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SexArt producer Ariel Piper Fawn stars in a retro “Road Trip”

These days, stunning redhead Ariel Piper Fawn is best known as a Producer for SexArt, working with her husband, director Andrej Lupin, and their talented team to create many of our most technically impressive and erotically exciting movies. But Ariel originally made her name as a model and performer – check through our archive to see the busty beauty in some very hot and arousing action – and fans will be delighted to see her get naked and naughty again in a two-part retro release, “Road Trip.”

Dressed in pretty gingham dresses, Ariel and cute blonde Miela A are the focus of the first part, abandoning their picnic in the long grass in favor of eating each other’s juicy pussy. It’s a playful, sexy and passionate encounter, and the retro styling adds a fun and flirty angle to the story. I asked Ariel for the story behind “Road Trip,” and why we’ve had to wait so long to see it…

“Road Trip” was shot in 2012, just before we first started shooting for SexArt,” the gorgeous star explained, in her sultry Czech accent. “It was a project we funded ourselves, and we all worked for free, just paying the models we hired. It was kind of an experiment, the first time we had total creative control and made the kind of movie we wanted to watch.

“Then we started to work for SexArt, which was the perfect match for us, as we were able to make movies that really fulfilled our creative drive; but somehow “Road Trip” got forgotten as we were so busy with our new productions. We found it recently and it brought back some really good memories, and although it’s not perfect we felt SexArt members would enjoy the energy and the sense of fun.”

What do you remember about shooting it?

“I remember it was such a fun shoot, we picked models that we really liked and had a good relationship with, so we knew we would all have a good time. It felt like an adventure, it was quite spontaneous. We just set off in the car, and drove until we found a field that looked like the perfect place for some fun!

“Andrej and I both really love this fifties pin-up style, the make-up and dresses, the atmosphere; and the whole team loved the process of trying something new. Of course when we look at it now, our productions have evolved so much and we see all the faults. We have learned and developed so much since then. But we still think it’s cute! It was a really nice surprise to see it again with fresh eyes.”

Will you appear in movies again?

“I would never say never,” was Ariel’s teasing reply. “I enjoy doing cameo appearances in our movies for SexArt. I would probably not shoot a ‘normal’ scene in the way I used to, but maybe I would do it in a different way. I do have a special project in progress, but I don’t want to say too much about it. I miss shooting though, especially giving the pleasure… maybe I could do a solo shoot! What do you think?”

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Mimi01 1 year ago

Looking forward to witnessing this great moment!


Mimi01 1 year ago

OMG! Ariel is back! Fantastic news!

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    beetle 5 hours ago

    Shayla, I would like to play strip poker with you. And hopefully you will lose again and again.
    Oh, does anyone want to play with?

    on Card Shark

    Tafi 17 hours agoLifetime member

    Pussy perfection; Leona is incredible!

    on Sophisticate

    glimmertwin 20 hours ago

    Now here is the kind of vid you had been doing and should keep on doing. Wild, emotional, wonderful.

    on Harmonic Thinking

    Starfire 21 hours ago

    WOW awesome set Dominica.
    Film soon please. Enjoy.

    on Morning Sun

    James G 1 day ago

    A lovely movie. Good to see Eric taking the initiative and then allowing Melody to carry on on top and finishing inside her.
    A nice change from the standard fare that we have been getting with the whimsy guys with stunned “rabbit in the headlights” looks when the lady start making all the moves.
    More please.

    on Elements Episode 3 - Earth

    beetle 1 day ago

    Dominica is a girl, like Lisa Dawn, who is incredibly intense way erotic. She speaks sexual directly and honest to my feelings of pleasure. Almost animalistic! And that's exactly why I love Dominca so much.

    on Morning Sun

    freeborn2a 2 days ago

    yes, I've noticed her again today, and looked back at her past films that I've liked. A LOT... she's wonderful in every clip she makes, whoever she is with - but when hte chemistry is right, she melts my laptop!

    on Emylia Argan

    freeborn2a 2 days ago

    yes indeed. Emylia seems more grown up than most models, and that is in itself an attraction.

    on Stimulate

    freeborn2a 2 days ago

    truly down and dirty!

    on Dust

    freeborn2a 2 days ago

    they're wonderful, and so are the closeups. often extreme closeups are too clinical - here, they are magical and sensuous. perfect!

    on Close Up 3