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SexArt movie of the month: March 2018

Spring is for lovers, and here at SexArt, energy and arousal levels are rising along with the temperature! It’s been a terrific month for hot hook-ups, with fan favorites Linda Sweet and Alexis Crystal, frisky Asian cutie Katana and elegant beauty Lana Seymour all featuring, busty 18-year-old newcomer Angel Princess and her real life boyfriend making their debut, and the start of a glamorous new series, “Chateau,” filmed in a sumptuous location. It’s not easy to pick favorites with so much hotness on offer, but here’s my personal and entirely subjective top three movies of the month:

Emylia Argan is the name on everyone’s lips right now, a gorgeous busty brunette with womanly, sensual charisma. “Examine” is her second movie with luscious Asian star Paula Shy, and if anything it’s even more passionate and powerful than their first encounter, “Exploration.” Director Andrej Lupin lets these two uninhibited, sexually self-assured divas do what comes naturally, eating pussy avidly, intent on their own pleasure and each other’s. Emylia looks incredible as she rides Paula’s pretty face, her big boobs jiggling hypnotically. A must see for lovers of girls with impressive curves.

Sexy brunette Dominica Phoenix is a petite powerhouse, and in Andrej Lupin’s erotic exploration of a life-changing encounter, “My Story,” she talks to camera as she shares the details of her meeting with Michael Fly. She’s so charming, and her intimate connection with her partner is something quite special to watch, a vigorous and athletic fuck session that nonetheless conveys genuine chemistry and emotion.

But my absolute favorite movie of the month is “Remote Control,” starring stunning rising star Jia Lissa. Director Don Caravaggio has a knack for creating cute and involving stories, and here we see irresistible Jia following an unseen lover’s text directions as she goes to a country house. At first romantic and ethereally beautiful, things soon turn incandescent as the porcelain-pale redhead follows instructions to suck on a huge dildo and then fuck herself with it, impaling her tight pussy with its natural flame red bush on the immense mock cock. Deliciously naked, she rides another dildo to an orgasm that leaves her quivering, a picture of spectacular sexual satisfaction.   

So, did I pick your favorite SexArt movie of March 2018?

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DreamWeaver81 9 months ago

I've been waiting for your post to SexArt too, Rose! :) Here's my list:

1. "Mirroring", with Alexis Crystal & Linda Sweet, by Andrej Lupin (03.09) (9.1/10)
2. "Remote Control", with Jia Lissa, by Don Caravaggio (03.28) (9/10)
3. "My Story", with Dominica Phoenix & Michael Fly, by Andrej Lupin (03.21) (8.6/10)
4. "My Dear", with Lili Parker & Michael Fly, by Andrej Lupin (03.14) (8.1/10)
5. "Jewel", with Angel Princess & Johan, by Andrej Lupin (03.25) (8.1/10)
6. "Only For You", with Karol Lilien & Miki Torrez, by Andrej Lupin (03.16) (8/10)
7. "Two Of Us", with Katana & Maxmilian Dior, by Andrej Lupin (03.07) (7.7/10)
8. "Rhythm", with Arian & Michael Fly", by Andrej Lupin (03.04) (7.6/10)
9. "Studio 75", with Lana Seymour & Alex Moretti, by Andrej Lupin (03.11) (7.4/10)
10. "Examine", with Emylia Argan & Paula Shy, by Andrej Lupin (03.23) (7.4/10)
11. "Chateau, Episode 1", with Jenifer Jane & Ridge, by Andrej Lupin (03.18) (7/10)
12. "Through The Kisses", with Angie Moon & Emma Button, by Andrej Lupin (03.02) (7/10)
13. "Dark Room", with Amirah Abada & Veronica Clark, by Andrej Lupin (03.30) (6.1/10)

Very strong field with very little differences. My heart aches for "Remote Control", Jia was alone - opposite to the other two girls in "Mirroring" - and this turned out to be her only disadvantage. Both movies have got exactly the same scores from me, but the paired movies have one more line. Although if i think about it better, Jia's performance was so professional, that can be even equal to the performance of two girls. So i can take it as a dead heat. :)

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    Starfire 8 hours ago

    Fabulous pink set Casey, my pleasure indeed.

    on The Feather

    Leslove 16 hours ago

    Every time I see Casey with another woman, I'm struck with what an awesome lady she is. When she's alone she still is awesome but no one is enjoying her. Very elegant and lovable.

    on The Feather

    Concerned Citizen 16 hours ago

    I don't know what is her secret but to say that Tora Ness has a very real gift for attracting incredibly beautiful women to model for her is to put it mildly indeed!

    on The Feather

    ArEm1965 18 hours ago

    I'll watch anything with Emylia in it. Even when a man is involved, if that's all that's on offer.

    Looks like Max Dior has now got some serious competition in the pet python department.

    on Naughty Neighbors

    beetle 20 hours ago

    Twice Casey in a day. Once in a vid in MetArtX and then as a photoset in SexArt.
    I'm excited because Casey is just sensational. Her beautiful face, her pretty medium sized white breasts with the cute pepper spot on her right breast, her fabulously shaped ass. Everything at its finest. And if she begins to satisfy herself at play with the feather, then I would love to help her with it. That would be even more fun for her. Who knows ?

    on The Feather

    DANGMAN2013 22 hours ago

    That fixed it Rose! Thanks! :)

    on Think Pink

    Rose 22 hours ago

    Hi sdfkle, if you go to the end credits you will find all the music listed. Glad to hear you enjoyed it :-)

    on Breathtaking

    Eurolicious 23 hours ago

    What a great looking big cock! Hope to see him and another stud have fun with one lucky gal.

    on Naughty Neighbors

    Tafi 1 day agoLifetime member

    Mirabella is beautiful showcasing her amazing body with a wonderful focus on her gorgeous pussy with lovely large labia and deep wetness and stunning color. Amazing sexual beauty, divine and perfect. Awesome set.

    on Favorite Spot

    Javi1 1 day ago

    I agree, best movie in a long time. I don't understand why you keep away from threesomes, they are sexy and pure pleasure! PLEASE Produce more of these films since we all enjoy them...

    on Naughty Neighbors