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Hot Seat

Erotic fiction inspired by Ally Breelsen and Maxmilian Dior in "Jacuzzi"

I was working as a grill cook in a cool, upscale restaurant, carrying on a passionate affair with our gorgeous cocktail waitress, Deb. She was definitely in another league: tall with dancer’s legs, violet blue eyes and honey blonde hair. Deb and her husband Dave led a pretty wild and sexy life; she had just broken it off with Max, our bartender, to take up with me, and he was always sleeping around, still enjoying the sexual revolution in Cali... Deb and Dave were just more open about it than most.

Deb told me across the pillow about these parties they hosted, where first-time attendees were put in the ‘Hot Seat’ to introduce themselves. I was invited to the next one. I mingled and chatted with the fifteen or so other folks there, feeling a bit nervous. Then Dave introduced me: “Alright Greg, you're up!”

I sat facing the group spread out around the room on couches and beanbags. I rubbed my palms on my jeans, no idea where this would go.

“Hi everyone, I’m Greg and I know Deb from the restaurant where we work.”

“And?” Dave prompted me.

“Deb and I have been sleeping together...” my vision was closing in and my face was so hot. How did I get into this chair? But then I saw Deb’s encouraging smile and I started to breathe again.

“So how did this happen?” Dave asked wryly.

“Well, Deb brings me the orders after the servers ring them in, and she’s just so beautiful! I asked her out, but I guess she was seeing Max, the bartender. So, I didn’t think I had a chance… but then one day I gave her a ride and she started making out with me in the car. The windows were all steamed up!”

“In the car?” Dave chuckled. “How did that work?”

Whew! Okay... “The seats go all the way back and Deb was on top of me and she had these dancer's tights on. I reached down and unsnapped them. And she was just ready to go! So I got my pants off and we just went at it right there. Deb is crazy! While we were doing it, she was diddling herself. She gets off every time...”

“Okay, Greg! That was great. Thank you!” Dave was grinning. I guess he enjoyed hearing about his wife having fun.

Next up was a redhead named Lesley, very pretty in shorts and a peasant blouse. She was a little shy, blushing as she shared an experience she’d had with a guy in his van, one night: “When we got to the beach we made out a while. We went in the back for more room and I turned over to pull my pants off. He really liked that and started fingering me from back there and then he licked me. Man, I really loved that!” She rolled her eyes. “So it just felt natural that we start doing it that way and for me it felt super good, like he was hitting my spot!”

“Lesley, how did you know you wanted to have sex with him?”

Lesley paused for a moment. “He was a good kisser and I liked him and, you know, I got wet down there...”

“Are you wet now?”

Shyly: “Yes...”

By now we were all squirming in our seats, and Dave suggested we take a break. I noticed him heading to the bedroom with Lesley; I couldn’t find Deb, so I headed for the hot tub on the back deck. Several of us were in there – naked of course – when Sheila, the cashier from our restaurant, came over. She dropped in next to me and gave me a friendly hug and a kiss.

Out of her work uniform, the hot Latina looked gorgeous, her long wavy hair, big dark eyes and soft lips captivating me. Under the water in the candlelit hot tub, we began exploring each other. Then we were kissing. When her fingers wrapped around my boner, I almost lost it. She leaned in close.

“Want to get out of here?” she whispered. I looked around and almost everyone had paired up. I couldn’t resist. We quickly dressed and she kept her hand in my pants, keeping me hard all the way to my place. Just as quickly, we undressed, she leaned back on the bed and spread her legs, and I was inside her; she was so slippery. We fucked for a while and it got hot and sweaty. She was grabbing my ass to pull me in tighter. All I wanted to do was fuck her deep and strong. She gripped the headboard and pushed hard down on me, her body convulsing while she cried out. It was so hot to watch and feel her orgasm. I pulled out and let it go all over her tummy and tits.

After we caught our breath, I wanted to go down on her and make her come with my tongue. Her pussy was wet and shining, just a few dark pubes around it, so inviting and open. I spread her lips and dove inside, tasting her sweet moisture and spreading her juices all over her clitoris. My hands found her boobs, perfect handfuls with soft dark nipples aching to be squeezed. I slid my middle finger into her pussy, so easy and wet. She felt so good inside, little folds pulling me in. She was squirming and panting when I massaged her in there, then I pulled out and found her asshole, a sweaty little ring that softened up a bit when I rubbed on it and then she let me in and I stroked my long finger in her spread wide ass while I flicked at her clit very lightly. A few minutes of that and Sheila went over the edge, pulling at my hair, moaning and writhing, fucking my mouth with her pussy. It was amazing and so fulfilling watching her orgasm under me, panting and moaning.

I so loved working at that place! The women were amazing. It’s all gone now. Just a memory.


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Members Comments (2)


Mimi17 7 months ago

Terrific story George :) I enjoy hearing it from a man's perspective and you sound like you're hot under the sheets :))


Geo1 7 months ago

Thank you so much Mimi! If I am anything at all it's because of the ladies I have known. I think I'm an eager student...

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    Ausi.S 10 hours ago

    Yes, ! More hairy pussies, please !!

    on Sinera

    John Galt 14 hours ago

    What an erotic scene!
    Lana has that classic beauty of a real woman, regardless of age, and she uses her body so artfully. I thought for a few minutes there that Alex would never get around to taking off his pants. And I think he missed a good moment when he didn't go down on her and lick her sweet pussy.
    More of Lana, please. Her beauty transcends what we often see today that passes for beauty.
    And the French chanteuse in the background is perfect for this scene.
    You guys keep doing exceptional work.

    on Red

    Rose 14 hours ago

    Good to hear your are enjoying SexArt, Lovelez! We are always happy to hear feedback from our members :-)

    on Red

    frenchie 15 hours ago

    Nice last photo, smiling with her legs open, very inviting. Nice close-ups o her anus, with her fingers so close ...

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 16 hours ago

    Hey thanks Rose, you always are nice. If you wanted the truth, put a thumbs down icon next to the thumbs up and you would have more honesty. In the last sentence above I did refer to that shoot that you referred to. She's too beautiful to not see that and so is Zafira. I truly think SexArt is the best site. It let's top models be themselves and explore their sultry side. Met Art is getting worse and is too timid and so many sites miss their mark but this is a good reliable site that I frequent. And if you get Gabi back I will be here forever. I just think Gabi is so right for this site, she is a true performer. And I don't live anywhere near her country so I am not campaigning. I just miss her.

    on Red

    Hunter99 21 hours ago

    Great looking girl with a sweet juicy pussy. Yeah!

    on Sinera

    beetle 1 day ago

    I love it, when he takes her feet in his mouth and licks them. I
    I ove it, when she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it.
    I love it, when he picks up her breasts and kneads and massages her.
    I love it when, she puts his cock in her pussy.
    I love it, when he takes her nipples in his mouth and suck them.
    I love it, hen he squirts his juice in pussy.
    I love Lang and Alex.

    on Red

    Rose 2 days ago

    No idea why you think anybody would be upset by that comment, Lovelez? Lana does have a great girl-girl movie on VT with lovely Zafira.

    on Red

    Tykeman 2 days ago

    Very nice set. Paula's cunt is beautiful.

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Let's see if I can say this quick without being seen by the SexArt police. I will say something nice about Andrej. He surrounds himself with beautiful women. Needless to say I would love to see Lana with some woman who would really enjoy her. She does have a really beautiful body. And I love those long legs. She would look really nice with a shorter woman who is starved for affection. May have to pull them apart. Whatever happened to Gabi De Castello? Too many woman are killed off by Andrej. Bring them back. Gabi De Castello and Lana would stop my heart. I see Lana below on Viv Thomas with some lovely so I know it does well by her. Anyway thanks, oops here comes the SexArt police. Run.

    on Red