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SexArt movie of the month: January 2017

January might be nobody’s idea of a sexy month, but here at SexArt we like to celebrate the New Year with a whole bunch of super-hot movies to take your mind off the post-holiday slump. And we’ve found plenty of gorgeous new models and returning stars to take your January from blah to hurrah!

It’s not easy to narrow it down to a favorite from so much hotness, but here is my personal and entirely subjective choice of my top three films of the month. Did I pick yours?

Thinking About You” starring Katy Rose and Ryan Ryder. Director Andrej Lupin brought style and substance to this simple tale of two sexy people who simply can’t keep their hands off each other. The energy and sheer horniness that vivacious blonde Katy and studly Ryan share is so incendiary you can’t tear your eyes away as they hurriedly undress each other and fuck in one athletic position after another. Inventive camera angles put the viewer right in the middle of the action; exhausting, and utterly satisfying.

Unread Message” starring Cassie Fire and Juan Lucho. Russian firebrand Cassie made her SexArt debut in this explosive exploration of torrid make-up sex from director Alis Locanta. It’s fast, frantic and very hard, with Spanish stud Juan hammering into blue-eyed Cassie until she’s drenched with sweat, pussy juice and his jizz. Cassie sucks cock with enormous hunger and skill, and rides like her life depends on it. Sensational.

Hitchhikers” starring Michelle H and Nancy A. My favorite of the month, featuring two SexArt superstars at their most irresistible. The flirting and fooling around at the beginning of Andrej Lupin’s cute story is every bit as much fun as the steamy girl-on-girl sex that follows, as naughty blonde Nancy and stunning redhead Michelle put on a graphic show for the lucky driver who gave them a ride. You’ll be as happy as him to watch them eat each other to orgasm after orgasm.

Did I pick your favorite?

Members Comments (2)


JdS8513z 2 months ago

Hitchhikers did it for me...and I love Michelle H! Are we going to get a follow up? I hope so! :-)


Mimi17 2 months ago

Yes! Cassie Fire and Juan was wild! Katy Rose too. You picked my faves Rose :)

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Latest Comments


    Senor667 8 hours ago

    God damn it ... dunno why my trousers got so f****** tight right now ;)

    on Tureda

    Ratman 11 hours ago

    Two very cute butts. Wish I could find them along my hiking trails. Nancy always plays to the camera/. That must come from her modeling career. Still a nice couple. Yes, Sybil was really not into the scene as Nancy was. I think Nancy just loves sex---whatever kind it is!!!

    on Sea View

    sifaka 13 hours ago

    Nice to see a CIM. It has been a long time. Hope to see more.

    on Late Again

    Doodaq 13 hours ago

    Welcome Sandy, so nice to be aroused in the AM by such a beautiful girl;)

    on Sandy A

    beetle 18 hours ago

    Fantastic poses and sexy positions! Sandy A is really gorgeous.

    on Sindo