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Who is your top SexArt model of 2017?

2017 was a great year for beautiful girls on SexArt, both naughty newcomers and returning favorites – but who would you pick as your number one? It’s not an easy decision when you’re so spoilt for choice, but here are our top three models at the time of writing, as rated by our members:

Number three is stunning Sybil A, a curvy green-eyed beauty with perfect breasts and a seductive smile. She’s been a solo star on SexArt since 2015, and began shooting girl-girl movies in late 2016, but 2017 saw her shooting boy-girl movies for the first time, and making a huge impact with her evident appetite for sensual pleasure. Sybil’s movies are always popular, with three this year, all directed by Andrej Lupin, rating an impressive 9.5: “Moonlight” and “Just A Dream” both co-starred Kalisy, while “Snow Time” saw her partnered with Nick Ross for some playful and passionate fun.

Gorgeous Georgia (above) is this year’s runner up, making her debut in May and appearing in a further five photosets, all shot by Marlene. The 21-year-old Russian sweetheart has a flawless figure with perfect-handful breasts, often highlighted by tan lines, and a sensational ass; but it’s her pretty face, permanently lit up with a naughty smile, that makes her so irresistible. Two photosets, “Anley” and “Carren,” are rated a whopping 9.6.

The top rated model on SexArt in 2017 was sexy superstar Mila Azul (below), and it’s easy to see why. Since she first appeared in 2016, the 20-year-old busty bombshell has turned heads with her cute and charming demeanor and astonishing natural curves. Mila appeared in eight new photosets this year, shot by Alex Lynn, Erro and Vicente Silva, and all very highly rated. Her masturbation movies on our sister site MetArt X have catapulted her to the top there too, no doubt due to the arousing ‘jiggle factor’ – those beautiful big breasts are nature’s wonders.

Who’s your top SexArt model of 2017, and why?

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Senor667 4 months ago

Is this a serious question? Georgia, Georgia and Georgia. Plain and simple. Because she seems to be the full package. A package I'd love to open up for sure ;)


Crpaddct 6 months ago

If there is one performer that really has stood out in 2017, IMO that has to be Belle Claire. Both for the number of scenes she's appeared in, the quality of most of those scenes, and for her stunning looks.
Another performer that really has shone in 2017, is IMO Tina Kay. She hasn't done as many scenes as Belle by far, but those 4 she did in 2017 are all of them superb. And her looks are 2nd to none.
As for the third spot, I find it rather hard to choose between either Alexis Crystal or Linda Sweet. But in the end I think I go for Alexis by the slimmest of margins.
As for other runner ups besides Linda then, first I would mention Nancy A. With more b/g scenes, she could have been either nr. 1, 2 or 3 on the list from my standpoint. Her looks is just so unbelievably stunning.
Apart from that both, Francys Belle & Henessy A have IMO "stood out". And I look forward to more scenes with both of them in 2018


Sydney 6 months ago

Normally the question needn't even be asked because the answer is always Tracy, but we didn't actually get all that much of her this year... in which case I have to say Alexis Crystal. She always brings so much energy, passion and personality to everything she does, and she's just incredibly awesome! Thank you Alexis :)


Shere Khan 6 months ago

Simple. It's got to be Emylia Argan. With Belle Claire coming in second.


Mimi01 6 months ago

Belle Claire, Emylia Argan, Leila Smith

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Latest Comments


    Starfire 5 hours ago

    Very sexy well done film. 10+.

    on Red Wine

    Rose 7 hours ago

    To each his or her own... personally I find Juan sexy as hell, but then I am looking at him from the female perspective :-)

    on One Morning Part 1

    Notregde 9 hours ago

    Maybe so, but, if Hot Rod has to many tattoos then so does Juan. His personal choice, of course. Mine is that it is distracting. Doesn't MA/SA have some rules on tattoos? A real shame IMHO. Maybe I am just finding this site less in my interests. I try to remember how small the percentage of comments are to total viewers. Maybe just turning off Comments and moving on is best.

    on One Morning Part 1

    Witchit 13 hours ago

    Very natural sex, I loved the way they came together, too. Beautiful.

    on Red Wine

    beetle 16 hours ago

    This video it is really lustful.

    on Red Wine

    Rose 17 hours ago

    Francys is a little firecracker – I love her energy and passion. Very hot stuff!

    on Red Wine

    Toolelover 23 hours ago

    Great! Presley is beautiful and she has her bull to ride. He was really into eating her pussy.

    on El Matador

    Thirsty 1 day ago

    Super sex. Way to have a great ending! So hot. I guess I will keep my subscription going for a while.

    on One Morning Part 1

    Thirsty 1 day ago

    I can't say it better than the other posts. It's pretty rare to see that kind of quality that is felt and not just performed.

    on Element

    Starfire 1 day ago

    Awesome to have her coming back.

    on Nivael