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Coming soon – SexArt babes Tracy Lindsay and Alexis Crystal!

Tracy Lindsay and Alexis Crystal both bring incredible sexual energy and charisma to their scenes, so it’s inspired casting on the part of SexArt director Don Caravaggio to pair them up for a movie. You can see they like each other a LOT, so the results are bound to be explosive!

Blonde bombshell Tracy and irresistible Alexis were on location in Prague for the shoot when they took a shine to each other. Alexis will be making her debut on our sister site MetArt very soon. And don’t they look cute in their outfits?

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Sydney 1 month ago

Rose, was the recent release on VT this film? Or is there another coming to SexArt? Thank you.


Mimi17 9 months ago

Hurry up Don! Love your work :)


Mimi17 9 months ago

And it's Don directing..fabulous! When is this film coming? :)


Rose 9 months ago

As soon as it's edited, Mimi :-)


Mimi17 9 months ago

Love them! Sexart rules..ok!


Sydney 9 months ago

I think it's clear from their twitter accounts these girls like each other a LOT! Please, let's write a series for them, or pair them regularly in standalones.

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    jackhoff 3 hours ago

    umm somebody put an Anal tag on this photo shoot.. i did see any anal pics in there. Yeah she showed some asshole shots but that is not anal ...idiots. Anal is stickin a finger in there or a toy

    on Enarje

    Albert 7 hours ago

    Lorena you are the most beautiful woman in the earth. Every set show us your amazing talent and all the dedication and love that you put in your work. We are waiting with amazing happyness your new films.

    on Olas De Placer

    Rose 16 hours ago

    Great chemistry!

    on Sensitive

    horsemaster 18 hours ago

    I like seeing some Asian ladies the last few weeks. Especially when they are slender as with Kitana. The dancing seduction here was pretty good.

    on Target

    KreamPie 24 hours ago

    Well I don't agree, this was hot.

    on A Love Story 2 - A Story About Us

    Eurolicious 1 day ago

    Pair Matt Ice and Max again with another model. The Bicycle Race was good and both should be allowed to finish inside. That would be a first in SexArt and not far from reality.

    on Look

    Eurolicious 1 day ago

    bring back those two dudes to work out on another female star. A menage trois amongst buddies is exhilarating.

    on Bicycle Race

    mbhb 1 day ago

    I would love to see more b/g scenes with Michelle.

    on Michelle H

    Eurolicious 1 day ago

    He has a cute face and awesome cock size.

    on Let's Do It

    Wanda Lost 2 days ago

    I share the Gabi crush.

    One of the biggest "missed moments" at SexArt was in the Snow Fun series. Though both Gabi and Emylia were in the series, those two were never paired.

    ohhhhhhh ... Deepest sighs for what could have been, should have been, but, alas, was not.

    on Red