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Gorgeous SexArt star Sabrisse shares her secrets

Stunning, sexy and cuter than a basket of kittens, Sabrisse A is one of our most popular SexArt models. Her huge hazel eyes, flawless golden skin and sensational body make an instant impression, and at 27, the Czech star has developed a confident, natural sensuality that makes her utterly irresistible.

I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful babe while on location in Spain, and was immediately struck by how gorgeous and sweet she was. I didn’t get the chance to hang out with her for long back then, so I’m delighted that director Alis Locanta recently interviewed her on the set of his movie shoot for our sister site Viv Thomas. You can see the full interview here, but here are a few highlights…

Sabrisse, how would you describe yourself?

S: I am an extrovert, sometimes I’m very friendly. But sometimes I consider myself to be a very quiet and introverted person, I just need my space and don’t want anyone to talk to me. I am romantic. I am an exhibitionist.

What’s your favorite thing about your appearance?

S: Sometimes I like everything about myself, and sometimes I don’t like anything. It’s not easy to pick just one thing, but maybe my eyes, my mouth, or my lips. I try to do exercise and work out, but not that often; and I try to eat clean, not much junk food.

What do you like about making movies?

S: What I like most about making movies is getting to know new people, new places, new crew and new photographers – the whole thing together. I do like watching my own movies. I have watched them all.

Do you have a high sex drive?

S: I do get horny quickly, yes – with my boyfriend, immediately. And I like to masturbate, sometimes I use sex toys, but very rarely. I like to use just my fingers.

Are you bisexual?

S: Yes, I have had sex in real life with a girl. Actually, I like girls more, because I think girls’ bodies are more beautiful. Sorry, guys! I’m bisexual, I consider a woman’s body very beautiful, I like to watch it and I like to touch it. I have sex with only one guy, and that’s my boyfriend. My favorite position is doggy style, when he holds me from behind.

Do you like sex in public?

S: The most unusual place I have ever had sex is on an airplane. I’ve had sex in public places, not just once, but many times.


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Sydney 2 years ago

Here's hoping we'll finally see Sabrisse work with Team A&A...


Mimi17 2 years ago

Cool woman!

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    thetimeisnow 2 hours ago

    Love this woman’s style, beautiful body, her perfect pussy and the bra and panties in this set were outstanding.

    on Innocente

    JandL 3 hours ago

    We’re always trying to be tactful and find the positives in what we see here, but this time we found that extremely difficult. We suppose it could be seen as artsy, if you define artsy in the most broad terms possible. That’s about the extent of it. We can always find a segment, even if it’s just a minute or two, that we like in the films here. Not so this time.

    Please understand that we’re commenting on our enjoyment of it, not anyone else’s. In erotica, everyone has their own tastes.

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    Leslove 7 hours ago

    The greatest thing about Paul Black, he has Emily J. The greatest thing about Emily J, she has her past. I was really looking forward to this, it was a major disappointment but to just me.

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    lastoftheV8s 12 hours ago

    Night is easily my favorite nude model she just has an energy about her that comes through. I always cum very intensely to her even my ears ring.

    on Night A

    Queeniesdk 12 hours ago

    Where is the wednesday B/G video ?

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    Rose 15 hours agoCommunity Staff

    We've waited a long time for a new movie from Paul Black and SexArt... but it was worth the wait. Genius! His use of sound, especially, drives me crazy.

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    Rose 17 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Nice quote, Ouchstopit – I have that song in my head now :-)

    on Girl's Night

    Ouchstopit 18 hours ago

    Beautiful! It looked like Casey had a blister on her big toe. Did that hurt? I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain. Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place, where as a child I'd hide. Please thank her for going through that discomfort for us. They are both so lovely and perfect. And barefoot is sexiest! Love you, Rose!

    on Girl's Night


    This was a beautiful and wonderful set! But I still await a Casey and guy set with movie!

    on Girl's Night

    Amatore 1 day ago

    Please persuade this incredibly beautiful woman to perform in G/B scenes!

    on Agatha