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Fucking the new neighbor

Erotic fiction inspired by Malena Morgan in “Vacillant

Rachel was relaxing in the kitchen, halfway through her first cup of coffee. She stepped outside for a smoke and noticed a van pull up in the driveway next door. The large, ramshackle house had been empty for years. Rachel lived in a quiet, gated community deep in the countryside that consisted mostly of families and retirees, so she was mildly surprised to see a young woman step out of the truck.

Rachel puffed incessantly as her new neighbor smiled and waved a greeting. She had long, lustrous, brown hair. A sudden gust of wind picked it up and waved it around her angelic face. Rachel smiled back calmly, but deep inside she was stirring with animal lust. She stubbed out her cigarette and stepped back inside after one more wistful look at the girl.

The movers carried the girl’s belongings inside swiftly, while she unpacked a load of exotic plants and flowers, finishing the job by placing a picnic table in her backyard; and then the movers were gone, the truck disappearing down the street. From her kitchen window, Rachel had the perfect view of her neighbor. She had changed into another outfit that was more suitable for a warm summer’s day. Of all the things she could have worn, the sexy babe had slipped on a translucent white tank top that showed her tantalizing perky breasts. Rachel could plainly see her nipples through the sheer cloth, hard as bullets.

Rachel found an excuse to stay at the window, washing dishes that had already been cleaned once. She kept her eyes on her neighbor at all times. The water trickled over the plates as Rachel felt herself moistening inside her panties. Her neighbor looked up as she finished arranging her plants, their eyes locking; then she gave Rachel a dazzling smile.

To Rachel’s utter astonishment and delight, the girl took off her shorts and sat up on the picnic table. She made sure to face Rachel head on as she spread her legs wide, tugging her turquoise panties aside to reveal her beautiful pussy. The girl was posing just for Rachel. She lay back on the table and let her radiant hair tumble over the edge. Rachel could barely contain herself as she watched her neighbor slide her tank top up over her chest. She played with her pert breasts, teasing the nipples. Then she pointed a finger at Rachel, before curling it seductively, inviting her to come over.

Rachel swallowed hard and wiped her hands on her shirt. Eagerly, she stepped out of her house and through her neighbor's gate. The girl was still on the table, lying back comfortably, her legs spread wide. Rachel stepped closer. At first, she simply stood beside her, marveling at her flawless skin. She licked her lips and ran the back of her hand between the girl’s breasts and over her stomach.

The girl sat up and pulled Rachel close. She wrapped her legs around Rachel's waist and smoothed her hands down Rachel’s arms. Rachel leaned in, hovering her lips inches from the seductive brunette. She moved closer for a kiss, but the girl shied away. She smiled teasingly at Rachel and wrapped her hand lightly around her neck, keeping her at bay.

With her free hand, the girl reached under Rachel's shirt. Rachel leaned close, pushing against the girl’s fingers. Closer still, so that their breasts pressed together. She stole a deep kiss. Her pelvis ground against the girl’s pussy, so warm and wet. The girl's legs wrapped tighter around Rachel's waist, and she grabbed her face to kiss her deeper.

Rachel was overwhelmed with sensation. The aroma of exotic flowers filled the air as the summer breeze cooled their bodies. Her thighs moistened as she ground her hips harder. The girl reached inside Rachel's soft cotton leggings and cupped her mound. She played with Rachel's clit agonizingly slowly, and then slid her fingers into her soaked pussy. Rachel was hoping the girl would thrust her fingers, but she just held them still, forcing Rachel to rock her hips up and down on her hand.

Rachel grew more breathless with each dip. She pressed her pelvis over the girl's palm as juice dripped around the top of her thighs. She was so close! Then, all of a sudden the girl pulled her hand out of Rachel's pants. She pushed her slick fingers into Rachel's mouth, making her taste herself. Rachel lapped up her own juices and nibbled the girl’s fingers.

The girl peeled off her damp panties and pulled Rachel down onto the table, straddling her in a 69 position. She hovered her pussy over Rachel’s mouth, teasing as Rachel tried to lick her, then finally dipping down to let Rachel get a proper taste. She flipped her long hair over one shoulder and leaned in to kiss Rachel's lust-swollen pussy softly. She rested the back of her tongue over Rachel's clit and shook her head from side to side.

Rachel moaned helplessly, her own tongue whirling around her neighbor's clit. The girl shook her head faster. Rachel could feel her soft mouth sliding like a pendulum over her pussy. Rachel licked faster as the girl stopped right in the middle, perfectly positioned over Rachel's clit, and sucked as hard as she could on it. Rachel spread her legs wider, her stomach clenching with each sensation, then let out a powerful orgasm across the girl's hungry mouth. Her neighbor moaned louder as Rachel licked her faster, gripping her hips tightly. The girl’s thighs trembled around Rachel's face as she came too.

Suddenly, they heard the rumble of motors coming up the driveway. More cars and trucks followed. Rachel saw a group of girls coming through the gate, her neighbor's pussy still hovering over her face. Some were wearing Greek-lettered tank tops. Her neighbor called out a greeting. The girls didn’t seem at all surprised by what they saw, but introduced themselves to Rachel warmly. It turned out they were a group of sorority sisters who had rented the house, and they liked the look of their new neighbor. Rachel stayed for the house-warming party and didn't go home until the next afternoon.

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Members Comments (9)


Ouchstopit 1 year ago

I'm so sorry I haven't read this yet! Nothing I've done in the meantime has been as exciting as this story; it was arousing from the start. I've always loved the idea of women who are stimulated visually, since people used to always say that women simply aren't aroused by visual stimuli. Stereotypes are fun to destroy. The sexual contact was wonderfully written, and I loved how it started with caressing, and how the girl reaches adventurously to Rachel's pleasure zones. I loved when she made Rachel taste herself on her fingers! The sex was passionate and the ending was joyous! I can only imagine what fun they could all have together. Maybe the new girls will encourage the other less adventurous women in the neighborhood to have sex with with each other.


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year ago

I'm sorry too! I just saw your comment tonight from a few days ago. I appreciate your words and always look forward to your thoughts. I don't think I've ever heard that stereotype. It certainly isn't true. Women are just as much aroused by visuals as men are.

I'm glad you liked the story. It was somewhat of a reality from my very first time on my own. Except it was an apartment window and not a suburban neighborhood. There was a sorority that moved into a house across the street from my building and I hooked up with my neighbor. She was a newbie doing a pledge dare and chose me as her "victim". I didn't mind one bit. I thought it was hilarious...and I believe I even got a free T-shirt out of it. Fun times! ;)


Eva.J 1 year ago

Very xexy story. The part that she exposed her for Rachel was sooo hot.


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year ago

I was hoping you would like this, Eva. Thank you! I love this set by Malena Morgan too. She was the perfect model for this story. I checked out a few of her films and this also matches her sexual style! Sooo HOT!!! 💋


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Nice little twist at the end, Kat, I do hope the tale of that evening with the sorority sisters is forthcoming... :D


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year ago

I'm glad you like it, fer_realz :) I can't stop laughing seeing this. It affirms my personal ideology... Every single one of our lives is a porno waiting to happen. :)


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Oh man, Kat, you are so incredible! I love that philosophy! :D


Rose 1 year ago

Very hot story, Kat... I hope it's something that really happened. You describe it so beautifully I can picture it :-)


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year ago

Thank you so much, Rose! It always makes my day brighter to see my stories online. As far as the context goes... I plead the 5th! lol Rachel did it. It was all her idea. ;)