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Cute and sexy erotic model Kalisy shares her secrets!

Kalisy is a top model here at SexArt, a slender cutie who quickly graduated from solo modeling to filming super-hot girl-girl movies; “Moonlight,” with Sybil A, was a sensational debut. More recently, the adorable 25-year-old Russian babe has started shooting boy-girl movies too: “Go Away” revealed how passionate and uninhibitedly sexual she is, while “Morning Stretch” showcases that supple, sylphlike figure admirably with a naked yoga routine before the scorching sex.

“I started modeling because for me, the naked body is natural, and I like it,” Kalisy revealed recently in a video interview for our sister site Viv Thomas (see the full interview here). “I am an exhibitionist. I think I get horny quickly.”

We wondered how she keeps that incredible body so toned? “I go to the gym three or four times a week,” she tells us. “My favorite part of my body is my booty.” We suspect she’s in good company there; and she reveals, “My favorite position is doggy,” all the better to appreciate that delightful derriere!

“Sometimes I watch my movies,” Kalisy reveals. “When I make movies, I like it when the people, lighting, make-up, and clothes are all beautiful. I like watching porn. It turns me on. I like girls that train, and look beautiful, but I prefer boys, boys that have beautiful bodies, and are smart. I’ve never had sex with a girl in my personal life.” This comes as a surprise considering how erotically charged her girl-girl movies are. We’d like to think we’ve introduced her to a new experience.

“My favorite fantasy is to have sex with a lot of people at once,” says Kalisy, confirming our suspicion that she’s a horny little devil. “I like to masturbate, and sometimes use toys.”

Kalisy, we’ll always be happy to watch you, whether it’s solo masturbation, steamy girl-girl and boy-girl movies, or the orgy of your fantasies…

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Ouchstopit 2 months ago

I would love to see and hear more like this. It would be fantastic to have a Sex Advice section on SexArt, where perhaps some models describe and demonstrate how they masturbate, with a purpose in mind of educating women and men about various pleasurable erotic possibilities. Narration would be very important, and a willingness to explain in full detail how the woman can move, clench, or tighten or whatever.


Mimi17 2 months ago

Go for it Kalisy :)

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    LeHombre 13 minutes ago

    Enjoyed this one, better than most of the recent ones. Better camera work, direction and production.
    On top of that Tina is a stunner, but if she spent 2 hourd preparing that then no wonder Kristof didn't want it. Looks like a 20 minute job at most :)

    on Angry Wife

    LeHombre 17 minutes ago

    Hahaha, ith an accent like that she's about as British as you are!

    on Angry Wife

    Uwe K. 45 minutes ago

    Sehr hübsches Mädchen!!!!

    on Zarina A

    Rose 2 hours ago

    Love her smile (and her gorgeous body!).

    on Zunea

    Rose 4 hours ago

    Thanks for pointing these out, the models supply their own stats and I suspect sometimes it gets "lost in translation" between imperial and metric, but I will ask someone to check these.

    on Exploration