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Albert Varin: interview with a SexArt artist

Although better known as one of our esteemed MetArt artists, photographer Albert Varin is also a regular contributor here at SexArt, with an unerring eye for fresh new talent, as well as a hotline to some of the Network’s most enduring stars, such as Ennu A, Tofana A and Macy B. Recently he has introduced two hot new rising stars, Ambre and Messiah, and he also shoots highly arousing and atmospheric boy-girl and girl-girl photosets. He enjoys interacting with members and discussing his work, so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what inspires him…

Albert, where are you from?

AV: My great-grandfather lived in Germany, he was quite a wealthy person and a traveler. He enjoyed hunting and he kept a diary with illustrations. I guess because of his curious nature he came to Russia, where he got married and had eight daughters; one of them was my grandmother. Since then my family has lived in Russia. I was born in Moscow and I travel a lot. I think it’s in my genes from my great-grandfather.

What is your background in photography?

AV: Another passion of mine, aside from traveling, is painting and modern arts and crafts. I love new materials and technologies. One day I discovered digital photography. Before the digital era I shot on film and it didn’t excite me, it was more documentary-style shots. But with digital technology everything was taken to another level and I began to experiment, first with themes, then with color. I had a lot of models who wanted to see themselves outside the frames of their everyday life. Slowly my photographs became more and more erotic, so it happened quite gradually.

How long have you been creating erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

AV: During one of my trips to Prague I visited Saudek’s exhibition. I think it was in 2006, and back then I felt like Prague was full of electric erotic impulses. I brought back a lot of albums of erotic photography from that trip, as well as publications from Taschen with daguerreotypes, photos of Playboy models, Helmut Newton’s album, I studied them all.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

AV: I like elements of cinema in photographs, I like Fellini’s absurd, Tarkovsky’s frames. I also like open eroticism with notes of humor, like we see in Tinto Brass’ work. I was also quite inspired, like many others, by Zalman King’s ‘Wild Orchid.’ As for books, I read constantly, I like Borges, books with a mysterious storyline, philosophical literature. But philosophy, if you read it at night, is also a good sleeping pill. In painting, I love color and expression; in some of my photo shoots with models I have used my own paintings as the background.

You have been shooting for MetArt since 2010 and SexArt since 2012; how do you think your work has evolved?

AV: As much as I can judge my own work – in 2010 it was a hobby, but now it grabs me almost completely. I try to capture the feeling of the present moment, immediacy, as if the viewer can reach out and touch the model’s shoulder.

Is there a photoset you are particularly proud of?

AV: It’s hard for me to say. In all honesty, I like all my photosets, especially those that haven’t been published yet.

You have shot many of our new models in their ‘presenting’ photoset. What makes a good model?

AV: I love working with debutantes. It has a certain drive, it’s like opening a new book of poetry, or coming to a new city, where you’ve never been before. I pay attention to the temperament of the model, her grace, her movements, her sweet face. Her smile is very important for me. A good model has all these qualities. Another important thing is the model’s desire to present herself at her best: her excitement, her mood, her young spirit. This is what, in my opinion, makes the model interesting for the viewer.

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

AV: This is another difficult question. Of course there are models with whom I work very comfortably and we have fun. Not all girls are the same, some are quite chatty, laughing a lot, some are quite dreamy. For example Veselin is very lively and fun and it shows in her pictures, and Sigrid is more shy. But of course I love to work with them both. There are models that have become my friends, such as Subil A, who first posed for me and then decided to continue her career as a model.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

AV: I plan my shoots, I try to think all the details through. I think that’s what makes the work easy. It doesn’t always turn out as I plan; sometimes shoots get cancelled, sometimes the weather interferes, or accidents happen – that’s life.

How about shooting movies?

AV: Most often I work with debutantes – non-professional models – and working with a video requires a model who has more self-control than for a photo shoot. Moreover, often models get shy in front of the video camera. But I do shoot videos when I meet models who enjoy it.

What are your ambitions for your work with the MetArt Network?

AV: My ambition is to continue being at the top, to bring a lot of exciting new models, and to publish on Errotica Archives. Perhaps I would like to release an album with Taschen or Goliath. I would also like to do a photo exhibition, perhaps with other artists from MetArt, I think it’s an interesting idea.

What do you hope the viewers get from your photos?

AV: I want to give the audience the intimate world that surrounds our favorite models. I am happy if I can convey their beauty, youth and playfulness.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

AV: I like that the audience is very large and each participant can look at my work. I always read the comments and I like controversy, I like the fact that my work pleases subscribers. Being popular is a damn good feeling. I particularly pay attention to the negative comments, and I am grateful for reasoning and specifications, because if I know the specific flaws, I can fix them in the future. We live in a big world, in different countries, with different traditions. Love of beauty, passion and inspiration for life – that’s what is understood by all: men and women, in the north and in the south, that’s what unites us. Let’s love, that’s what makes us happy.


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Rocky46 2 years ago

I appreciate your Art Albert, which needs a lot of attention and dedication... many thanks for that. Often I wonder how do you motivate / cheer up / lead and guide those beautiful girls , some are shy, some playful, some born happy , some dead serious...? Do you play music, make jokes, you get to know them beforehand, do you make a shooting plan recap in advance...? how do you maintain contact with them and transfer their joy and beauty to your pictures.?


Rose 2 years ago

Hi Rocky, Albert asked me to pass on this response to you:

Thank you for your comment, Rocky!
All models have different temperaments, and many of them are newcomers, so I developed a common strategy for communication:
My team is always friendly,
I like to joke, to create a relaxed atmosphere,
I encourage the girls to show their personal nature, to involve artistry.
I try to do everything so that the model is not tired, so she comes to the shoot in a good mood.
Another thing, I always ask the girls to tell me about themselves.
Of course there are models that need to have music playing, there are those who like to talk on the phone or chat, more than others.
The basis of successful work for me is the friendliness and acceptance of the model.


Rocky46 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply Rose... He is doing an excellent artwork.

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    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    Funny thing is that after I had written about the cock to the face thing I actually remembered a story from what you might call The Tristonian Archives of Erotic Escapades (I should so write that one day hehe) where something close to it happened, though not quite as dramatic, basically I was on the couch with this gorgeous girl straddling me (both still dressed at this point) and she was basically "dry grinding" me while we were making out, which was making me so hard that I almost felt like I was going to burst out of my pants, so we decided to take it to the next level and I stood up to get rid of some clothes, I then started to pull off my t-shirt and at the same time she sat down on her knees in front of me starting to undo my pants, but I was wearing one of those tight t-shirts, you know the ones that really lets you show of the buff, so I had to kind of wiggle my way out of it, as I did I also twisted my pelvis to the side and at that very moment she pulled down my pants, this combined made my still seriously stiff cock swing from one side to the other and caught her right in the eye knocking out her contact lens, like I said, not quite as dramatic as a concussion, but man did we laugh our asses off, it actually took a bit of time before we could get it together and continue where we left off lolz :-P

    We never did find the contact lens, but how brilliant would it have been if had been just like in that movie "Go" where it got stuck on the head of the guy's dick, but no such luck hehe :-D

    The best part is that we now have this inside joke where every time we meet we will try and work in the word "cockeyed" in a sentence :-P

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    Lovelez 3 hours ago

    Candice is an old pro. What's funny is this site is the real good girl-girl site and the best pictures I have of Candace are girl-girl and this site has no girl-girl from her. Got to be a photographer problem. She shows up so nice in contrast pairings. The best I've seen was with a very black woman who I know to this day has to remember that encounter. I think she also has a sister who also is very scarce. But I just had to tell the world how much I love Candice. And other women who have were very exhausted afterwards.

    on Candice Luka

    Good Fella 5 hours ago

    Yes, I too would love to see Candace Luka on film. Please?

    on Candice Luka

    tafi 8 hours agoLifetime member

    Candice is hotter than ever! So pretty and such an awesome body, wow! And her perfect pussy makes my day! Thanks Candice!

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    Mimi01 9 hours ago

    Wow it's been a long time! Just seeing Blue here takes me back. She has a distinct presence, an unbridled sexuality that she carries in all her films. Her smile is genuine and her licking is outta sight. She puts 100% into every scene and this one is no exception.

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    Mimi01 9 hours ago

    Ariel the eternal..

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    beetle 14 hours ago

    What a hot, sexy and lustful young lady.

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    Rose 15 hours ago

    That make me laugh, Tristan...! It does sometimes happen that shooting will have to break for a technical reason (lighting, camera issue or whatever), although naturally the team prefer to keep shooting when possible so as not to prefer the flow of action :-)

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    Rose 15 hours ago

    Love her sultry sensuality.

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    Sublime 17 hours ago

    Wow! definitely need to see more of this gal, the pouting nipples are amazing, beautiful feet and pussy, more of her please

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