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SexArt movie of the month: April 2017

It’s been a great month for movies here at SexArt, with some truly inventive erotica featuring some of our most attractive and arousing models ever. High-energy Alexis Crystal in “Call”; sexy new redhead Belle Claire in “Typical Woman”: irresistible tease Antonia Sainz in “Antonia”; you really have been spoiled for choice this April! Here’s my personal and entirely subjective top three movies of the month:

Stylish and very arousing, “Cassette” is a delicious tribute to female sexual expression. Director Andrej Lupin brings together blonde Dido and brunette Rosaline Rosa, two stunning girls with perfect bodies and a shared appetite for sensual pleasure. Bending into exquisite positions, they coax each other to orgasm after orgasm with skilful fingers and tongues, creating a compelling vision of beauty and mutual passion.

Spanish redhead Amarna Miller is a fascinating woman, as eloquent and intelligent as she is uninhibitedly sexual. Alis Locanta’s “Black and White” teams her with the perfect partner, ebony stud Jesús Reyes. Their encounter is by turns tender and ardent, loving and fierce, building to a powerful crescendo as the well-hung Cuban bangs fiery Amarna – looking sensational in stockings and garters – to a babbling, incoherent string of climaxes. A must-see for fans of high-class interracial erotica.

My absolute top pick of the month comes as a surprise even to me, as generally, I prefer the artier, plot-driven stories. Andrej Lupin’s sweetly sensual “Drifting By” is a relatively simple, straightforward presentation of uncomplicated lust, but it’s the incredible chemistry that makes it a standout movie for me. Slender brunette Anie Darling and her lover Maxmilian Dior go for a carefree drive in the countryside, laughing and flirting all the way. When they reach their destination – a luxurious country house – they fuck with the most intense passion imaginable. Gorgeous Anie is utterly single-minded in the pursuit of her orgasm, taking Max deeper and harder in every athletic position, until he drives her over the edge into a mind-blowing climax. Beautiful people having sex so hot you can feel it burning through the screen; it just doesn’t get any better!

So, did I pick your favorite SexArt movie of April 2017?

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Kat_Vaughn1 7 months agoContributing Writer

I just checked out cassette when I saw this. I am nervous to see the rest without ruining my entire day of events (unfortunately outside the house). Thanks for the recommendations. :)


Mimi17 7 months ago

Cassette and Inspired by Sexart


fts2542001 7 months ago

I said, although I prefer to see SYBIL in the photosets


fts2542001 7 months ago

For me, your list is wrong, I vote without hesitation to TOUCH AND FEEL
This film is a masterpiece of sweetness
very sensual, very erotic

Information, I would point out that other movies of SYBIL
are very pretty,
MOONLIGTH is an another masterpiece, so much history is beautiful, the story touches me. A technical point, the lighting low and excellent

Today, I say to you that SYBIL is the actress of the year, I'm not saying this because I'm a fan. Based on the content of her videos.

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Latest Comments


    Ausi.S 10 hours ago

    Yes, ! More hairy pussies, please !!

    on Sinera

    John Galt 14 hours ago

    What an erotic scene!
    Lana has that classic beauty of a real woman, regardless of age, and she uses her body so artfully. I thought for a few minutes there that Alex would never get around to taking off his pants. And I think he missed a good moment when he didn't go down on her and lick her sweet pussy.
    More of Lana, please. Her beauty transcends what we often see today that passes for beauty.
    And the French chanteuse in the background is perfect for this scene.
    You guys keep doing exceptional work.

    on Red

    Rose 14 hours ago

    Good to hear your are enjoying SexArt, Lovelez! We are always happy to hear feedback from our members :-)

    on Red

    frenchie 15 hours ago

    Nice last photo, smiling with her legs open, very inviting. Nice close-ups o her anus, with her fingers so close ...

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 16 hours ago

    Hey thanks Rose, you always are nice. If you wanted the truth, put a thumbs down icon next to the thumbs up and you would have more honesty. In the last sentence above I did refer to that shoot that you referred to. She's too beautiful to not see that and so is Zafira. I truly think SexArt is the best site. It let's top models be themselves and explore their sultry side. Met Art is getting worse and is too timid and so many sites miss their mark but this is a good reliable site that I frequent. And if you get Gabi back I will be here forever. I just think Gabi is so right for this site, she is a true performer. And I don't live anywhere near her country so I am not campaigning. I just miss her.

    on Red

    Hunter99 21 hours ago

    Great looking girl with a sweet juicy pussy. Yeah!

    on Sinera

    beetle 1 day ago

    I love it, when he takes her feet in his mouth and licks them. I
    I ove it, when she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it.
    I love it, when he picks up her breasts and kneads and massages her.
    I love it when, she puts his cock in her pussy.
    I love it, when he takes her nipples in his mouth and suck them.
    I love it, hen he squirts his juice in pussy.
    I love Lang and Alex.

    on Red

    Rose 2 days ago

    No idea why you think anybody would be upset by that comment, Lovelez? Lana does have a great girl-girl movie on VT with lovely Zafira.

    on Red

    Tykeman 2 days ago

    Very nice set. Paula's cunt is beautiful.

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Let's see if I can say this quick without being seen by the SexArt police. I will say something nice about Andrej. He surrounds himself with beautiful women. Needless to say I would love to see Lana with some woman who would really enjoy her. She does have a really beautiful body. And I love those long legs. She would look really nice with a shorter woman who is starved for affection. May have to pull them apart. Whatever happened to Gabi De Castello? Too many woman are killed off by Andrej. Bring them back. Gabi De Castello and Lana would stop my heart. I see Lana below on Viv Thomas with some lovely so I know it does well by her. Anyway thanks, oops here comes the SexArt police. Run.

    on Red