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French beauty Clea Gaultier talks about her tiny pussy!

So slender and elegant you’d guess she was a fashion model, not an erotic star, French fox Clea Gaultier is simply irresistible. The 26-year-old green-eyed babe made her SexArt debut recently in director Alis Locanta’s “Last Chance,” showcasing her beautiful face and perfect body with kinky pierced nipple, as well as her voracious appetite for screen partner Joel Tomas’s cock!

Sexy Clea recently gave a behind-the-scenes video interview to our sister site Viv Thomas where she revealed, “I think I am a kind girl. I love sport and animals, modeling, dancing. In my personal life I am submissive, with men and with other girls. There isn’t just one type of man I like, it’s more about how they think, not their physical appearance. The kind of woman I like is… Alexa Tomas! Brown hair, tall, beautiful eyes, very sporty, very sexy.”

Asked about sex in public, Clea said, “I am an exhibitionist, I love to be naked. I’ve had sex on the beach and in a cemetery… I love to have sex in strange places but I also like it very simple – with just one man, face to face. My best orgasm was in a car in a station parking lot, waiting for a train, with an ex-boyfriend.”

Clea admitted that she enjoys masturbating, but added, “I only use one finger because I have a little pussy! I can’t put two fingers in unless I just had sex. I have a cute sex toy too, pink with a cat on the top.”

If that’s got you imagining how that sweet, tight little pussy looks stretched around Joel’s big cock, watch “Last Chance” to find out. You can get the full effect of Clea’s sexy French accent in the interview here.


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Latest Comments


    Mimi17 54 minutes ago

    Thanks solrage. Beautiful and hot.

    on Wild Chrissy 2

    JazzGuy99 12 hours ago

    Galina exudes sexuality ... Nice to see a more explicit version of her

    on Volonte

    Ratman 13 hours ago

    Definitely a beautiful young lady. I enjoyed her presentation but I am an ass man and there just wasn't any ass shots here and no close-ups. Tough I guess around a pool. Still nice.

    on Denora

    frenchie 13 hours ago

    Great body with beautiful, perky breasts but not shots of her anus

    on Denora

    John Galt 14 hours ago

    Very charming, natural woman. She exudes innocence and joy. More of Teresse, please. I think she and Tom Lee would be a great combination. Both come across as sensitive.

    on Teresse Bizzarre