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Erotic star Caomei Bala makes her SexArt debut

Gorgeous Spanish redhead Caomei Bala is already a very popular model on our sister site Viv Thomas, where she has starred in some sizzling girl-girl movies. Now the 21-year-old cutie has made her eagerly anticipated SexArt debut in Alis Locanta’s “Catalan BDAY.” She’s never looked better as she treats her bearded lover Sylvan to a sultry striptease and then an enthusiastic suck and fuck, beautiful breasts jiggling as she rides. It’s sure to make you want to learn more about this vivacious and enchanting girl – so here are some highlights from her recent video interview for Viv Thomas…

Caomei, how did you get started in the business?

Caomei Bala: I got started because I never give much thought to the important decisions in my life. Otherwise I would never make a choice. So I took part in the Barcelona Erotic Show in 2016. I saw everything that was going on, I met my partner, Lucas Bala, and I said to myself, “Why not?”

What was it that interested you about making porn?

CB: I like the artistic value assigned to something common or everyday like sex. You know, feeling that it’s not just hooking up and nothing more than that. There is more to it; there’s a comedy. You can make it amusing somehow. Even if it’s something very silly, you can still make the story likeable. I enjoy playing my role.

Do you watch your own movies?

CB: Yes, I enjoy watching my own movies. To see if I make obvious mistakes – even with my partner beside me, or friends around. We can watch them and they’ll tell me I should be doing this or that. I can watch them in that setting. I don’t get turned on just by watching that. I feel more embarrassment than anything else.

What do you like most about sex?

CB: I like foreplay. I really enjoy it. I don’t like it when we just get straight into intercourse. I like to work my way down gradually, nice and slow, all the while we could perhaps be in the street. I can focus on their reactions. They can tell me, “please let’s do it now,” I think that’s what I like best. But, you know, there is some foreplay that is different, it’s colder but equally enjoyable. I really like it like this. I enjoy a game like that.

Are you dominant or submissive?

CB: I am very submissive. I really am. Less so when it comes to my partners sometimes, but when it comes to my life and even in friendship relationships and the like, I am always very, very submissive.

Do you like women in your private life?

CB: I am bisexual and I think women’s bodies are always much more beautiful than guys’. Yet I am always more inclined to go for men, by nature I suppose. I understand them better than women. Women are always like, “Do you want to be my friend or do you want something else?” and that stresses me a little. With guys, the choice is much clearer.

What kind of men do you like?

CB: I didn’t used to have a precise type until I started having Asian fetishes. I wasn’t ever with Asian men and it felt like I was missing that point in my perversions. I wanted the guy to be Asian. Then I decided not to be with a man unless he was Asian and now I am living up to that standard. And that’s the essential ingredient: he needs to be Asian. He also needs to make me laugh a lot.

Are you emotional?

CB: I am usually very cold but at the same time, when I feel some love, I do like showing my feelings.

What is your favorite part of your body?

CB: There is nothing I completely dislike or really love about my body. But I like my breasts. There are a lot of stretch marks on them and I even like that.

Do you masturbate?

CB: I like it, but not too often. Otherwise, everything down there will be over-sensitive. I always use one finger at a time, and I never put it inside. I always keep it outside. That’s it, that’s enough.

What are your plans for the future?

CB: At the moment, I would like to continue focusing on porn because I like it. Also, I have a team of artists, and I would like to keep doing that.

Do you have a message for your fans?

CB: Thanks so much for watching my video, and lots of kisses!


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    JazzGuy99 3 hours ago

    There are lots of different hangover cures out there. This one beats them all.

    on Hangover Part 2

    7Saartje 4 hours ago

    Hello everybody
    I agree with Tristan56 about the poll, it is better than the comment of one person, for example I disagree strongly with Doggleboon,99.999 % is a rate only politics handle.
    I also want to say that I do not like boy/girl at all, but Serx Art is the only website I sometimes watches them.
    Good quality always stands
    Please do all have a good day

    on Hangover Part 2

    Tristan56 5 hours ago

    I think you might want to poll your subscribers. I love when the woman finishes him off with a handjob and she ends up covered in his cum. Thank you SA for filming some of the best erotica out there.

    on Hangover Part 2

    Rose 6 hours ago

    Hi Doggleboon, our production teams are aware of our members' preference for a more authentic ending and are keeping it in mind when they shoot – please bear with us as changes take a little time to show up (the process of shooting and editing takes a while). We are also guided by the preference of the models... but I hope in the coming weeks and months you will see much more of what you prefer. Thanks for your feedback!

    on Hangover Part 2

    Shakau 13 hours ago

    Rose, we all know you indeed are a rare and beautiful flower. Thank you for always respecting women and their art. It is really sad that SexArt is the only Adult site that does.

    on Disquiet

    Doggleboon 19 hours ago

    I am so sick of blow jobs that turn into hand job finishes. 99.999% of all porn flicks end this way now, even here. SA should be better.

    on Hangover Part 2

    Rose 20 hours ago

    I agree that would be a nice ending indeed (and guys, I'll tell you a secret – women find it hot!). Thanks your feedback Shakau, we love to receive critique from our members and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

    on Hangover Part 2

    Rose 20 hours ago

    I definitely agree with you that almost all porn objectifies women. That's why myself and my female colleagues choose to work for SexArt/MetArt and not any of the other companies out there. I think that the fact we have so many female directors/producers/photographers working with us makes a huge difference. All the same, personally, I DO enjoy cum – the taste, the feel, the look of it. Just speaking for myself here :-)

    on Disquiet

    Shakau 22 hours ago

    A beautifully crafted piece of erotica. The chemistry Michael and Emylia share was so rich and tangible, making it impossible to look away. Unfortunately the sad misogynistic ending of have Emylia covered in cum broke any and all romantic connect the two had. I think at least if the two had a loving embrace afterwards or at the most having Michael clean Emylia off with his tongue. But wait that could NEVER happen, a man touch his own cum let alone taste his own cum. I know the world will never be able to handle such shocking behavior. And I know I'm just a despicable pervert to even suggest such a thing. Still in spite of a sad ending it was a truly beautiful film. Sorry about the rant:)

    on Hangover Part 2

    Leslove 22 hours ago

    No one has more reasons to go to bed, more enjoyment while having sex and more of an equal opportunity employer than my Emylia. No more satisfying or just good for you than my Emylia.

    on Hangover Part 2