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Game of Thrones beauty Samantha Bentley talks about sex

SexArt star Samantha Bentley is a legend – a buxom Brit who was already a popular erotic model before she hit the headlines for her appearances in everyone’s favorite TV show, “Game of Thrones.” First featured as a bathhouse extra in season four, she was invited back for a featured role as the gorgeous Daenerys-lookalike hooker in the ass-revealing dress in season five, episode three; once seen, never forgotten!

Samantha is hugely popular here at SexArt, where she demonstrates an exceptional talent for physical and verbal communication with her costars. “Consultant” exploits this ability to the max by casting her as a therapist who talks inhibited Paula Shy through a memorable sexual awakening. It’s a powerful and highly erotic scene, with Sam’s sexy voice and confident manner making for compelling viewing. It’s definitely one of my films of 2016.

Unusually for a crossover star, Samantha’s mainstream success hasn’t diminished her appetite for pushing boundaries one little bit; her movie “Love For Sale: Milestone” with Tracy Lindsay broke new ground at SexArt, about which she commented on the blog here;and recently she caused controversy again with a series of photoshoots by photographer Freyr for our sister site The Life Erotic which provoked an outcry in the British tabloid press, as one showed her naked outside a church. Sam’s response to the fuss has been typically level-headed; fiercely intelligent, funny and candid, she’s one of the best spokeswomen for erotica I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I hope you’ll enjoy getting better acquainted with her too…

Samantha, what’s the story behind those outdoor photoshoots with Freyr.

SB: I was freezing. Freyr is one of my favorite photographers though, so I didn't complain too much. I'm comfortable with nudity so I never worry about being naked in public. We were in Norway, first in Røros and then in Vingebu. Norway is my favorite country, I would love to live there full time. I went backpacking on my own two years ago and have been desperate to go back ever since, so to me this wasn't really work at all. In Røros a few people saw us. We were in the town center.

Were you surprised by the controversy in the British press?

SB: I was surprised it got so much attention. I do porn at the end of the day, I had no idea one Instagram post of me naked but fully covering myself would cause a stir. It began with the local Røros news, then internationally in Norway and followed by the Sun [British tabloid newspaper]. It is a bizarre story.

Tell us about shooting “Consultant” with director Andrej Lupin. Members love your dialogue in this scene, and you seem very comfortable in the role. Are you always comfortable talking about sex?

SB: Surprisingly, I actually hate talking during sex and during my scenes, if I can avoid it I do. I'm quiet in my real life and I prefer the submissive role. Taking on the consultant role was actually a challenge to me and I had to really concentrate. Luckily I think I'm quite articulate so it wasn't too hard to think of things to say. I also adored Paula Shy, she's so beautiful I was just happy to work with her. Plus Andrej and his team made me feel very comfortable. We had shot “Rainy Day,” the scene with Nathaly Cherie, the day before and it had been amazing so I knew I had a lot to live up to with this particular scene.

Are you generally vocal during sex? Do you find it easy to tell your partners what you want?

I'm not vocal in as much as I don't really talk during sex, I moan, but not excessively. If I want something I will say 'don't stop' or suggest what position I want. I also always say when I'm going to cum but other than that I'm not over the top.

Have you ever made a sex guide, or considered working in sex therapy? You seem like a natural!

I write some advice on sex and porn. I love writing and I do enjoy giving sex advice. Doing porn for as long as I have has given me a real insight into sex and fetishes and how people behave sexually.

How has life changed for you since appearing in “Game of Thrones”?

SB: It really boosted my career, having a credit in “Game Of Thrones” is a great addition for anyone.

Please tell us more about yourself.

SB: I was born and raised in south London, I bought a house in north London last year and am about to move into my second house in Shoreditch with my boyfriend. I enjoy yoga, writing, making music, playing piano, walking my dogs, sex, drawing, making things and generally being creative. I have a cat called Creep that now lives with my dad because I don't have a garden anymore and I have two dogs, a pug called Fang and an English Bull terrier called Frankie. 

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

SB: Actually it was Ariel Piper Fawn [our model turned Producer for director Andrej Lupin, who has cast Samantha in some excellent roles]. I saw pictures of her on MetArt when I was 18 and doing Page 3 [topless modeling] in the UK and I thought, ‘I wanna do nude.’

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

SB: My eyes. Big and blue.

How do you keep in such good shape?

SB: Lots of yoga, walking the dogs and I fuck like a maniac.

How long have you been making films?

SB: I've been taking my clothes off on camera for about ten years and doing actual porn movies for about six.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

SB: Traveling. I'm very spoilt with where I get to go. 

Do you like to watch your own movies?

SB: Yes but literally only to see what I've done well and what not to do ever again. 

How would you describe your personality?

SB: Loyal, stubborn, ambitious, neurotic and a bit annoying.

Are you a romantic person?

SB: Yes. I love romance and I love love and being in love. I'm a lowkey sucker for chick flicks.

Are you an exhibitionist?

SB: Yes, 100 percent.

Do you have a high sex drive?

SB: Yes. My boyfriend didn't realize what he signed up for. 

Are you more dominant or more submissive?

SB: Definitely sub in the bedroom. I love to be controlled. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you started to make movies?

SB: Yes I lost my virginity to a girl, and I dated girls before I ever dated guys. In men I like dark hair and dark eyes. Tattoos. Good music taste. Intelligence, humor and must have a good job. I don't want a scrub. In girls I don't really have a type. I like intelligence and I like girls that are up for anything. I like soft skin, and a nice smell. 

What is your favorite position?

SB: I hate this question. I like anything that makes me cum.

What turns you on?

SB: Neck biting and a sense of humor.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

SB: On the side of the motorway in the rain. Doing it in public places is one of my fetishes. Restaurant toilets, nightclubs, on a train, side of the road, parking lot, in a strip club. 

Do you masturbate with your fingers, or toys?

SB: I use my wand. I'm lazy. 

Where do you like to meet guys?

SB: To be honest every boyfriend I've ever had, I've met through friends. I've never been picked up in a bar because I tend to always be in a relationship. I've never had a one night stand. 

Do you remember your first kiss?

SB: Yes. I was 13 and it was New Year's Eve and it was a neighbor that I went to school with. 

How about your first orgasm?

SB: It was in the shower on vacation in the south of France with my family. I had read a book where the girl used the shower head to masturbate, so I tried it.

Have you ever had a threesome?

SB: I lost my virginity in a threesome. Me, my friend and the guitarist of a band, in his dressing room. Since then I've had my fair share. My favorite was last year on New Year's Eve with my boyfriend and a cute call girl I met in Amsterdam. She was amazing.

Do you believe in open relationships?

SB: If there is trust then yes. It's not for me, I've done it before but I'm very jealous. I love threesomes but nothing without my other half involved.

Do you like kinky play? 

SB: I used to love being tied up and fucked really hard until I was bruised. I also love being choked out until I pass out.

What are your ambitions?

SB: I want to direct eventually and work on my music.

You can follow Samantha on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter: @thebadbentley 


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harryben 1 year ago

Sam is an exceptional performer, very sharp and perceptive and wonderfully open about her sex/love life. In a recent blog she describes having off camera sex many times with Aiden Ashley, including once in a toilet in Cardiff ! She does not shrink from keeping it real, and has often called out the oppressive male view of porn when it conflicts with reality.


Ouchstopit 1 year ago

Great job Rose! Samantha does have beautiful eyes. You'll have to get Lena Headey to pose for Sexart next. And it needs to be her actual body, with no digital enhancements. I have to go be miserable now.

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    Tristan Heart 3 hours ago

    Funny thing is that after I had written about the cock to the face thing I actually remembered a story from what you might call The Tristonian Archives of Erotic Escapades (I should so write that one day hehe) where something close to it happened, though not quite as dramatic, basically I was on the couch with this gorgeous girl straddling me (both still dressed at this point) and she was basically "dry grinding" me while we were making out, which was making me so hard that I almost felt like I was going to burst out of my pants, so we decided to take it to the next level and I stood up to get rid of some clothes, I then started to pull off my t-shirt and at the same time she sat down on her knees in front of me starting to undo my pants, but I was wearing one of those tight t-shirts, you know the ones that really lets you show of the buff, so I had to kind of wiggle my way out of it, as I did I also twisted my pelvis to the side and at that very moment she pulled down my pants, this combined made my still seriously stiff cock swing from one side to the other and caught her right in the eye knocking out her contact lens, like I said, not quite as dramatic as a concussion, but man did we laugh our asses off, it actually took a bit of time before we could get it together and continue where we left off lolz :-P

    We never did find the contact lens, but how brilliant would it have been if had been just like in that movie "Go" where it got stuck on the head of the guy's dick, but no such luck hehe :-D

    The best part is that we now have this inside joke where every time we meet we will try and work in the word "cockeyed" in a sentence :-P

    on Chasing Men Episode 3

    Lovelez 3 hours ago

    Candice is an old pro. What's funny is this site is the real good girl-girl site and the best pictures I have of Candace are girl-girl and this site has no girl-girl from her. Got to be a photographer problem. She shows up so nice in contrast pairings. The best I've seen was with a very black woman who I know to this day has to remember that encounter. I think she also has a sister who also is very scarce. But I just had to tell the world how much I love Candice. And other women who have were very exhausted afterwards.

    on Candice Luka

    Good Fella 6 hours ago

    Yes, I too would love to see Candace Luka on film. Please?

    on Candice Luka

    tafi 8 hours agoLifetime member

    Candice is hotter than ever! So pretty and such an awesome body, wow! And her perfect pussy makes my day! Thanks Candice!

    on Mierza

    Mimi01 9 hours ago

    Wow it's been a long time! Just seeing Blue here takes me back. She has a distinct presence, an unbridled sexuality that she carries in all her films. Her smile is genuine and her licking is outta sight. She puts 100% into every scene and this one is no exception.

    on Perceive

    Mimi01 9 hours ago

    Ariel the eternal..

    on Ariel Piper Fawn

    beetle 14 hours ago

    What a hot, sexy and lustful young lady.

    on Mierza

    Rose 15 hours ago

    That make me laugh, Tristan...! It does sometimes happen that shooting will have to break for a technical reason (lighting, camera issue or whatever), although naturally the team prefer to keep shooting when possible so as not to prefer the flow of action :-)

    on Chasing Men Episode 3

    Rose 15 hours ago

    Love her sultry sensuality.

    on Mierza

    Sublime 17 hours ago

    Wow! definitely need to see more of this gal, the pouting nipples are amazing, beautiful feet and pussy, more of her please

    on Carzie