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The Maestro's Hands

Erotic fiction inspired by Aria Logan and Matt Ice in “The Pianist

It's been said that musicians make the best lovers. Maybe it’s the way they concentrate, not only on each note but how that note is played. Where to place their hands on their instrument. How hard or soft to press and for how long. These were just a few of the thoughts streaming through Aria's mind as she watched her handsome professor perform. Matt was a beloved orchestra instructor at the university. He had just delivered the performance of a lifetime in front of his colleagues and students; a thrilling piano concerto he had composed himself. His star pupil, Aria, couldn't take her eyes off the figure on stage. She had been secretly crushing on him ever since she started school; at least she hoped she had been discreet. She’d never had the chance to tell Matt how she felt. She had just graduated, so she told herself that tonight would be the night to convey her feelings.

After the concert, Aria offered to carry Matt’s briefcase of sheet music to his car and invited herself home with him. She said she wanted to talk to him about a recommendation to a private chorus in the city, a place where her singing talent could blend in with a more diverse group. Matt had a feeling that wasn't the only reason Aria wanted to be alone with him. As they drove to his place he began to grow uneasy, feeling her eyes on him in such a seductive way. He had always been so professional. Although he found her attractive, he still thought of her as his student. He reminded himself that was no longer the case. For a while they talked about music. Even with the cordial tone, Aria's eyes and body language spoke to Matt in other ways. He was acutely aware of the way his cock jumped in his pants each time he looked at her. He hid it by adjusting in his seat so she wouldn't notice. The tension between them was heavy by the time they got to his house.

They walked to the door. Matt let Aria in first and tried his best not to look at her rear as she walked past. Aria sat on the couch beside the piano and crossed her legs. Matt loosened his tie, walked to his piano, and sat down. He began to play another song. It was different from the exacting concerto he had played earlier. The tune had a haunting melody. It was almost as if Matt was speaking to Aria with the piano because he couldn't find the words to express himself. Aria inched closer and watched him play. She stared libidinously at his beautiful hands, how they stroked and lifted so precisely over the keys. She imagined how his hands would feel on her. Matt could feel her deep focus on him, but didn't falter. He kept his face forward and pressed each chord with precision.

Aria moved to stand behind Matt and smoothed her hands over the shoulders of his tux. He shut his eyes and savored the sensation. He was instantly aroused feeling her breath by his ear and her soft lips on the side of his neck. Aria leaned over and started to press down on the higher keys. The harmonious additions flowed beautifully with his composition. The gentle tickling of her hair on his cheek made the blood race to his face. He played the final notes in a slow diminuendo and gave in to his lust as Aria leaned in to kiss his lips.

Matt turned to face her and ran his hands up her thighs. He was still hesitant, but his confidence gradually ascended at the sight of her beautiful form. Aria sat down on Matt's lap as they kissed with growing passion. She could feel his cock swell beneath her bottom as she moved her hips to stimulate it. His rugged face brushed against her cheek. Matt slid his hands between Aria's thighs and stroked his fingers over her satin panties. Her wetness seeped through the cloth as he kissed down her neck.

Aria was becoming intensely aroused. She unbuttoned Matt’s tux and stripped it off him. She stood and turned around, inviting Matt to unzip her dress. It was like unwrapping a delectable piece of candy he couldn't wait to devour. He ran his lips over Aria's back as her dress dropped to the floor. She turned around to straddle his lap as his hands encircled her waist. Their lips collided with growing anticipation. Matt stood up, still carrying Aria and kissing her neck. The scent of her perfume and the sweet taste of her skin escalated his passion. He perched her on the back of the couch, running his hands up to her breasts. Aria took Matt's hand and kissed his fingertips, then began sucking them to a sensual rhythm. Matt's cock pulsed as he imagined her lips sucking elsewhere.

Aria unzipped Matt’s pants and pulled out his cock, then ran her tongue around the tip. Matt inched closer and started to dip in and out of her mouth, letting her teeth gently graze his shaft. He reached down to play with her pussy, massaging until he could feel her wetness moisten his fingers.

Matt pulled away from Aria's face and straddled the back of the couch so Aria's legs could wrap around him. He slid smoothly inside her. A rush of wet heat soaked around his phallus with each stroke. Aria swiveled her hips as Matt thrust into her. He could feel her getting tighter. He circled her clit with his thumb. Aria couldn't hold it in any longer. She was ready to come all over him. She gripped the couch tightly as she exploded all over his cock. Her climax felt like an internal detonation. She shook and twisted her body with her ankles tightly crossed around Matt's waist, taking in each sweet thrust.

Matt turned Aria over onto her stomach. He spread her legs wide and thrust back in, hitting her G-spot at the perfect angle. She felt the tremors of another orgasm as Matt fucked her faster and faster. He leaned forward and pressed his face against Aria's neck as he shot his hot load inside her. The last exquisite thrusts made her recall the finesse with which Matt ended his composition.

Matt kissed Aria's neck gently and turned her over again so he could look in her eyes. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately, lost in the moment of post-coital bliss. After years of silent attraction, they had finally made beautiful music together.

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to We don't promise to post it in full, but we will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


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mimi 1 year ago

I'm a drummer and piano player so am ambidextrous. I'm good with my hands and rhythm. Hmm...that sounds a little naughty but it's true! Great story Kat. I love playing the piano. Such a beautiful instrument.


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year agoContributing Writer

That's really cool, Mimi! That doesn't sound any naughtier than a few other things I've read from you. ;) I do as well. The piano and violin are my babies. I just learned guitar a few yrs ago as well. Hey! Maybe wee should start a band! LOL


Ouchstopit 1 year ago

This was fun! Girl/guy sets are good when the girl really looks like she is enjoying herself, and erotic stories written by females are a million times more erotic than ones written by the other gender (to me). Do you take requests? I'd understand if you do not. I would love to read a story about a female painter, one who enjoys studying anatomy, and who loves her models.

That was an excellent touch, having the lady climax before the guy! The trouble with me is that I would stop whenever she'd shout my name.


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year agoContributing Writer

Thank you! I am glad you enjoy reading my stuff. I love what I do. Writing is very therapeutic for me. I must say, there are quite a few talented male writers on here and the sister sites. I love the pieces from Lex and Renegade. It's nice to have guys' perspectives on sex. It's a nice balance. I like reading the blog stories and looking at the inspirations after. This film was especially inspiring. Aria looked fabulous in that white dress. I also loved how gentle Matt was with her. Their chemistry was amazing!

I have never taken requests before, but i am more than willing to try and do justice to your idea. That sounds like a hot story. I think I saw something similar minus the anatomy interest. There are a few painter films with Elle Alexandra and Malena Morgan. I will have to look through the archives to know for sure. If I did, I think they would make they perfect candidates for the photos. How does that sound? And I am intrigued by your last statement...why would you stop when a girl shouts your name?


Ouchstopit 1 year ago

Ha! Here's one of my attempts at humor: The reason I would stop when a girl shouts my name is because my name is, "Ouchstopit!" That was a little bit funny, wasn't it?
That would be great if you could do the painter story, which could work as a lesbian romance or a straight one. The anatomy idea was interesting, I thought, because women (officially) seem to be grossed out by male anatomy, and who can blame them? But from a painterly aspect, she might become fascinated by genitals, and the way the light hits them. But then, you're probably given a limit on how long the story may be, so you may have to save that for your novel.


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year agoContributing Writer

Wow, that went right over my head... I was thinking about whatever your real name is. Ha! Good one! :)

Yes, that is so true! Artists in particular are always obsessed with the naked human form. Which I would have to agree with Rose, both at their peak are a beautiful sight. I think I can brew something a 1000 words or less. :)


Rose 1 year ago

Here's one girl who is definitely not grossed out by male anatomy. I love it as much as female anatomy :-)


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm (:

Great choice of scenes to write a story for, Kat... and great story! (:


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year agoContributing Writer

Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! I have a fondness for musicians. Hell, I am a musician. This story was very "close to the bone". Besides, I don't think the film got nearly enough recognition. I absolutely loved it! It was so classy and sexy!


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

p.s. I hope the next act takes place in the bedroom... :D


Rose 1 year ago

Hot story, Kat! Gotta love a guy who knows what to do with his hands :-)


Kat_Vaughn1 1 year agoContributing Writer

Yes, absolutely! I stand by that statement: Musicians really do make the best lovers. They got that rhythm. ;)

Thank you so much for publishing my story, Rose! I can't tell you enough how thrilling it is to see it. This film was really something special. It needed to be spotlighted again. Everything from the score, the wardrobe, and the setting was just PERFECT! And Matt in a tuxedo? That is a sweet sight in itself!

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    tafi 1 hour agoLifetime member

    Cherry is gorgeous and super sexy....watching her get so well fucked by Max is a treat. Awesome!

    on Garden

    Lord John Whorfin 3 hours ago

    Marvelous. Just marvelous.

    on Be Together

    John8222 4 hours ago

    A girl who knows how to rub her clit for us. Thanks!

    on Safale

    Buddy 4 hours ago

    OMG Claudia is the best ever her own manipulation brings her to the greatest Climax or Big Orgasm I have ever enjoyed ,and then her own pelvic movements prepare for the big O , During her period of recociliation he tries to bring her to another Big O by his manipulatin of her clit ,but she makes him stop befor it happens because only she can do it successfuly . She is a master at fuckinng and she knows what she wants to get and she knows how to get it to happen .. I love this video the photography and the audio is so perfect and the ending with him unloading into her makes my rating a 15

    on Dessert

    Tristan Heart 5 hours ago

    Man I used to be crazy about this girl, her face alone had me melting every time I saw her, sadly she decided to go extremecore so she has now ended up on my blacklist :-/

    on Safale

    Mimi01 9 hours ago

    Great story Junkman! :)

    on Star Crush

    Frank/swplf 10 hours agoContributing Writer

    Overall in the MetArt family his is Suzie’s 249th appearance.

    She has 50+ on MetArt, Errotic archives, Viv Thomas, & ALS.

    The MetArt 50+ Club: Carina A (Suzie Carina)
    June 30th 2016 - by: Rose

    If any model deserves a place in he MetArt Hall of Fame Suzie is it.

    Wow this was a true surprise! Suzie by Erro. It has now been just ove a year since we have seen her here. That set was also by Erro. I personally fell for her in July 2006 when Erro first brought her to the MetArt family. On MetArt she was a top tenner on over 15 of her sets. Concurrently with bringing Suzie to MetArt he began featuring her regularly on his site, Errotic archives. Both in photo sets and films. Her second appearance there was a film. In those days Erro’s films were actually done by videogapher filming Erro doing a photo shoot and actually being seen doing it. The photo set he was shooting during the film later was posted. Erro publically retired several years ago and control of EA was turned over to Jon and the MetArt team. That including Erro’s archive of work which is why we still see Altea featured there. When Erro un-retired, he had never posted on SexArt ever, but now he does. Guess who was the subject of his first set ever here? Yes, Suzie Carina. Suzie came up while Ariel Piper Fawn was still very active. So when the Lupin’s became the saviors of SexArt after the “California Problem” look who she sought out to perform for her and with her. Monika A, as an example, who was a contemporary as Tubbea of APF over on EA. APF,also, sought other models from her era. Dido, Eufrat, etc. Since all of Erro’s work from earlier belongs to EA, I have to believe that these sets of Suzie were done within the last couple of years. Suzie began when she was 20 years old being born 28-11-1983 yet I think you all will agree that now in her Mid-thirties while she has matured is still a dream to view. Rose reported that she believes Suzie has retired but with these from Erro she has really left us on top.

    on Safale

    Metaluna 1 day ago

    brilliantly written, I would like to add that sometimes multi shot is used too much, like the old motor drives. when 6 pictures are virtually identical only pick and show the best out of 6. poses should be flattering, show muscle contours, some perfect full legnth, good lighting detail in highlights and shadows. with all this said this is the only site that bothers to be perfect

    on Naury

    loosebruce 1 day ago

    Everything we love about Georgia right here.

    on Artin

    mbhb 1 day ago

    need to bring her back for more b/g scenes

    on Kiara Lord