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Interracial movies: SexArt director Alis Locanta transcends the clichés

We’re all familiar with interracial porn movie clichés – huge black stud pounds petite white girl into the mattress, uses and abuses her, often while her cuckolded husband watches; a not-so-subtle manifestation of the adult industry’s inveterate racism.

Naturally, acclaimed SexArt director Alis Locanta has too much integrity to fall back on such tired porn tropes. His hot new movie “Contrasted Pictures” subverts the usual stereotypes by having Cuban performer Jesús Reyes play against type. A tall, muscular, gorgeous black man, Jesús is sweet and charming in the role of a shy model being seduced by his photographer, cock-hungry blonde Milena Devil. It’s funny and refreshing to see Jesús remove his shirt and jeans so bashfully, and his confused expression as Milena tugs down his underwear and directs his hand to his dick.

When Jesús does finally respond to Milena’s unexpected advances, it’s with a tender, loving flurry of kisses and gentle touches, gradually turning up the sexual heat. We’re left in no doubt that Milena is the one calling the shots as she grinds on his face and rides him energetically. The emphasis on the emotional connection between the couple, the romantic kisses and even the classical soundtrack set this movie apart from the mainstream. “Contrasted Pictures” challenges those predictable old clichés and demonstrates why Alis Locanta is a creative force to be reckoned with.    

See my interview with Jesús Reyes here

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Latest Comments


    LeHombre 12 minutes ago

    Enjoyed this one, better than most of the recent ones. Better camera work, direction and production.
    On top of that Tina is a stunner, but if she spent 2 hourd preparing that then no wonder Kristof didn't want it. Looks like a 20 minute job at most :)

    on Angry Wife

    LeHombre 16 minutes ago

    Hahaha, ith an accent like that she's about as British as you are!

    on Angry Wife

    Uwe K. 44 minutes ago

    Sehr hübsches Mädchen!!!!

    on Zarina A

    Rose 2 hours ago

    Love her smile (and her gorgeous body!).

    on Zunea

    Rose 4 hours ago

    Thanks for pointing these out, the models supply their own stats and I suspect sometimes it gets "lost in translation" between imperial and metric, but I will ask someone to check these.

    on Exploration