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The Exchange: a tale of dark lust

Erotic fiction inspired by “Vintage Collection: Photographer II” starring Antonia Sainz and Meggie Marika

Antonia was a forensic photographer in a growing industrial city. It was winter of 1923; the glowing spark of the Golden Age era. It was unusual for a woman to work in that field at the time, but Antonia was the best at what she did. The crime rate was particularly high and the law enforcement agencies were overstretched. Nonetheless, every case she was assigned was handled with care and helped bring suspects to justice. Photographing the dead was no easy task. Few people had the stomach for it. This earned Antonia respect among the detectives in her district.

One evening, she got an assignment for a peculiar murder investigation. The deceased's wife was the main suspect. Everyone in town had heard of Madame Marika. She was the powerful daughter of a late mob boss who had a notorious appetite for sex and violence. She had been married four times. The slightest indiscretions from her previous lovers had resulted in death or disappearance. The people of the city had nicknamed her ‘the Black Widow.’ Rumor had it that her current husband had been cheating on her with just about every barmaid in the city. It was no great surprise when his body turned up floating in the river with holes in his chest the size of cup holders. But this time, she had left a trail that the police could finally use to put her behind bars. Her signature Besame Red lipstick was imprinted on her husband's lips. The lipstick was waterproof and very hard to wipe off. She was the only woman in town who wore it.

Antonia took pictures of the body and kept the film with her. It was an open and shut case, so she intended to get the pictures developed and send the prints to her team in the morning. Madame Marika's arrest warrant was already being written. She would be in jail by the time the body reached downtown.

Antonia decided to head home and relax for the rest of the evening. Little did she know, she had an unexpected visitor who had already made herself comfortable. It was Madame Marika. She was smoking the cigarettes Antonia kept in her bedside drawer. She was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed seductively, toying with the pearls dangling from her neck.

“Make yourself at home,” Antonia said sarcastically.

“Call me Meggie,” the elegant woman replied, tapping her foot. “I think we will be on familiar terms after tonight.”

“Is that right?” Antonia smiled. “What are you doing here, Meggie?”

Meggie stood up and walked boldly towards Antonia, taking long drags from her cigarette. “I think we both know the answer to that. I don't have much time. I’m here to offer you a deal… I believe you have some photographs of my dear departed husband. I need you to give them to me. I am willing to pay you handsomely for them.”

“You know I can't do that,” Antonia said. “I will not.”

“Yes, you will!” Meggie replied arrogantly.

The look in Meggie's eyes was starting to make Antonia uncomfortable. She had a strong, scary presence. Something urged her to go along with the deal. Meggie was a dangerous woman. It might cost Antonia her life if she didn't cooperate. And underneath it all, she found Meggie fascinating and incredibly attractive.

“Okay, we have a deal,” Antonia agreed. “On one condition...” Meggie raised a questioning eyebrow.  “I get to take pictures of you instead,” Antonia smiled. “Fair trade.”

Meggie reached for Antonia's camera and placed it in her hand, acknowledging their agreement. She took one last puff on her cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke in Antonia's face as she walked around her. Sitting back down on the bed, she began to unfasten her top. Antonia put a fresh roll of film in her camera and looked through the viewfinder as Meggie bared her breasts, her pearls dangling around her erect nipples. Antonia was instantly aroused. She unbuttoned her jacket, feeling heated. Meggie stretched out and hiked up her skirt, revealing the tops of her stockings. Antonia bit her lip as she saw that Meggie wasn't wearing panties. She leaned in closer to take pictures of her pussy.

Meggie crawled closer to Antonia, who set her camera aside as they gazed into each other's eyes. The atmosphere was charged with intense fear, lust, excitement and surrender. Slowly but surely, their lips met in a kiss. That one kiss made Antonia's skin tingle all over. The taste of a woman's lips was unfamiliar to her. She wanted to explore. She pressed her lips harder, smearing Meggie's lipstick. The same lipstick that was now evidence against her. The bittersweet combination of smoke and perfume ignited her senses as Meggie straddled her thighs. Meggie undid Antonia's blouse, stroked the back of her nails over her skin, and squeezed her luscious breasts. Antonia could barely breathe, feeling Meggie kiss them softly.

Meggie dragged her pearls slowly down Antonia's body. She unfastened Antonia’s pants and slid them off, leaving her shoes on and trailing the spike heels across her own breasts. Antonia was so aroused by the sight. She wrapped her legs around Meggie’s back, and Meggie leaned in to taste her pussy. She slid her tongue up and down Antonia's slot and suctioned her lips around her clit. Her lipstick smeared all over Antonia's flesh.

Antonia’s thighs began to quiver as Meggie sucked harder. She gripped the sheets as she edged closer to climax. Her moans echoed around the room. Suddenly, her pussy throbbed out of control, pressed tightly over Meggie's mouth. It was a sensation she had never felt before. Her body was so tight, her muscles clenched with each surge of pleasure. Meggie didn't let go until Antonia pushed her off. Her pussy was instantly sensitive.

Antonia moved behind Meggie, kissing her neck as she pressed her breasts against her back. She reached around to slide her fingers into Meggie’s wet pussy. Meggie leaned back to catch Antonia's lips in a kiss as her fingers went deeper, her pearls dancing. Antonia felt Meggie's hot walls tremble. She slid her fingers in and out faster, until Meggie’s pussy quivered in climax. Meggie held on to the back of Antonia's head, riding each thrust. When the tremors began to die away she took Antonia's fingers in her mouth, tasting her own sweet juices. Antonia kissed her softly, savoring the flavor.

Meggie got dressed in front of the mirror, reapplied her favorite lipstick and smoothed her hair. Antonia took the film from Meggie's file and handed to her as she kissed her one last time.

“That color suits you,” Antonia smiled.

“Thank you,” Meggie replied. “It looks good on you as well. Thank you for these. There is a briefcase under your bed. I'm sure you will find the sum sufficient.” She blew Antonia a kiss goodbye as she walked out the door.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


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harryben 2 years ago

This was an amazing film, and exactly captured the erotic atmosphere of 1930's/40's behind-closed-doors queer culture. It deserves a series of films.


Renegade 2 years ago

For the record I would love to see a story driven 20s-30s femme fatale themed movie here. Something similar visually to Vintage Collection, but a little more character and story driven.

Kat you made a wonderful story here and I loved it! I've always had a fascination with detective noir stories and femme fatales.


Ouchstopit 2 years ago

Kat, I adore you! I only now had a chance to read this, and I can't wait for more. I loved, "the taste of a woman's lips was unfamiliar to her..." Films where a woman is making love to another woman for the first time with a look of surprise and a little confusion are so amazing. They cannot believe they are doing it, and they cannot believe they are enjoying it so much. The idea of being photographed by a beautiful and powerful women was nicely complimented by the act of making love to her, being doubly arousing and also shocking. I so loved it at the end when Meggie tasted herself on the fingers of Antonia! I've always believed that women enjoying their own scent and flavor are part of human evolution, which I shouldn't go into now. Lesbian romance probably seemed even more risqué and enticing in years past, but erotic noir like this takes us back to that time, allowing us to feel the irresistible forbidden passion.
I imagine Antonia will meet Meggie again, probably at a pet shop. Meggie would have been walking around all day, shopping for gifts for her family who live in the next state over. Antonia would offer to carry her newly purchased (insert bird name here) back to Meggie's apartment, where they would put on a record. Antonia, feeling a little guilty for taking the upper hand the other night, took off Meggie's strappy sandals, and proceeded to rub the tired, beautiful feet with loving passion. Meggie, floating now on a wave of heavenly pleasure, had no idea she could also have attraction to women's feet, after gazing down at Antonia, who also bared her gorgeous pedicured feet. Looking down, she also noticed Antonia wasn't wearing a bra...


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Awww you are so sweet! Thank you! I must admit I am especially proud of this story because of the time frame. I can definitely see Lupin's appreciation for that era. Every detail of the film and even the camera they used as a prop was perfect. I can only imagine how taboo it was for 2 women to engage in such acts at that time. I'm sure it was forbidden, making it even more enticing to relive. It was more appropriate for Antonia to have a 1st time experience for this story. There needed to be fear and excitement boiling over, on top of Meggie's dangerous reputation.

That's a pretty interesting scenario for a sequel, too. I would have never thought of that. I love the fact you appreciate women's feet so much! It's so easily overlooked. More guys should pay attention to it. There is a whole new world in the sensation.

By the way, I haven't forgotten your request. I am still not giving any hints lol but I am going to see first if Rose approves it...since she is the gatekeeper/editor/Boss. It needs her magic touch before it's ready. 😉


Ouchstopit 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply! I'm sorry if I ruined the energy of your story with my happy romantic sequel. Upon reading it a second time, I felt the fear and tension that accompanies Mafia crime dramas, which led nicely into forbidden passion.
The thing is, this type of entertainment (Metart, Sexart) is an escape from a cruel world of untamed brutal reality. Horrible things are happening constantly around us, and when I come to a story such as this, I focused on the erotic attraction of the two characters. Not just two people attracted to each other, but I see two people who are not killing or hurting each other. This is to be commended. So, my attempt at a sequel didn't include the memory of the crime committed, because I foolishly ignored it. I must have been thinking about Hitchcock's film "The Birds," instead of "Goodfellas."
But, since I do like Horror and Mafia films, I appreciated your story after understanding it better after a second reading. There needs to be tension in any story, otherwise it falls flat. You drew enormous inspiration from that photograph, and entertained us entirely. The pearls in the photo really get to me now, and of course, the camera.


Eva.J 2 years ago

Very nice story. And hot too.


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thank you! 😘 I just read your story on MetArt too. I loved it! So did you and your gf call that woman yet? I am dying to know...


Eva.J 2 years ago

Hi Kat
I have done. She was crazy. But I like it.
Maybe the story , will be publish.


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Very imaginative as well as hot! Good job, Kat!


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

I am so glad you think so! I really went off the deep end with this story. To be honest, I was very close to discarding it since it was very far off context from the film. It's gotten a lot of likes on Twitter. Antonia herself retweeted it last night. I thought I was going to faint. You should really give Twitter a try fer-realz. A lot of the models are up all the time lol


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Ha ha! I'm laughing because I'm thinking I'll probably try out twitter once I finally get me a smartphone.... LOL I felt like I was putting a foot into the 21st C. by finally getting on FB, and then they come up with twitter! :D Ain't that the way the world works?

I'm glad you didn't discard this story ~ even though it is far from the film, sometimes a muse is like that, right? You might start out in Reno and end up in Timbuktu, you've got to follow the story.... (:


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Come on! If Tracy Lindsay can be talked into giving Twitter a try, so can you. (I said that as an extra incentive). ;)

And yes I am glad I didn't. This one of the few stories I've written that had absolutely nothing to do with me. It just came out and I have no idea where it came from. It's the same thing that happened with The Other Woman story I wrote on VT. I was looking at the photo set and saw something more in the slides...something deeper.


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Nice, very nice...

Back in the days when I used to perpetrate poetry (LOL) my very best ones, I would look at later (or I might look at right now for that matter) and wonder to myself, "Where DID that come from?" (: I consider that to be genuine writing, when you can totally let go of your preconceptions, expectations and inhibitions and just let your muse speak through you.... (:


mimi 2 years ago

Love this story Kat. What an original idea. Sexy and 'Meggie' :)


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thanks Mimi! That's all I could think of when I saw this: Roaring 20's, Mobsters with tommy guns, and hot women in pearls and red lipstick. Antonia was sooo sexy in that blazer and tie. I love her hair like that... 💋


Rose 2 years ago

Great story Kat! I love the "Vintage Collection" – Andrej Lupin told me it's actually his favorite thing to shoot, and you can see the love the whole team puts into it – and this brings a very hot new element to this particular movie.


Kat_Vaughn1 2 years agoContributing Writer

Thank you so much, Rose! I was so excited while writing this. My mind went beyond borders. I probably went overboard with those run-on sentences lol Your editing is phenomenal! The Vintage Collection is so beautiful and unique. This one in particular was a story within a story. I couldn't help myself... :)

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    buscher 7 hours ago

    Thank you Ladies. The Best

    on Show Yourself

    Sparky 7 hours ago

    Well summed up Rose. This is SexArt Girl-Girl action at its best! Hope there is a lot more to come down the road.

    on Show Yourself

    Rose 15 hours ago

    This has everything I love in a SexArt movie... two gorgeous girls in sexy lingerie, going after their own pleasure and each other's without holding back! Katy in particular is sensational, she has really high energy and gives you the impression she's an absolute blast in bed :-)

    on Show Yourself

    Bushsmacker 19 hours ago

    More of this young woman please!

    on Adel C

    Hipshot13XX 1 day ago

    Lilit is so damn cute but the recent change back to her more natural hair color really raised the bar beyond reach. Her dark labia with the super pink interior drives my hot gauge clear off the charts! I lust to taste her sweet wine. Few models have this effect on me but I sure love the feeling!

    on Lilit A

    Johnny61 1 day ago

    Simply beautiful.

    on Highlight

    Starfire 1 day ago

    Incredible film.

    on Rebound

    Buddy 1 day ago

    The oil lighting makes this so very very sexy !! Katy is do tiny and I love her small body and small breasts the are so perky !! She is so sexy and she is so sensitive in her clit the way she enjoys rubbing it on his leg and especially on his hard cock makes it so so sexy !! Then her sigh when she sticks his hard cock into herself WOW , Clearly one of the best videos ever !! It is a dissapointment that he doesn't cum in her either in her pussy or her mouth .. He has beautiful Cock and cum if I were the girl I would want to feel the hot jism cum into me !!

    on Lubricous

    Rose 2 days ago

    Love those gorgeous flame-red curls!

    on Yenniz

    Photo Shoot 2 days ago

    A very gorgeous lady1

    on Alluring