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Ebony stud Jesus Reyes reveals all to SexArt

New ebony super-stud Jesús Reyes has everything I look for in a hot screen hunk – handsome, an amazing body (he looks like he’s been chiselled from granite), and exceptional staying power. Most importantly, you can tell he’s having fun, genuinely loves women and creates an intimate emotional as well as physical connection with his co-stars. And a special treat for me, his first language is Spanish, my favorite language of lust!

Reyes made his SexArt debut recently in Alis Locanta’s stunning “White and Black,” which paired him with fiery Spanish redhead Amarna Miller. The opening moments showcase his impressive physique to full effect as he works out; tender, romantic kisses build in heat to sheer incandescence as Amarna sucks and rides his huge cock spiritedly. It’s a must-see for the heady blend of sweetness and primal lust. Naturally I couldn’t resist asking a few questions…

Jesús, please tell us about yourself.

My name is Jesús Reyes, and that’s my real name; I’m 26 years old and I am Cuban. I currently live in Barcelona, a city that I love. When I’m not working I spend 45 minutes per day exercising very intensely at the gym. Then I go to the swimming pool and finally I visit the jacuzzi. I love going to the cinema, traveling and reading. As for the music I like, that’s hip hop and rap, not forgetting the sort of music you dance to by shaking your body a lot like reggaeton or something milder and sensual. 

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

I love my abdominals. It’s the only part of my body that stays in shape however thin I get. As well as following a rigorous training routine I maintain a rather unconventional diet to stay in shape. I eat absolutely everything including McDonald’s and Burger King. I have trouble generating fat and I use it to my advantage.  

What inspired you to get into making movies?

Sex is as essential to my life as training, eating, even sleeping… I need to do it every day. I have always set myself challenges and one of them was getting into porn. I achieved it! We have seen that erotica goes beyond a flashy appearance or even a relatively large penis. There is great diversity here. In this sense I confine myself to working on proportionality, on the right balance between a flashy appearance and a tool that matches it. It all adds sensuality. I finish every scene I shoot with a smile.

What advice would you give to guys who think it might be the career for them?

You will only know by trying. The most important thing is to try and enjoy yourself at all times. Sex is, after all, part of our lives.

Do your friends ever ask you for sex advice? Ever thought about doing a ‘How To’ video or book?

They used to seek my advice on more sentimental matters, but circumstances have now made them get stuck in, ha ha! I love writing. In fact, before considering a book I would like to write some articles covering interesting topics many people ask me about. I would share my experience and studies through it!

How long have you been making films?

Not too long really. Since November 2016.

Do you enjoy acting the roles?

I love acting despite not having any formal training on how to do it. I love getting into characters that have nothing to do with my own physical appearance or personality. That’s where professionalism shows.

Do you like to watch your own movies?

I love finding fault or spotting my own mistakes in each film featuring me, in order to learn from them and do better every time. 

Please tell us about your experience shooting for SexArt.

SexArt was a completely new experience for me as the production team pay a lot of attention to detail in eroticism, sensuality, passion and pleasure. Although the aim of the shoot is to end up having sex, this producer focuses all their creative skills on the motivation, the story, any previous encounters… so each production is something unique and different. I believe that catches the attention of consumers tired of the usual porn… This is really the sort of film genre I can relate to so I hope to be able to continue working with SexArt and to contribute new ideas they find really interesting.   

Do you like to talk dirty during sex in your personal life?

That depends on what the girl is like sexually speaking. I love to play and in doing so I have neither shame nor limits.

How would you describe your personality?

An outgoing guy, cheerful, funny and with a strong character sometimes…

Are you a romantic person?

Yes, I am indeed!

Are you an exhibitionist?

No, however the thought of being watched while I am having sex really turns me on.  

Do you have a high sex drive?

I have an extremely high sex drive. I enjoy having sex as often as possible, every day if possible, as many times as body and desires can endure. And yes, if I haven’t got a partner then I will jerk off at least once a day.

What kind of girls do you like?

I like girls whose physical appearance is very different from mine, I mean either with blonde hair and light eyes or with very straight brunette hair. I must admit that big bottoms drive me mad!

What is your favorite position?

Lying down with the girl on top. I love watching her and guiding her movements with my hands on her waist.

What turns you on?

Watching a girl touching herself while playing with my penis in her mouth!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

I’ve done it in many public places: in a department store parking lot, in the middle of the street, in parks, rooftops, at the cinema, in elevators…

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

A threesome with two girls in a room full of mirrors!

Where do you like to meet girls?

I don’t have a particular pick-up place. I spend 12 hours a day interacting with people. Anywhere can be an ideal place to meet girls: a department store, the gym, the bakery, the veterinary clinic...  

Do you remember your first kiss?

Yes, and it was a very shy experience, children’s play!

Had you ever had a threesome in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

Yes, I’ve done it with twin sisters who wanted to share me. It was an incredible experience… a moment that I wish never ended.

Do you believe in open relationships?

Yes, I believe it’s the only way I would be prepared to stay with a girl. I would respect boundaries regarding feelings at all times.

What are your ambitions?

I am currently in my third year of a degree in Law but I had to stop pursuing my studies due to financial constraints. I use this profession to make money to go back to education. I believe it’s the perfect education-job balance.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

I would like you to keep in mind at all times that porn actors are ordinary people with feelings and senses just like anyone else. It’s not all about sex. We have our personality, our unique traits, our way to show ourselves to the world both in front of and behind the camera, which makes us more or less likeable to others. Based on my experience, my advice is to stay humble whoever you are!


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dinbm 4 months agoLifetime member

Nice interview. I hope Jesus stays with Sexart even after he finishes his Law degree.

Thanks Rose.

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    Ausi.S 10 hours ago

    Yes, ! More hairy pussies, please !!

    on Sinera

    John Galt 14 hours ago

    What an erotic scene!
    Lana has that classic beauty of a real woman, regardless of age, and she uses her body so artfully. I thought for a few minutes there that Alex would never get around to taking off his pants. And I think he missed a good moment when he didn't go down on her and lick her sweet pussy.
    More of Lana, please. Her beauty transcends what we often see today that passes for beauty.
    And the French chanteuse in the background is perfect for this scene.
    You guys keep doing exceptional work.

    on Red

    Rose 14 hours ago

    Good to hear your are enjoying SexArt, Lovelez! We are always happy to hear feedback from our members :-)

    on Red

    frenchie 15 hours ago

    Nice last photo, smiling with her legs open, very inviting. Nice close-ups o her anus, with her fingers so close ...

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 16 hours ago

    Hey thanks Rose, you always are nice. If you wanted the truth, put a thumbs down icon next to the thumbs up and you would have more honesty. In the last sentence above I did refer to that shoot that you referred to. She's too beautiful to not see that and so is Zafira. I truly think SexArt is the best site. It let's top models be themselves and explore their sultry side. Met Art is getting worse and is too timid and so many sites miss their mark but this is a good reliable site that I frequent. And if you get Gabi back I will be here forever. I just think Gabi is so right for this site, she is a true performer. And I don't live anywhere near her country so I am not campaigning. I just miss her.

    on Red

    Hunter99 21 hours ago

    Great looking girl with a sweet juicy pussy. Yeah!

    on Sinera

    beetle 1 day ago

    I love it, when he takes her feet in his mouth and licks them. I
    I ove it, when she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it.
    I love it, when he picks up her breasts and kneads and massages her.
    I love it when, she puts his cock in her pussy.
    I love it, when he takes her nipples in his mouth and suck them.
    I love it, hen he squirts his juice in pussy.
    I love Lang and Alex.

    on Red

    Rose 2 days ago

    No idea why you think anybody would be upset by that comment, Lovelez? Lana does have a great girl-girl movie on VT with lovely Zafira.

    on Red

    Tykeman 2 days ago

    Very nice set. Paula's cunt is beautiful.

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Let's see if I can say this quick without being seen by the SexArt police. I will say something nice about Andrej. He surrounds himself with beautiful women. Needless to say I would love to see Lana with some woman who would really enjoy her. She does have a really beautiful body. And I love those long legs. She would look really nice with a shorter woman who is starved for affection. May have to pull them apart. Whatever happened to Gabi De Castello? Too many woman are killed off by Andrej. Bring them back. Gabi De Castello and Lana would stop my heart. I see Lana below on Viv Thomas with some lovely so I know it does well by her. Anyway thanks, oops here comes the SexArt police. Run.

    on Red