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Timeless: a tale of erotic romance

Erotic fiction inspired by “Romance” starring Anna Rose and Lucy Li

I am the first to wake. Fresh memories of our lovemaking fill me with desire. She's fast asleep. I lean close to her and watch her silently. Her face looks so elegant, pressed against the sheets. Her hands flutter delicately. I lean closer and kiss her face softly. Her eyebrows rise at my touch. The scent of her neck arouses me, still mingled with my perfume and the lingering hint of last night's passion. Her silky hair gently brushes my cheek.

Her deep sigh tells me she’s awake, but reluctant to cast off the clinging cloak of her dreams. I lean closer still and kiss her lips. I run my fingers over the curve of her shoulders, the softest touch possible. I kiss her skin as she breathes deeper. She shifts toward me, her eyes parting just enough to see my face. She smiles.

I press my lips against hers and unravel the covers. She is bare beneath the sheets. My hands wander. Her lips part as I circle my hand over her hips. The tickling of my nails makes her muscles flutter. She takes my hand, entwining our fingers and pulling me closer. We kiss, so gentle but so eager. I taste her lips as if it's been years since they met mine. My heart pounds as she turns her body to face me, her eyes still barely open. My hands stroke lower to her thighs as she spreads them apart. I lick my lips in anticipation.

She takes me in her arms, making me roll on top of her. I squeeze my arms beneath her back as it arches closer. I hear her whisper, “I want you.”

I hide beneath the covers and position myself between her legs. She spreads them wider and pushes my head down. Her hands grasp a handful of my hair, holding my head in place. She thrusts her hips up to my face, meeting my lips with her pussy. The sweet taste of her makes my mouth water.

I suck her pussy as she dances beneath the sheets. I stick my tongue inside her as she waves her hips sharply. She grabs my hair tighter as her thighs tremble around my cheeks, her entire pussy fixed in my mouth. I suck on it, tease it, caress it with my lips. She moans as she draws closer. I move my tongue faster as she thrusts her hips more vigorously. I can't wait to feel her come. I suck her clit in small circles just the way she likes it, my mouth getting wetter with each turn. Finally she grips my face and bucks her hips up and down. I hold my position until I feel her explode in my mouth. Each pulse she lets out rumbles over my lips.

She shifts back suddenly, her pussy now overly sensitive. I don't ever let go until she pushes me away. Her hand swiftly covers her pussy, commanding me to stop. I smile over her flesh and kiss her hand.

She pulls me up and kisses me deeply. It's like my special treat for a job well done. I feel her fingers linger between my legs. She is now fully awake, her beautiful eyes fixed on mine. She lifts me up over her face, my forehead pressed against the headboard. I hang on to the edges as I feel her lips surround my pussy. Her tongue tips over my clit as she sucks me from underneath. My hips hold steady as she tastes me deeper. I can't bring myself to grind on her beautiful face, but hold still as she works. Each whirl of her tongue makes me convulse. The tip of her finger enters my ass. Her other arm is wrapped tightly around my thigh.

The gentle suction of her mouth forces me closer to explosion. I clench my thighs tighter. My knees buckle around her face as she tastes me deeper. She thrusts her tongue inside me and inserts a second finger in my ass. I try to move, but she is in control. She slides her tongue back and forth as I shake uncontrollably. I dip my hips down lower as her lips follow. I grip the wood, my knuckles white and aching. My face scrapes the headboard as she moves me up and down, the warmth of her mouth penetrating my flesh. I moan loudly as my pussy pours into climax, the pitch of my voice breaking. I lose control and shake over her face.

She pulls me down slowly, careful not to let me fall. We are face to face again as I press my body against hers and kiss her softly. I can taste myself on her lips, my sweet sticky marks left around her chin. I lick them off as she bites her lip lustfully. She runs her hands over my back as I rest my head on her chest. I am so content, so happy to be in her arms. She breathes blissfully. I can feel her lips curve to a smile. She holds me close and falls back to sleep. I sink closer to slumber with each breath, my eyelids now too heavy to flutter. I surrender to my fatigue and dare not move. My only thoughts before drifting back to sleep are to conjure more ways to keep us longer in bed. Time is of no consequence, and holds us still as the world waits.


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Ouchstopit 2 years ago

I loved this story! I've got to come here more often; this story was even more explicit than usual and was well worth the wait. Earlier, I was going to suggest you write something about you (or a female character you're speaking through) with a guy, but these lesbian stories are too fun to pass up. It is just so fulfilling reading something like this to accompany the images and films. Just wonderful. Maybe, some time in the future, you could write about a lesbian who is curious about guys. Maybe there is one friend of hers, a fellow artist perhaps. It could even be a fantasy within a fantasy. It might be fun to here you say something about penises. Anyway, please keep writing!


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thank you Hun! I am glad they entertain you. This story was arousing to write and even more arousing to read. It helps that the models are absolute knockouts; Anna Rose with her goddess-like form and Lucy with those voluptuous breasts you just want to drown in.

I like the ideas you suggested. It reminds me of Chasing Amy. I have always wondered what the erotica version of that movie would look like. I can definitely find inspiration. There are some incredible b/g films on SexArt. I agree with Rose also. You need to check out MyErotica. My personal b/g faves are "Blowjobs turn me on like crazy" and "Submissive Kitten's Spa Day". OH and "I don't care what your name your cock hard" So freakin HOT! 🔥🔥

2 years ago

Great comment, Ouchstopit! You can find some great boy-girl fiction here on the blog and also at - check it out :-)


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thank you so much for publishing this today, Rose! Your editing is beautiful. The film inspiration, Romance is one of my favorites. It's one of those films that has no clear beginning or end to the lovers' rendezvous. I love scenes like this. I was very much inspired to write this story from a personal point of view. I hope you all enjoy it. 😘


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

It's very well done, Kat. I particularly appreciate the little details that add verisimilitude ~ particularly where she smells her lover's warm neck... (: That brought back some very heavenly memories for me. (:


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thank you my friend! The same goes for me. This is a once in a lifetime type of romance when time literally stands still. Kind of makes me want to reconnect with a long lost friend... or two. 😉

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    Itsthewildcat 2 hours ago

    What a cute little hottie! love that when she spreads her pink pussy 😝

    on Ajnia

    beetle 6 hours ago

    A sexual tidbit.

    on Ajnia

    Denisa 7 hours ago

    What a cutie!

    on Ajnia

    tigerwoods 18 hours ago

    a bad film......

    on Slow Tease

    Doggleboon 19 hours ago

    Finally, a movie where she finishes him off with her mouth, not her hand, and he comes in her mouth, not on her face. I'm sick of seeing bow jobs finished as hand jobs and coming on her face.

    on Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded

    Lovelez 23 hours ago

    She does it all for me. Sexiness and Beautiful too. She can be seduced and seductive. What more could you ask of a woman. I also love her taste in women. She has been seen with the best.

    on Aneca

    Senor667 24 hours ago

    Totally getting into Nika actually. I wasn't expecting this from her first sets at the beginning. She's becoming more and more attractive for me over time. What an inviting pic #35 is ... I'd love to feel and fill her completely.

    on Aneca

    glocker94 1 day ago

    Excellent!!! Good to see he came in her mouth

    on Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded

    LeHombre 1 day ago

    Overall very good, sensual and well done. The drapes goa bit much though. I love Lana's clit, I could have a lot of fun with that.

    on Transparency

    beetle 1 day ago

    Nika, godness. Sweet of the sweetest, sexy of the sexiest and seductive of the seductively woman. One of my alltime beauties.

    on Aneca