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Sexy Taylor Sands stars in hot new movie “Roleplay”

She’s cuter than a basket of kittens, and effortlessly sexy. Taylor Sands is a superstar right across the MetArt Network, one of those rare girls who manages to seem innocent and outrageously naughty all at the same time. She was the perfect choice for Andrej Lupin’s hot new movie “Roleplay,” a steamy tale of boy meets girl, boy fucks girl, with the title giving the clue that all is not as it first appears.

I’ll confess I was predisposed to love this movie, having written the script myself – my first time writing for Team Lupin, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their interpretation of it. Taylor is a particular favorite of mine; I met her on location a while back and was utterly charmed by her adorable personality, so it was a dream come true to have her cast in the role. Her sexual chemistry with Tyler Nixon, the sweet and handsome stranger she picks up on a bench and boldly seduces, is playful, intimate and utterly authentic. Be sure to watch all the way to the end to have the movie’s title fully explained; it’s a delicious epilogue to Taylor’s string of intense orgasms. I hope you’ll love this movie as much as I do. 

Members Comments (3)


sampassion 3 months ago

Taylor has tender smile, feminine, great hair


Mimi17 3 months ago

Oh cool Rose! Writing with A and Ariel..just had to say her she still fucking gorgeous? (of course she is!) I look forward to seeing this the way you describe Taylor..she IS cuter than a basket of kittens..though they're all pussies I guess (vulgar Mimi!)


Rose 3 months ago

Ariel is more gorgeous now than ever!