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My new breast friend

Erotic fiction inspired by Mila Azul in “Radau

Have you ever done something completely out of character? I did, and I don’t regret it…

Let me start by explaining that I have fantastic breasts. I’m not the type to brag, but I’ve been told so countless times. Yesterday I was wearing a tight, thin sweater with a lace bra underneath, and the gentle friction meant my nipples were hard pretty much all day.

The subway was packed on the way home, too many people squeezed in tight. Right in front of me was this broad-shouldered man with dark hair and a five o’clock shadow, dressed in a tight T-shirt that also showed his nipples! As more people got on, I was pushed up close to him, my breasts pressed against his arm. I had nowhere to move. I stood there, feeling his body heat, breathing in the scent of him. My mind was suddenly filled with thoughts of sex, of what it would be like to be held in this man’s arms, pinned to the bed as he drilled into me, and I found myself getting wet and aroused.

That’s not unusual – I often let my mind wander and indulge in sexual fantasies during my commute; only, this time, I couldn’t resist the temptation to twist my body just so and get a little thrill from rubbing my stiff nipples up against this guy’s arm. If I do it subtly enough, he won’t notice, I thought – but when does a man not notice a woman rubbing her breasts against him?

I was so caught up in my lustful little haze that at first I wasn’t aware that I was busted. But without me realizing, he had moved his hand down between us, close to my crotch. When I twisted my body again to rub my nipples against him, his fingers touched my pussy.

At first, I couldn’t be sure that it was deliberate and I stood still, wondering if I’d imagined it. My dirty mind got off on it, fantasizing that he was going to finger me right there on the subway, and as my mind raced, my pulse did too. I rubbed my breasts against him with a little less subtlety and – yes! – his fingers didn’t just brush against me, they stroked me, brief heat and pressure sending a jolt of arousal through me.

We didn’t make eye contact. He pretended to look at his phone, I gazed at the floor, but we both knew. I wondered if I should stop, move away, get off at the next stop; but I was so turned on I was fighting the urge to rip his clothes off and throw him down on the dirty floor. As I stood there locked in this mental struggle with myself, nipples getting harder and pussy getting wetter, he made the next move.

I felt his fingers come to rest on my pussy mound, waiting to see what I would do. I did nothing. He took that as a green light and gently stroked up my slit, nudging my clitoris. Without thinking, I pushed my pussy up against his hand and spread my legs a little further apart, wanting more. His fingers curled tighter against me, cupping my whole crotch, fingertip rubbing at my entrance. I wanted more than anything to feel it slip inside me.

As we approached the next subway stop, he turned his head to meet my eyes for the first time. There was an irresistible current of lust between us. He gestured with his head, as if to say, Come with me.

I could have just stayed where I was and acted like nothing had happened. That would have been the sensible course of action. But I was way past being sensible now. I didn’t even think about it; I just followed him off the subway and out onto the sidewalk.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Jenny,” I lied. He nodded.

“Wanna fuck, Jenny?”

I stood there and stared at him. Good question. Blunt, but right to the point. And a straight questions deserved a straight answer.

“Yes,” I said.

“Cool. I live right here,” he said and nodded towards the apartment building across the street.

I took his hand and let him lead me to his place. We didn’t say much; what was there to say?

Inside, he was already unbuttoning his pants as he walked to the bedroom. At the doorway, he turned, saying, “Well?”

And then he pulled his pants down. A big, thick cock sprang up surrounded by dark pubic hair. We looked at each other for a few seconds, me still standing in the hall fully clothed, him and his cock in the doorway.

When he disappeared into the bedroom, I came to my senses and dropped my bag. I undressed as I went and walked into the bedroom wetter than ever, naked and horny. He was lying on the bed, hands behind his head, watching me. His dick was standing proud, curving up towards his face.

I was about to climb on top, my only thought how much I wanted him inside me, when he reached out to stop me.

“Rub those beautiful big tits on me, like you did on the subway.”

So, I took hold of his shaft and bent over him to let one nipple graze his cockhead, holding his gaze all the time. I lay his dick on my tit and used the flat of my palm to jerk him slowly against me. He reached out and took his dick in his hand to press it between my hanging breasts, then squeezed them tightly around himself. It made it easy to bob up and down, using my boobs to jerk his whole shaft, his tip poking out from my cleavage. I dribbled some saliva down to lube it up for him. His blissed out expression told me the sensation of my pillowy breasts squashed around his cock was making him very happy.

But I was there to get that big cock inside me, and I wanted it right now. I straddled him and this time he didn’t protest, but lay back again as I guided him inside me.

Oh, that felt so good. He was big. And thick. I wanted to go slow, to really enjoy that big dick, to savor every inch, but it felt so good and I was so turned on that slow turned into fast and hard way too soon.

He reached up as I slid up and down on his dick, trying to catch my tits as they bounced around in front of him, tweaking my nipples, patting each tit, telling me to fuck him harder. His big dick, his frank appreciation of my breasts and his groans of pleasure really hit the spot, and I came so hard and loud I must have been heard in every apartment in the building.

Just as the last shudders of my orgasm were subsiding, he tensed and bucked me off him, rapidly twisting to jerk himself off onto my tits. I was happy to let him do it, holding them up for him, staring at the beautiful sight as he jetted hot spunk over my soft flesh.

It was one of the hottest fucks I’d ever had. I left straight after he’d cum, I had no reason to stay. I never even asked his name. But I won’t forget how good that big hard cock felt, or the sight of my breasts coated in his cum. I’m sure he won’t, either.  


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Latest Comments


    Ausi.S 10 hours ago

    Yes, ! More hairy pussies, please !!

    on Sinera

    John Galt 14 hours ago

    What an erotic scene!
    Lana has that classic beauty of a real woman, regardless of age, and she uses her body so artfully. I thought for a few minutes there that Alex would never get around to taking off his pants. And I think he missed a good moment when he didn't go down on her and lick her sweet pussy.
    More of Lana, please. Her beauty transcends what we often see today that passes for beauty.
    And the French chanteuse in the background is perfect for this scene.
    You guys keep doing exceptional work.

    on Red

    Rose 14 hours ago

    Good to hear your are enjoying SexArt, Lovelez! We are always happy to hear feedback from our members :-)

    on Red

    frenchie 15 hours ago

    Nice last photo, smiling with her legs open, very inviting. Nice close-ups o her anus, with her fingers so close ...

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 16 hours ago

    Hey thanks Rose, you always are nice. If you wanted the truth, put a thumbs down icon next to the thumbs up and you would have more honesty. In the last sentence above I did refer to that shoot that you referred to. She's too beautiful to not see that and so is Zafira. I truly think SexArt is the best site. It let's top models be themselves and explore their sultry side. Met Art is getting worse and is too timid and so many sites miss their mark but this is a good reliable site that I frequent. And if you get Gabi back I will be here forever. I just think Gabi is so right for this site, she is a true performer. And I don't live anywhere near her country so I am not campaigning. I just miss her.

    on Red

    Hunter99 21 hours ago

    Great looking girl with a sweet juicy pussy. Yeah!

    on Sinera

    beetle 1 day ago

    I love it, when he takes her feet in his mouth and licks them. I
    I ove it, when she takes his cock in her mouth and sucks it.
    I love it, when he picks up her breasts and kneads and massages her.
    I love it when, she puts his cock in her pussy.
    I love it, when he takes her nipples in his mouth and suck them.
    I love it, hen he squirts his juice in pussy.
    I love Lang and Alex.

    on Red

    Rose 2 days ago

    No idea why you think anybody would be upset by that comment, Lovelez? Lana does have a great girl-girl movie on VT with lovely Zafira.

    on Red

    Tykeman 2 days ago

    Very nice set. Paula's cunt is beautiful.

    on Mildibe

    Lovelez 2 days ago

    Let's see if I can say this quick without being seen by the SexArt police. I will say something nice about Andrej. He surrounds himself with beautiful women. Needless to say I would love to see Lana with some woman who would really enjoy her. She does have a really beautiful body. And I love those long legs. She would look really nice with a shorter woman who is starved for affection. May have to pull them apart. Whatever happened to Gabi De Castello? Too many woman are killed off by Andrej. Bring them back. Gabi De Castello and Lana would stop my heart. I see Lana below on Viv Thomas with some lovely so I know it does well by her. Anyway thanks, oops here comes the SexArt police. Run.

    on Red