and Malena left off. And Malena strips down, takes a seat overlooking the bed, and proceeds to get her voyeur on. It doesn't take much watching before Malena lets her fingers do the walking (and wanking).
Passion is building. Live sound appears while Riley enthusiastically and skillfully fellates her lover. Malena, no less enthusiastic, is now working a curved probe deep into her center. Riley assumes the cowgirl position and begins riding. As the sky outside grows dark, the heat inside raises.
Even though this threesome is divided into a couple and a single, all three participants are listening, watching, and feeding off of each other. The erotic intensity climbs, reaching several explosive peaks in the process of reaching a roundly satisfying conclusion.
Now I'm torn. I don't want to spoil the surprise(s), but I will say this: Tyler isn't the only member of this torrid trio who ejaculates. Want to know the who, what, how, and when? See for yourself in "The Cove."

Red Light District — desire on display...


Molly & Tommy in Red Light DistrictWhen I received this assignment, based only on the title, I immediately imagined some sort of pay-for-play prostitution scenario. But when I clicked "Play" I was in for a pleasant surprise -- and a quick lesson in the risks of jumping to conclusions.
Rather than the street walker and customer I'd imagined, "Red Light District" takes its inspiration from Amsterdam's famed De Wallen, the internationally notorious sex-for-sale zone where working girls solicit business while seated behind the picture windows of red-lit rooms.
A man and woman -- Tommy Reeves and Molly Bennet -- stand next to a round sofa such as one might find in a hotel lobby. The room drips with atmosphere and her skin-tight dress as well as the light are rich shades of red. As Hiro's camera pulls back we find that the couple are standing before a window -- and that passersby on the crowded sidewalk are looking in on them. This introduces the clever device which gives the film its potent voyeuristic punch.
As the action unfolds we switch between the two perspectives. We're either "in the room" with the amorous twosome, or standing outside, serenaded by sounds of the street, looking in. As I said: a clever device. Watching an erotic film is voyeuristic by definition. And by cutting between the two points of view director and editor Bo Llanberris not only underscores our role as "watchers," he also adds another twist: we're watching this couple have sex, yes. But they're well aware they're being watched. They're performing for our pleasure as well as their own. And they're also watching us and feeding off of our reactions. Clever, interesting, and extremely effective.
Despite the red lights and shadowy setting we're treated to plentiful graphic detail. Whether receiving oral pleasure or eagerly returning the favor, Molly Bennet is a skilled and passionate performer. Reverse cowgirl provides optimum views for all on-lookers, and two approaches to rear entry add visual variety. An oral climax provides a satisfying conclusion for all concerned -- the watchers and the watched, alike.  Releasing Thursday, June 21st



Girls Love Sex: Just Jasmine - an intriguing introduction.


Girls Love Sex - Season 2, Episode 15 Just JasmineGirls Love Sex:
This is my first encounter with Jasmine W, and it's also the first SexArt Original Series episode I've viewed. And I can say, without reservation, that both these "firsts" were entertaining and enjoyable.
As an introduction to an erotic performer and model, "Just Jasmine" covers a lot of territory in a relatively short span of time. It combines interview footage, still images from some of Jasmine's other SexArt offerings, nude modeling in the studio and outdoors, some al fresco sex play with Charlotte Stokely, and an intimate and subtly intense session of machine-assisted masturbation - we even get to look through the provocative contents of Jasmine's handbag.
But despite of the volume and variety of materials included here, the episode doesn't feel cluttered or rushed, there's a pleasant pace that lets you enjoy what you're seeing at any given moment even as you anticipate what might be coming up next.
"Just Jasmine" begins with just that: Jasmine W, fully dressed, seated on a sofa answering questions posed by an off-camera interviewer. After getting some background and sense of her cheerful and uninhibited personality the scene changes. This beautifully lensed segment finds Jasmine, totally nude under a man's coat, on the rocks of jetty on a deserted stretch of beach.
Additional bits of the Q&A serve to set up or explain ensuing scenes. We view a snippet of Jasmine's strawberry-enhanced scene with Rilee Marks, for example. And a question about her home furnishings leads to lighthearted poolside lesbianism including face-sitting. 
"Just Jasmine" reaches its peak of intensity when the starlet, now totally nude on the same couch where she's been interviewed, puts a Rabbit vibrator to its intended use. Jasmine's performance here is impressive. Not because it is a "performance," but for the natural, spontaneous, and entirely genuine quality of what she shares with us.

"Ivory" starring Charlotte Stokely — water makes it hotter...


Charlotte Stokely in IvoryA time-lapse shot of fog shrouded mountains sets the tone and serves as something of a palate cleanser as "Ivory" opens. Once the serene mood is established we move indoors — into a spacious shower lined with eye-pleasing sea foam green tiles. Hiro's camera mimics the flowing, falling water and we take a leisurely trip down an undeniably beautiful body.

The first few minutes of this Bo Llanberris production provide an exceptionally enjoyable introduction to Charlotte Stokely. The fluid camerawork, the languid flow of the edits and dissolves, and Charlotte's obvious and unforced enjoyment of the experience create moments that look as good as they must feel. A subtle undercurrent of voyeurism — Charlotte doesn't acknowledge or play to the camera here — adds the spark of anticipation to this sequence that is rewarded when the nubile starlet reaches down and begins pleasuring herself with her fingers.

When, at the 3:00 mark, the scene transitions to a low, wide, circular bathtub, the mood is somewhat lighter, a bit more playful, but no less enjoyable. Here Charlotte seems the slightest bit more aware of the camera, but this is still very much a private interlude. The addition of live sound at around the 6:00 mark not only brings the sounds of dripping, splashing water, but Charlotte's own natural and entirely genuine sounds of sexual delight.

Our voyeuristic enjoyment of Charlotte's bathtub interlude receives and unexpected but most welcome jolt when she slides down into the water after vigorously masturbating and looks directly into the lens — it's a beautiful and involving moment. Beyond Charlotte's physical beauty, the fluid pacing of the film and the ebb and flow of autoerotic intensity makes "Ivory" effortlessly enjoyable.

IVORY in theaters on Monday, June 4th, 2012 - come check it out!


Image and imagination — exploring erotica, anticipation, and arousal...

In the notes I compiled while preparing to write my last SexArt blog post I wrote, in big, block letters: "Explicit VS. Implied." In my mind that's something of a thumbnail description of the difference between hard-core pornography and erotic imagery. It is by no means a complete representation — and erotica can obviously be explicit — but it does serve to illuminate one fundamental difference. It also opens the door to a further exploration of erotic art and entertainment. And it raises questions about what we want from erotica, as well as how individuals react and respond to it.

Consider this imagined scenario. In a hushed, darkened theater a beautiful, shapely young woman walks out onto the stage and stands in the spotlight. She is totally naked. She stands, silent and motionless. Then she turns to her right. After some time she turns to face the opposite direction. She sits down on the floor. After a while she lies down. She rolls over. Later still she opens her legs. After ten minutes have passed, she stands and walks off the stage.

Now consider the following scenario in the same setting. Propulsive, rhythmic music begins to pulse from the sound system. A beautiful young woman wearing an elaborate costume dances onto the stage gyrating to the music. Bit by bit, button by button, she proceeds to disrobe. Each gesture is deliberate, tantalizing. Every eye in the house is glued to her moving form. And with every additional square inch of exposed skin the tension and anticipation in the crowd grows stronger. By the time the song ends she is totally nude and the crowd has viewed every inch of her body — but out of a ten minute performance she was nude for less than two minutes. As she exits the stage the crowd begs for more.

Which of these performances would you rather attend?

I've blogged about hundreds of MetArt erotic pictorials. In some of them the model is totally nude throughout. In others she starts out fully clothed, and gradually disrobes. I have enjoyed both styles, but there's no denying that the act of stripping adds an element of excitement and anticipation to a series. The art form isn't called "striptease" for nothing, after all! And in erotic photos or films, sometimes the things we can't see, or the things that are slowly revealed, are the most arousing.

If you've had the opportunity to "play the field" you've probably experienced "lust at first sight" and ended up in bed with someone you've only just met minutes or hours earlier. But you've also probably had lovers who played "hard to get." You have to work, you have to put in your time, you have to want it badly enough to wait for it, right? And when you finally do "get" this teasing, "hard to get," minx? The built up sexual tension and desire can result in an extremely intense and satisfying encounter. I'm not saying that one experience is intrinsically better than the other, but they are different.

And what of the difference between men and women, specifically in how they approach and enjoy erotic entertainment?

"Men are visual," is the conventional wisdom, and "women are cerebral." Guys like explicit pictures and girls would rather read their erotica and do the detailed visualizing in their mind's eye. But I don't think either one of these accepted "facts" is entirely true or comes close to being universally applicable. And with the growing acceptance and availability of erotica of all types, the "rules" may be changing and evolving, as well.

What about couples who enjoy erotica together? How is this possible? Not only do they contradict the conventional wisdom, but we know they exist because they've told us just that when they joined SexArt! Indeed, striving to create a new kind of erotica for a sophisticated, refined, and diverse audience has been one of SexArt's central concepts from its very inception.

So, what do you prefer? The explicit or the implied? Do you want it "in your face" from the start? Or do you prefer to be teased while you're waiting to be pleased? Have you enjoyed erotica in the company of a lover or as foreplay prior to (or during) your own sexual activities? Are women and men really that different in the ways they consume and enjoy erotic art and entertainment? Or does it really just come down to personal preference, what's available, the situation, or the mood of the moment? You're invited to share your opinions, thoughts, and observations in the comments, below.


Adventures in erotic cinema — random thoughts about sex, art, and film...

Malena Morgan on set shooting SexArtAlthough a great deal of thought went into the concept and creation of SexArt, the site is — proudly and unashamedly — a work in progress. The artists — writers, performers, directors, and photographers — who contribute to SexArt all have distinct ideas of the type of art they want to create. But nobody exists in a vacuum. And everybody involved with SexArt is keenly interested in how the audience reacts and responds to the art they so painstakingly create. The fact that so many members have chosen to provide honest and thoughtful feedback — either by posting a comment or by contacting SexArt directly — is hugely important. SexArt is pioneering an entirely new form of online adult entertainment, but if it doesn't appeal to and satisfy the audience, what's the point?

It was the enthusiastic and insightful comments of a SexArt member — using the moniker "solrage" — that triggered these thoughts. In his comments, solrage has shared his own opinions of the site and various films and pictorials, and he's also participated in spirited exchanges with other commenters. His mention of two important directors of erotic cinema — Tinto Brass and Just Jaekin — got me thinking about the history of the art form, and how far it has come in a relatively short period of time.

As recently as the 1950s films featuring total nudity, much less explicit sexuality, were a strictly underground phenomenon. The arrival of the "sexual revolution" in the 1960s opened the door to increased eroticism in films, and yet a groundbreaking production like the Swedish "I Am Curious (Yellow)" was seized by American Customs and subject to a lengthy legal battle. But with social taboos evaporating artists were eager to experiment with erotic cinema, and audiences had a growing hunger for it.

The histories of erotic cinema and porn films do overlap to some degree — Bernardo Bertolucci's Academy Award nominated "Last Tango in Paris" and the XXX sensation "Deep Throat" were both released in 1972. But cinematic erotica and porn are two entirely different things, particularly in the digital era. In the 1970s if you wanted to view either type of film there was only one place to do it — in a movie theater. Now, of course, anyone with an Internet connection can view as much X-rated film footage as his appetite can handle. Finding artistic, high quality, erotic films online is nearly impossible, however — and that's exactly why SexArt was created.

SexArt debuted with the final works of legendary erotic cinematic artist Zalman King, and the guiding influence of photographer and filmmaker David Hamilton is certainly in evidence here, and at MetArt, as well. SexArt member solrage rates Tinto Brass and Just Jaekin ("Emmanuelle" and "The Story of O") among his favorite creators of erotic films. In a friendly effort to stir the pot I will submit one of my personal favorites, Russ "Supervixens" Meyer.

Now it's your turn to join the conversation. As the Italian innovator of erotica, Tinto Brass, once said: "Pornography is there to give you an erection. Erotica is there to give you emotions." Who are the directors who move you the most? What are your favorite erotic films? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below. Together, we can make SexArt the adult cinematic site of our dreams.


Miela A: Untitled, by Koenart — adding sizzle to the solarium...

Miela A by KoenartAs some readers may be aware, I do a bit of blogging over at MetArt. The photo galleries and HD erotic movies I critique there have already been added to the site at the time of review. Here at SexArt the situation is different. So far I've been assigned sets that are so new they haven't been titled, they're not yet on the schedule, and they haven't been completely edited. This creates a couple of challenges for me: I can't refer to the set by name, and I can't call out specific images by number. Of course, I do get to view the material before the membership does, so I can't complain!

As the set opens Miela A is lounging on a white upholstered cushion in a brightly lit sunroom wearing a figure-hugging blue bustier and matching panties. The abundant sunlight and model's relaxed demeanor create a real sense of place — it's easy to imagine the warmth and quiet of that room on that afternoon. Fortunately, we don't have to imagine how Miela would occupy herself during these private moments, we get to watch.

It does take a while for Miela to work her way out of her clothes, but the leisurely pace only heightens the anticipation. And when her top comes off, and then her panties, the body she reveals is ripe, shapely, and incredibly inviting. The lighting really brings out the soft warm glow of Miela's skin, and photographer Koenart takes care to include a variety of close-ups that reveal every delectable detail — whether it's a hand cupping a full breast while fingers tease an erect nipple, or the moist, delicate delights between the model's wide-spread thighs.

Miela A obviously enjoys pleasuring herself using only her hands and fingers, but she also puts a translucent blue probe to excellent use. While there is more than enough explicit imagery here to satisfy the voyeuristic appetite, the true erotic power of this series is the sense that we're watching a naturally beautiful girl enjoying herself, by herself, for herself.


Pre-Release Peek: MetArt Model Milena D - Goddess in a cave...

Milena D: Untitled, by AntaresFor my second contribution to the SexArt blog I've been given a unique opportunity: I get to evaluate an explicit photo gallery before it has been added to the site. In fact, it is so new that it hasn't even received a title yet. Additionally, as far as I know, it doesn't have a scheduled release date, either.

SexArt contributing photographer Antares has chosen a particularly interesting and evocative location for this erotic pictorial. It's actually a cave, located high on a bluff overlooking a scenic stretch of coastline and the deep, blue sea. While Antares certainly knows a worthy location when he sees one, he also has an expert eye for modeling talent.

His subject here, Milena D, is a model I've had some experience with - I've critiqued no fewer than three of her MetArt erotic galleries over at the MetArt blog. While every set I've seen has been different in one way or another, her nubile body and blue-eyed beauty is irresistible no matter what the setting.

Milena's costume - fringed leather wristlets and a leather apron (sort of the front third of a Breechcloth) - fits perfectly with the primitive location. And it does a very bad job of covering or concealing that scrumptious body, which is a very good thing.

As an admitted admirer of Milena D's work at MetArt, it's a singular pleasure to view her in a SexArt gallery. I've always hungered to see a bit more of what Milena has to offer, and I'm pleased to say she offers up lots of luscious goodness in the plentiful assortment of explicit images in the collection.

#092 is a particular favorite. With two fingers of her right hand inserted to the second knuckle, and with a stiff nipple captured between two fingers of her left, Milena looks directly at the camera. Those plump, barely parted lips, and those bedroom eyes project a profound and powerful sensuality. The heavy-lidded eyes in #051 (pictured here) deliver another steamy message. And the parted lips and open mouth in #042 offer an enticing invitation.

Among the less explicit (but no less erotic) shots I like #006 (for the way it captures Milena's body from head to toe while also revealing the exotic locale); #016 and #018 (love that ass-length hair); and #013, a beautifully posed and composed headshot.

Although I haven't been told when, exactly, this series will be added to SexArt, I can surmise that it will be soon. And, based on my impressions, it will be worth the wait.  I'm sneaking a few more images for our Members and releasing them on the Members home page inside. So, if you're not a Member, now is a good time to join >>.


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    Gerd 5 hours ago

    Beautiful couple, Would like very much to see a film of these two !

    on Boreo

    Gerd 5 hours ago

    Would like to see a film of these two !

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    Mimi17 7 hours ago

    Lovely Paula and Emylia are great together. Paula is sooo sexy! Emylia's cute too :)

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    Sublime, artistic solo video. Nancy's involvement in the filming words. What a woman.Congratulations to Andrej & Ariel team....another proof of their high standards. As well as David Jones' eye for the photos.

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    3 updates and still no profile pic, what' up guys? :-P

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    This couple looks, in the end, like they are ready to go somewhere where they can really get it on.

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    yea Ricky has a tree trunk

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    Wow! Great looking chick, cute guy. Ferrera's got perfect tits and a supper sexy body. The only flaw is that he should have saved up a bigger load for the end and shot it from her belly button to her nipples.

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    And it's not even my birthday yet!

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    Two of my all-time favorite women, but all that potential ruined with the inclusion of the clothing. Disappointed.

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    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Gabi, it's been four years baby. I bet you haven't changed at all. One can only hope you are okay and that you just met a jealous guy/lady. I am just asking as a favor to at least your faithful few that you come back and show us the body we all want. You were very hot when you were here and we need you back. So few babes and so little time.

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    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Do you know how hot Emylia Argan is? It's been well over a year since she has photo sessioned for us. Notice the time Paula who is supposed to be Shy spends on her in relation to the time Paula gets attention. Emylia is the most desirable woman by men and women alike. She has a body that is right up there with Nancy A. Desirable and naturally desirable at that. Emylia has to do more frequent appearances. It's been way too long in between shoots. Nobody better baby.

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    Shere Khan 2 days ago

    Thanks Rose.

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    LeHombre 2 days ago

    Pretty good, beter than recent productions but that music....lose it!

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    Shere Khan 2 days ago

    I'm a big fan of Emylia Argan and her g-g scenes ('Autumn' with Antonia Sainz in is still one of my favourites on SA), so it's great to see her again. She's not nearly featured here enough for my liking.

    Yet another quality film from Andrej Lupin and team. Thanks.

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    Sade Mare is the most beautiful woman you have, she is graceful, intelligent looking, with the most astounding nipples and feet. Her poise is perfect, sophisticate and very very sexy. We want to see more of her, with great photographers who can bring out the best in her. She can be wasted by insensitive photographers.

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    Cute and sexy girl. Perfect face and sensational body. I love especially the cute , small and hanging breasts with the stiff nipples. Really suckable ones. Mmmh.

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    Apologies to all who experienced issues with the 4K download, this is now fixed – enjoy :-)

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    Sensational! Two beautiful, confident, powerfully sexual women giving each other pleasure. Simply gorgeous. I hope we see much more of Emylia, she's amazing :-)

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