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Introducing MyErotica – free erotic fiction to ignite your desire!


It’s no secret that I love my job – I get to watch hot movies and look at beautiful girls all day, and to hang out with you lovely folks discussing it. I also get to indulge my number one passion, which is writing and reading exquisite erotica.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce our new erotic fiction site, the repository of all my sexual secrets: I know how much you all enjoy a dirty story; we have a thriving fiction community right here on the blog, and it’s been my great pleasure to read and share erotica from our members, as well as making a few naughty revelations of my own. Now we’re turning the heat up with a dedicated site just for our most intensely arousing stories.

MyErotica’s mission statement is “Refined erotic fiction to ignite your deepest desires” and that’s just what you’ll find there. It’s a collection of sexual confessions, eye-opening tales and kinky revelations for hot-blooded men and women who dare to explore their wild side.

It’s my own personal project, and I share a lot of very naughty stuff, both fantasies and real life experiences – it’s up to you to guess which is which! Start with my latest story, “Nothing gets me wet quicker than sucking cock…” if you really want to find out what makes me tick – or maybe “Touching my best friend’s sister” will be more to your taste?

MyErotica also features stories by my writing partner Jaiden (who is a very bad girl indeed), and selected writers who I deem worthy of being included, including our lovely member Kat, who has shared some of her hot stories here. Whether you prefer girl on girl liaisons or girl meets boy encounters, kinky or vanilla, you're sure to find something that turns you on. 

And what’s more, it’s totally free!

So, how can you get involved?

Well first of all you can “FOLLOW” me (Rose), my writing partner Jaiden, our guest writers, and our online publication, MyErotica. That means you’ll be notified whenever we add a new story. You have to create a profile the first time you do this, but it only takes a moment, and of course you can use any identity you choose! Doing this also gives you a personalized feed of all the fun stuff on Medium, the mainstream platform we’ve chosen to host MyErotica. It’s the best source of interesting features, news and thought-provoking journalism I’ve ever come across, and I’m quite addicted.

Second, you can “RECOMMEND” my stories, by clicking on the little heart icon at the bottom of the story. It would mean a lot to me if you do this, because the story then reaches many more potential readers who need my filthy confessions in their life!

And third, you can CONTRIBUTE your own stories. Email me at (tell me it’s for MyErotica)… I look forward to reading your dirty confessions and hottest fantasies.

Please check it out and let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see at MyErotica. I’d love to write something just for you.


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mimi 6 months ago

The wand is brilliant. It has 7 different vibrations. One of them is an on/off, on/off buzz which is a real turn on. But I've found if you just sit the vibrator on your clit with a big buzz you cum really quickly. Almost like a mini firework. I love it!


Rose 6 months ago

Sounds awesome... maybe I am tempted to try one :-)


mimi 6 months ago

Go for it Rose!:)


mimi 6 months ago

I love myerotica! I've read lots of stories and they're all good. On another note, I have ordered a magic wand! There's a female adult store here in Melbourne which is great!;


Rose 6 months ago

Maybe you could write something about the experience for us, Mimi... I've never used one – they look a little overwhelming! I'm so glad you like MyErotica, we have attracted some really amazing writers and I think the stories are breathtakingly hot :-)

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    _fer_realz_ 17 minutes ago

    He got off in her, his jizz is dripping out of her as they kiss just before they go to the shower.

    on Better Morning

    _fer_realz_ 19 minutes ago

    I'm "favoriting" this film and giving it my 10 because Linda Sweet is a personal favorite of mine and her chemistry with Maximilian is so ... well, sweet. (:

    But this climbing up on all kinds of furniture and objects that real people would never have sex on just to avoid the monotony of always showing sex in the same places thing is approaching absurdity when you have both Linda and Maximilian climb up on the bathroom vanity to finish off.

    It makes total sense for the story to have them start in the bathroom ~ but to finish off on a rickety, hard, uncomfortable vanity is just absurd. I can think of a zillion places I'd want to have sex and a bathroom vanity just ain't one. And I'm pretty darn certain my girlfriend would agree with me, even though she's even more kinky than I am.

    So they should have started out in the bathroom, retreated to somewhere comfortable that real people would have real sex at to finish up ~ and then ended up in the shower.

    The final shower footage BTW was quite cute and romantic and totally in place.

    An otherwise nice film with an improbable ~ and very uncomfortable (for both actors) looking ~ place for the main portion of sex.

    on Better Morning

    Rose 3 hours ago

    Lucy is gorgeous, and brings a lot of energy to her scenes. Cute story! Who wouldn't like to warm their hands on her beautiful breasts? :-)

    on Let Me In

    Geo1 4 hours ago

    Little late to the game here...but Agreed Timea Bella is utterly captivating in this scene. She is just so fresh and adorable and natural in her response, and a total babe as well.
    Not going to say anything about Matt here, just a little jealous of guy with a job like his...although he does it well...

    on Imagine

    Mimi17 6 hours ago


    on Encara