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Coming soon – SexArt babes Tracy Lindsay and Alexis Crystal!

Tracy Lindsay and Alexis Crystal both bring incredible sexual energy and charisma to their scenes, so it’s inspired casting on the part of SexArt director Don Caravaggio to pair them up for a movie. You can see they like each other a LOT, so the results are bound to be explosive!

Blonde bombshell Tracy and irresistible Alexis were on location in Prague for the shoot when they took a shine to each other. Alexis will be making her debut on our sister site MetArt very soon. And don’t they look cute in their outfits?

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Mimi17 2 days ago

And it's Don directing..fabulous! When is this film coming? :)


Rose 2 days ago

As soon as it's edited, Mimi :-)


Mimi17 6 days ago

Love them! Sexart rules..ok!


Sydney 7 days ago

I think it's clear from their twitter accounts these girls like each other a LOT! Please, let's write a series for them, or pair them regularly in standalones.

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Latest Comments


    Shadrack 26 minutes ago

    Good move by Blake Jasper not only in casting sweet Sybil but in wisely shooting in the shade to mitigate the outdoor brightness. The results are wonderfully evident in the crisp rendering of her skin tone(s) and even the pink of the soles of her feet.

    on Siadda

    Shadrack 32 minutes ago

    Lovely indoor set of Sybil. She has such a delicate, aristocratic face to go with her lovely body. That the set starts off with shoes and then they get shucked is a plus for me -- love the barefeet on Sybil :-)

    on Lomina

    John Galt 2 hours ago

    Oh, my. Stella is really, really hot and really, really into fine sex. I enjoy so much watching her enjoy her body. She seems completely genuine, not acting at all. That's rare -- and welcome. More of Stella, please.

    on Face Call

    whatsinaname83 5 hours ago

    Get Cara Mell for a good erotic interracial fucking with a black stud with a hung dong!!!

    on Cara Mell

    The Wolf 8 hours ago

    She is fantastic. Hope to see her more on this site and with different partners. I would not mind if I would get the opportunity ... :-)

    on Taste Of Evening