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Punished by Mistress Lorena

Erotic fiction inspired by “Olas de Placer” starring Lorena B

Malcolm had been a very naughty boy. As Lorena's sub, he was supposed to obey her every whim. But today, after eating her pussy, he forgot to lick her clean before getting up. Instead, he got back down on his knees to await another command. It was a big mistake. It made his Mistress very angry. Lorena didn't mention it at the time because she expected him to remember their daily ritual.

When evening came, Lorena surprised Malcolm by telling him to sit in a chair. He was usually on all fours or on his knees, and wearing some kind of uniform depending on what she wanted from him. This time, he was naked. He was pleasantly surprised and thanked her as he bowed his head respectfully. However, the look in her eyes made him nervous.

Lorena took some strong rope and bound Malcolm’s wrists to the armrests of the chair. “You know you've been a bad boy today, right?” she said, tightening each knot.

Malcolm’s pulse raced. “I’m sorry, Mistress. Whatever I did wrong, please forgive me.”

“Whatever you did wrong?” Lorena laughed. “Oh, you're really asking for it today.”

She knelt down and tied his ankles to the chair legs. Just then, Malcolm remembered his sin. “Oh no!” he gasped. “I am so sorry, Mistress. I can explain!”

Lorena looked coldly into his eyes and leaned in to bite his bottom lip. Malcolm became instantly tense. His cock jumped at the taste of her mouth.

“Don't bother,” she said. “This is your punishment. You are not allowed to touch me tonight.”

“No! Please!” Malcolm begged. “Make me do it again so I can do it right. Please, Mistress!”

Lorena shook her head and placed her finger over Malcolm's lips to hush him up. Then, she left him there a while. Malcolm's chest heaved as he waited patiently for her to return. He scolded himself about forgetting. Her absence felt like hours. He struggled in the chair trying to get loose, but the knots were way too tight.

Lorena finally came back with a giant dildo in her hand, wearing nothing but a simple blue tank top that revealed her heavenly pussy below the hem. Malcolm’s mouth watered at the sight of her. She sat down on the bed right in front of him and caressed her pussy with the toy. She made sure Malcolm could see the tip slowly penetrate her. She wet her fingers and stroked her clit softly while gliding the tip of the cock around her slot.

When she was dripping wet, she spat on the suction cup at the base of the dildo and slammed it onto a transparent stool, so it stood straight up. The sound startled Malcolm, making his heart beat rapidly.

“I am going to make you cum without touching you,” she declared with a wicked grin.

Malcolm was already aching to touch his Mistress again, his cock rock hard as he watched her. The arousal and frustration were driving him crazy. He felt anxious too, not wanting to disappoint her.

Lorena began to whirl her tongue around the tip of the rubber cock. When it was wet and shiny she sucked it, keeping her eyes fixed on Malcolm. She gave it the most intense blowjob he’d ever witnessed. She stroked her breasts across the tip, making her nipples glide back and forth on it. She raised one foot and grazed her toes over the head of the cock. Malcolm felt his own cock twitch in sympathy.

Lorena spat on the dildo to make it even wetter, then straddled it and sank down slowly. Malcolm could see the thick shaft spreading her open. He felt insanely jealous of the dildo.

“Mistress, please untie me. I want to be the one to please you!” Malcolm begged.

“No,” Lorena replied coldly, riding up and down on the shaft slowly and deliberately. “You are going to cum when I tell you to. Not before, not after...but when I say.”

Malcolm bowed his head obediently. This was going to be a test of his willpower.

Lorena swiveled her hips and stroked the head of the dildo over her clit before sliding it back inside her pussy. Her bare feet were planted firmly on the floor. Her hands gripped the stool as she bounced up and down on the thick rubber cock. Malcolm's temperature was rising. His cock was engorged and throbbing, watching his Mistress fuck her toy. He wanted so badly to be the toy. He concentrated on the shaft as it slipped in and out of her pussy. He could already see trickles of juice running down the shaft. Malcolm wanted to touch himself so badly. He balled his fists beneath the ropes and bit his lip, eyes fixed on his Mistress.

Lorena stuffed the dildo deeper inside her cunt and rubbed her clit in vigorous circles. She was getting so turned on watching Malcolm struggle to keep his composure across the room. She could see his cock jumping over his abs, with drops of pre-cum beading at the tip.

“You’d better not cum yet,” she commanded.

“No, Mistress,” he replied breathlessly. “Not until you say.”

His face looked so helpless as he watched Lorena rock her hips faster. She turned her back as she continued to ride the dildo, making sure Malcolm had a perfect view of it sliding in and out from the back. She wet her finger again and rimmed her ass teasingly as she dipped her hips lower. She was so wet, the juice trickling down the shaft was starting to leak onto the stool. A small puddle was building underneath her as her hips danced around the dildo.

When she felt her orgasm approaching, Lorena took the dildo off the stool and lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide. She stroked her clit while ramming the dildo in and out of her cunt. The head hit just right. It was hammering at her G-spot over and over again. She was ready to explode. Malcolm felt deranged, watching his Mistress suffused with bliss. The head of his cock was turning reddish purple. He could feel semen rising in his balls. He had to close his eyes for a moment just to keep from cumming too soon. Lorena was already there.

“Okay, now cum for me!” she yelled as she fucked herself even harder. Malcolm groaned in ecstasy as he started to cum, jizz fountaining out of his cock and splattering his belly and chest. Lorena's pussy clenched tighter around the shaft and her hips rose off the bed as she reached the height of her climax with a moan of pure pleasure.

“Good boy,” she gasped. “Very good boy.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Malcolm replied, feeling the last drops seep from his cock.

When she’d come down from her orgasm, Lorena untied Malcolm. “My pussy is soaked and sticky again,” she declared. “Lick me clean.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Malcolm replied. He was overjoyed to be allowed to touch his Mistress once more. He dutifully dropped to his knees and licked up every trail of juice from Lorena's inner thighs. He was hoping his Mistress would make him eat her until she came again…


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Ouchstopit 2 years ago

I'm so glad I came here today! This story was glorious in that it was so voyeuristic, which has so much to do with our devotion to Sexart and Metart. Lorena was enjoying herself too; it was great how she was pleasuring herself while driving Malcolm over the edge. Thank you for mentioning her bare feet! That got me even more excited. I wish I had friends like you. Your word choice is interesting and satisfying: pussy, cum, jizz and semen. Have you thought of using the word "penis" along with the fan-favorite word "cock?" Just an idea for another time, since to me it adds another level of connection to what is denoted. Thanks for another story to fill my head with crazy, lusty thoughts! You're the best.


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years ago

Thanks, man! It's always a pleasure to read your comments. I'm glad you find my stories so entertaining. I never realized how much you pay attention to the words. That part you mentioned with Malcolm's "combustion"? Those are Rose's words. She said it way more graphically than I did...which I absolutely love! I am prone to just using cock. I find the word penis more of a medical term, but I am sure I can try to use it. Why not? 😉

Lorena is such a natural inspiration for me. This one in particular was such a joy to write because it's not her natural role in films. She is always so sweet and nice to her partners. I'm sure a lot of her fans don't want to lose that image of her.

I personally hope she does an actual Mistress role one day. I know she has it in her. I have seen her more dominant side in a few films on VT. Afterhours with Misha Cross was mindblowing! She really took over on that one. She got all red and angry, which is so fun to watch!


Rose 2 years ago

Graphic... guilty! This is interesting... personally, I have never used the words 'penis' or 'vagina,' they do sound so clinical. But I guess that could also be a turn on in the right context :-)


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years ago

I agree...and must admit I can't take the word vagina seriously in an erotic story... I like the word cunt. It's direct and dirty. In more romantic context, there are many open varieties of purple prose that work better than vagina.


Rose 2 years ago

Very kinky story, Kat – I love it!


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years ago

Thanks, Rose! I love this, too! And ... I bet our Spanish Sweetheart has a little naughty Mistress in her. I saw a spark of it in After Hours😉


Mimi17 2 years ago

Oh Lorena in After Hours..heavenly!


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years ago

Yes!!! The one with Misha especially... Superb! 👌🏼

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    beetle 6 hours ago

    Cherry Kiss, my absolute favorite in SexArt, the best girl of all.
    And today appetizing and sexy as rare.
    The face - beautiful, pure and natural - to kiss
    The breasts - beautifully shaped, firm and round - to touch and massage with my hands.
    The nipples - dark and stiff - to take them in my mouth and suck them out.
    The pussy and the wrinkled labia - awesome. The pussy has a horny pink hue, which is even white inside. This pussy is the best, most beautiful and erotic I know. And Cherry opens it to me today so inviting. Please, my darling, let her eat me out.
    The anus - small, round and smooth - my tongue wants to drill into it.
    The feet - natural, tender, silky and perfectly shaped - for licking and worshiping.
    Cherry, you are the best of all.

    on Slerr

    beetle 6 hours ago

    A happy and sexy foursome, really strong.

    on Free House Episode 4 - Unexpected Visit

    loosebruce 7 hours ago

    I share your sentiments.

    on Slerr

    Rose 12 hours ago

    A superb finale for this series – four hot people having a really, really good time! Tera and Linda are both gorgeous... and insatiable! :-)

    on Free House Episode 4 - Unexpected Visit

    Starfire 1 day ago

    Awesome gallery 10 +.

    on Slerr

    Wolfie 1 day ago

    Whatever your reason for keeping Melissa nearly fully-clothed throughout the video, it was a piss-poor decision.

    on Behind The Wall

    Corona 1 day ago

    Sexy bikini set! When I was a younger man, I had girls seduce ME in the pool office but of course I was only too willing!

    on Slerr

    Rose 1 day ago

    One of my favorite girls at the moment, such a stunning face, super sexy :-)

    on Slerr

    Raphael1520 2 days ago

    Awesome!! I love a woman with curves.

    on Connie Carter

    Kat_Vaughn 2 days agoContributing Writer

    Emylia, your modesty kills me! I certainly hope you were just joking. You do belong at the top tier of greatest erotic performers on SexArt, and even among the entire industry. That's great that you also have production experience. Your performance conveys that you have great vision and talent for this type of artistic format. You have an eye for romance and seduction, that special moment between people when you forget it's a film. You have that natural beauty and ability like no other to blur the lines between fantasy and reality for your inevitable breathless viewer. It's always a pleasure to see you on film. I wish you longevity in this business and unending success. Cheers! 🥂

    on Busty erotic star Emylia Argan tells all to SexArt