There’s nothing hotter than knowing two girls are genuinely crazy about each other. Maybe that’s why my heart skips a beat whenever I see Whitney Conroy and Margot together?

Their movie ‘Lift’ is possibly my favorite film EVER. I raved about it when it was released last November, in fact I even wrote a blog post about it. I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was when Whitney told me it was her favorite movie too, and Margot recently told me the same thing. Whitney also named Margot as one of her top choices of partner. Clearly it was a memorable experience for the performers, as well as us viewers – and one that doesn’t look like a ‘performance’ at all. Let’s just say that if Whitney’s mindblowing orgasm wasn’t real, then she deserves an Oscar.

‘One Day’ saw Whitney and Margot sharing each other with Aiko Bell, and fun as it was, I was hoping we’d get to see this delicious duo with their attention exclusively focused on each other again. So today’s new movie, ‘Waiting For You,’ is a dirty dream come true for me.

Something happens when these two get together; they don’t seem like models, or actresses, they seem like genuine lovers, scarcely even aware the camera is there. Margot is so pretty, smiling with pleasure as Whitney sucks and squeezes her big breasts. Whitney’s tongue instinctively hits the perfect spot, her ass wriggling from side to side as she finds her rhythm. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they both look sensational, Whitney all soft curves and sweetness, Margot sexy as hell with those freckles and cheekbones.

I love the way Whitney looks up as Margot starts to moan and squirm, showing a hint of her delightfully imperious side, letting her lover know she’s in control. It makes it all the more delicious when Margot, after her orgasm, pushes Whitney onto her back and makes her totally lose that semblance of control with some intense licking of her plump and juicy pussy. Whitney rides Margot’s fingers with abandon as she crashes to an orgasm that leaves her dazed.

Are they the perfect movie couple? Sure, I’m happy to see them both with other partners – Whitney’s liaison with Tracy Lindsay in the forthcoming ‘Secrets of Prague’ promises to be quite an event – but for me, the answer would have to be a resounding ‘yes’!



I really admire the way director Andrej Lupin and his team create their series for SexArt. It takes not just imagination, but meticulous planning, filming and most importantly construction by editor Adele Hollis to create something that displays so much imagination and visual flair.

‘What Happens When’ is possibly the most complex of the team’s creations so far, with its multiple realities; recent addition ‘Campus’ was a fabulous frolic through the sorority house of everyone’s dreams. Now ‘Game At The Moment,’ a three-part series that delivers a glimpse inside the fantasies of some of SexArt’s hottest performers, gives us a fresh slice of multiple-reality action. You’ll want to play ‘spot the star’ as a bunch of gorgeous participants, male and female, play a board game that is decidedly raunchy. The atmosphere is sexually charged and anticipatory; no wonder some of the players get carried away… Is it real, or is it fantasy? That’s up to you to decide. But it’s certainly fun! Gina Gerson, Linda Sweet, Kari, Amarna Miller, Frida Stark and Rosaline Rosa are the hot girls we see taking part in the playful free-for-all. They don’t all get to have sex, but there are no wallflowers here!

I asked producer Ariel Piper Fawn to tell us a little bit more about the atmosphere on set during the shoot, and here’s what she said:

“The board game was a kind of sex game. You throw the dice, move to the right place and on most of the squares there are instructions. You have to do things like kiss the person on your right for five seconds, and so on. We saw it and we bought it because we thought it could be really good fun! And in the end it was.

“After a few shy minutes we were even trying to calm the actors down, because when we needed to tell them something they were not listening to us. There were so many people, too much talking and noise! You can tell everyone is having a really good time, especially in the sequence at the end of the third scene where they’re all dancing. The idea is that everyone is thinking about how it would be if the game continued to the point of them actually having sex… and then we see it happen. But after the sex they are back at the game, like it never happened!”

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the first episode of ‘Game At The Moment.’ You’ll want to stay to the end of this party for sure!



On the morning of my fourth day on location with Andrej Lupin and his team in Sitges, everyone was super excited to shoot the new bunch of Russian models who had arrived the previous night, and the villa was bustling with equipment being set up, makeup being perfected by the very talented Marcela Sas, and the girls exploring the pool and gardens. I grabbed the opportunity to interview Aurelly Rebel, a sexy little spitfire with a personality as lively as her name suggests. From the shaved designs in the hair at her temples to her ready smile and infectious energy, she’s what the crew call a ‘devil’ – and they mean it as a great compliment! I’ll be sharing all the interviews with you soon, but for now I hope these pictures give you a little taste of her naughty sex appeal. It was fun to watch her talk, dance, splash around in the pool and generally enjoy herself immensely.

I was then lucky enough to watch as the team shot a scene with Aurelly and Milana Blanc, a cute blonde with fantastic natural breasts who unfortunately barely spoke a word of English. Watching the crew try to explain the plot – with Aurelly translating and occasionally wilfully mistranslating, judging by the confused look on Milana’s face – was highly entertaining, but Milana certainly didn’t have any trouble when it came to body language between herself and her costar!

The movie has Aurelly waking up in bed beside Milana, and going into the bathroom to shower and indulge in a little masturbatory fun, only to come creeping back into the room when she realizes Milana is doing the same thing. I had an exceptional view of Aurelly’s firm ass and perfectly smooth pussy, as they were pointed right at me when she kneeled on the bed to kiss Milana and stroke between her thighs. Very hot! Aurelly lubed up her dildo and slid it up and down Milana’s slit, and then right inside her, alternating between kissing her and licking her clit. She then straddled Milana’s face, her nipples stiff little peaks as she shuddered with pleasure, leaning forward to fondle Milana’s magnificent breasts and thrust a couple of fingers right inside her.

After some more delicious kissing – Team Lupin really understands the erotic power of an intense kiss – Milana rode Aurelly’s face as Aurelly penetrated herself with the dildo. Once again I had the most spectacular line of sight, from the beautiful butterfly of Aurelly’s big puffy labia opening up to take the dildo, to her stiff nipples, and then to Milana’s peachy ass perched on her face! Milana came hard, and then took over wielding the dildo as she fucked Aurelly all the way to a ferocious orgasm. You will love the way her breath comes in shudders and gasps, and her back arches when she spasms in ecstasy. What you don’t usually get to see is the lengths the crew will go to, in order to get the perfect shot – cameraman John Sweet, perched precariously on the bed straddling Aurelly in order to get the overhead shot he wants, is just a little glimpse of the magic of movie-making!

While the girls relaxed and caught their breath after their orgasms, the whole crew assembled for a team interview. Like many creative people, they are shy when it comes to talking about their own talents and achievements, but I hope I captured enough of their artistic vision, their great humor and their genuine sense of family to give you an idea of why they work together so brilliantly.

As they set up for the next shoot, I interviewed Kira Queen, a very beautiful girl with Italian movie star looks. Her brilliant blue eyes and her impressively huge breasts are both so compelling you don’t know which to look at first! She speaks excellent English, and she has a very sexy voice too (hearing her speak Russian is quite a turn-on). She’s so open, funny and flirty in front of the camera that I think she’d make an amazing talk show host!

After this the crew were setting up to shoot a boy-girl scene with Olivia Grace – a sweet, shy little thing who apparently loves sex and goes wild when she gets it – and Russian stud Jayden Cox. I would have loved to watch, but sadly it was time for me to head to the airport.

Team Lupin will be in Sitges for a while longer yet, with some more incredible shoots planned and a third group of models arriving next week. I’m very grateful to them for their warmth and hospitality, their generosity in sharing their temporary home and the secrets of their shoots with me, and for the chance to see the talent it takes behind the scenes to bring us such magic on screen. And of course, hanging out with all those gorgeous girls in the sun was not such a bad way to spend a few days! Have I mentioned that I love my job?



Day three on location with Team Lupin, and I had fun with some interviews this morning. First, I spoke to Shrima Malati. You can see a little clip of her above – isn’t she adorable? That’s just a part of the story though; there is another, much naughtier side to Shrima, which emerges in front of the camera. She loves to fuck and she doesn’t care who knows it! She also has a wicked sense of humor and a cool, edgy sense of style, that really makes her stand out. I like her a lot.

A little later, I interviewed Mona Kim, who is obviously a very fun girl, although she doesn’t speak much English. If you like Eurasian babes I think you will find her looks very appealing; she has a pretty face, and a great body. And there’s something for the ladies too: I shot an interview with model Matt Ice, aka production manager Matt the Great. If you’re curious about what it takes for a guy to succeed as a model, I think you’ll find him very interesting and entertaining. I’ll be sharing all these interviews with you on my return.

The five gorgeous models then set off to the airport, and it was time for us to move location to a new villa. This place is incredible, with two beautiful pools, a sea view and huge, light-flooded rooms. I could see the crew taking it all in, already picturing which rooms would be best to shoot in, and imagining the scenes they could create. But first, we went down to the beach to scout for locations to shoot some movie introductions, and to look for some unique places and ideas – I don’t want to give away too much about that yet!

After that, we had some dinner, lit up by a dramatic thunderstorm, and the guys had a crazy play-fight in the pool before the new models arrived. I’ll tell you all about them next time. For now, here are some behind the scenes pics from the past couple of days of shooting for you to enjoy.

Behind the scenes with Team Lupin


My second day on location in Sitges with Team Lupin started the hottest way possible, and I’m not just referring to the incredible sunshine! I was lucky enough to get to watch the crew shoot an amazing threeway titled ‘Hide and Seek.’ I love my job! Not only did this satisfy my curiosity about the technical side of their work – the way the team works together to construct the look they want – but I have to confess it was also quite a thrill to watch the scorching action unfold first hand. This scene is going to blow your minds, folks!

As the team prepares to shoot, the atmosphere on set is very relaxed and jokey. Ally Breelsen and Aruna Aghora (pictured here) chatter away in rapid-fire Russian, giggling and singing, obviously in a giddy and excited mood, while their stud for the scene, Matt, clowns around. Now, Matt has a dual identity that I think many SexArt members would envy; he is Team Lupin’s Production Manager, known as Matt the Great, who plays a major role behind the scenes coordinating details of shoots; but he is also performer Matt Ice, a great favorite with hot honeys everywhere! The cameras start rolling, and it’s fascinating to see how the mood changes from playful fun to pure lust as the girls get naked, pounce on Matt and tear off his shorts. He’s already rock hard as they kiss him and grab his cock, Aruna kneeling to lavish it with long licks before offering it to horny Ally to suck. The girls swap and share it for a good long time, kissing and fondling each other hungrily, relishing every juicy second.

Matt starts to power into Aruna from behind, with Ally rubbing her clit to make the sensations even more intense. It’s not long before the willowy babe’s excitement begins to build, Ally strumming her clit and sucking her nipples until she cums hard on Matt’s cock. The girls drag Matt to the floor, sucking and jerking him again before Ally straddles him and rides him hard while Aruna sits on his face, leaning in to kiss her friend and tease her nipples. Ally’s hips undulate rapidly as she slides up and down his pole, then moves into a squat so she can bounce harder and faster. When she’s close to orgasm, they move into spoons, Matt slamming into her as Aruna goes down to lick her clit and his cock as it moves in and out. Ally cums hard, her toes curling in ecstasy; and she’s barely had time to catch her breath before Aruna jumps aboard to take her turn. Ally spanks Aruna’s ass, fondles Matt’s balls and fingers herself as Aruna rides to an explosive orgasm. And Matt is finally allowed to shoot his load too – you’ve got to admire this guy’s self-control! This is by far the hottest threeway I’ve seen in a long time – and not just because I was so close to the action. I defy you not to be stirred when you see three people taking such pleasure in sharing themselves with each other.

After the scene wrapped, I took the opportunity to interview Ally; I’d like to pretend I was doing it on your behalf, folks, but actually I just wanted to find out more about this brand new beauty, who is making her MetArt debut with a bang! Ally is super-fun to be around, whether it’s just hanging out with her, or watching her have scorching sex. It's amazing to learn she has only been shooting movies for three weeks, as she is so terrific in front of the camera. I’ll share the whole interview with you soon, but I'm sure this little taste of sugar will get your mouth watering…

There was another fresh face on set today too, Mona Kim, a cute Russian babe with a very sexy Eurasian look. I'll be interviewing her too, to find out a little more about her, as she has a very interesting style. She is in her mid-twenties, a little older than the others, and she has an intriguing blend of cuteness and sophistication that I'm looking forward to seeing on the screen! You can see all the girls here, left to right: Aruna, Shrima, Kendra, Ally and Mona.

In the afternoon, the team shot a fantastic scene with Mona and Aruna, in the smallest, hottest, steamiest room of the house. It can’t always be glamorous on set – but the crew are happy to suffer for their art in order to get the sterling results they demand. It’s interesting to see how they communicate with the girls; as they speak Czech and the girls are Russian, with English as the common language, sometimes only miming will get the point across, as you can see below:

Believe me, the action is a whole lot hotter when the girls are licking each other to orgasm than when the crew are miming it for them! The story is that the girls are fighting over the bathroom (as girls often will) when things turn lustful and they have quickie sex right there in the doorway. Mona and Aruna were really into each other, and so the scene was extremely quick to shoot, as they didn't want to stop touching, licking and fondling one another for even a second!

Work for the day still wasn't quite done, although the crew seem to have such a good time together that it doesn't always look like work! They shot the introduction to 'Hide and Seek,' the playful mood between the scene's three stars becoming so infectious that everyone was in stiches by the time it wrapped. 

A quick team photo - from left to right you have, back row: John Humble (first camera), Qweedo Climber (camera and editing), John Sweet (camera), Andrej Lupin (director), Matt the Great (production manager) and David Jones (stills protographer). Middle row: Aruna, Shrima, Kendra, Ally and Mona. And in the front, producer Ariel Piper Fawn!

Then it was time to head to Sitges beachfront for drinks and relaxation. And if you've never strolled along the beach with five gorgeous models dressed up to the nines in high heels and sexy dresses (not to mention Ariel looking hot as ever), I'm sure you can imagine the admiring looks!



What fun my first day on location with Team Lupin turned out to be! After a little girl talk with the gorgeous Ariel Piper Fawn, I got to know the stunning Russian models who have come to Sitges for the first week of shooting. They are all new to SexArt, and they are girls you will want to get to know better too.

Kendra Star is a leggy beauty with incredible natural breasts and mesmerizing green eyes. She’s very vocal when she’s having a good time, and as she and Matt Ice drove each other wild we had to close all the doors and windows so as not to disturb the neighbors! Aruna Aghora is a slender, exotic babe, a little shy and quiet until you get her in front of the camera, when you see a much more wicked side to her personality. Shrima Malati is a tiny little thing, full of cuteness and energy. She’s just adorable, with a real edgy vibe that only emerges as you get to know her. She is surprisingly naughty for one so sweet! And Ally Breelsen is a showstopper – vivacious, pretty and very funny. She is always ready to joke and play. Together, these girls are a giggly, chattering, sexy bundle of trouble! (Left to right in this picture are Ally, Shrima and Kendra). 

Kendra looked fantastic as she got ready for her scene, in a sheer black gown, butt-hugging panties and heels, her long hair in curls. She’s got the sexual charisma to go with her looks too, lighting up the screen with her passion. Hot stuff indeed! After her long and very steamy scene with Matt Ice, the crew filmed some introduction shots (a chance for the models to use their acting talents!) and then we went down to the seafront to get some fun footage of the girls out on the town.

Now, Sitges is a very unshockable place – it’s the gay capital of Europe and a party-lover’s paradise – but the sight of these four gorgeous girls, along with lovely Ariel and a full film crew, was enough to stop traffic and cause a few curious folks to fall off their rollerskates! As Ally and Shrima motored up and down the beachfront on their scooters, all long, tanned legs and sexy smiles, they attracted stares and whistles from the delighted passers-by.

I grabbed the opportunity to interview a couple of the girls - I'll be sharing that with you soon - and then we moved down onto the rocks for Aruna and Fernando to film a cute fishing sequence for a scene they shot earlier. The sun was just starting to set, giving a romantic pink tint to the light – the perfect end to a productive and very pleasurable day for all involved.

More tomorrow!



Hi everyone, so here I am in Sitges, on location with Team Lupin! It’s still early in the morning, and the crew are already busy shooting, before the sun gets too bright. But lucky me, I’m sitting here in the shade, with a cold drink, surrounded by hot Russian girls! Not only that, but the one and only Ariel Piper Fawn is sitting beside me (and let me tell you, she looks even more gorgeous than she did in her modeling days!). We were catching up and swapping stories when she told me something so funny about her first ever trip out of the country that I had to film it on my iPhone and share it with you guys…

And yes, I know you should always shoot movies in horizontal, not vertical, but I really didn’t want you to get distracted by the naked girls in the background!

So, I learned my first word of Czech today – KOURENÍ. Watch out for the double meaning!!!

While I was enjoying a little R&R by the pool, the crew were preparing to shoot Kendra Star, a beautiful girl with the most bewitching curves – those breasts, oh my goodness, so impossible not to touch! She is not just gorgeous, but also super-hot, and very vocal - especially when she's enjoying herself with Matt Ice! I think you will enjoy her SexArt debut very much indeed. There's nothing quite like hearing a sexy girl enjoying a very loud, powerful climax! I’ll tell you a little more about Kendra and the other babes very soon, I promise...



Mia Solis is a girl I could never grow tired of looking at, a delicate redhead with a host of adorable freckles and an absolutely incredible body. She’s a girl of contradictions, seemingly reserved and a little shy, but with a devastating way of looking into the camera that suggests an inner confidence. And then there’s that huge tattoo on her back, rarely seen, that hints at a more edgy side to her personality.

Mia is also incredibly funny and self-effacing, genuinely surprised that members would want to hear more about her! When I posted this interview on the MetArt blog a few days ago, Mia told me she was overwhelmed by the positive reaction from her fans. She’s phenomenally popular here too, so I thought SexArt members might also appreciate the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Mia, please tell us a little about yourself.

MS: Hi everybody. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself. I had no idea that anyone actually cared about me and my life! I’m 24 years old, and I’m from Czech Republic – specifically from South of Bohemia. After finishing university I moved to London, where I’ve been living for the past year and a half. My biggest hobby is traveling, that’s the main reason why I do what I do. Of course I’m also into photography, but if you want me to be 100 percent honest, traveling is the part of my life I enjoy the most; and of course everything else around it – meeting new people, discovering new places and cultures, foreign languages, anything new that can make my experience, soul or personality grow. I’m not saying I always like what I explore though!

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

MS: When I realized I really liked photography, I wasn’t exactly sure which genre was my favorite. I was just randomly checking pictures online, and after a while I found out that every time I saw a photo of a naked woman I felt ‘something,’ and tried to figure out what the hell it was. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I could be horny, it’s not the fact that there is a naked girl in the picture, it’s something else that I’m not able to explain yet. I just like to be a part of it.

Do you do mainstream modeling as well?

MS: Yes, I have done quite a lot of non-nude shoots in the past few years and I enjoy it as well. It’s different – in a good way. I like the fact there are usually more people involved, which makes it even more interesting and exciting.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to for work?

MS: I’m probably going to seem strange right now but I have no favorite place so far. The fact I was born as a Libra doesn’t help at all. I’m just not able to make a decision… but that’s another story – and a long one!

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

MS: Nothing! I’m trying hard, but every part of me needs at least a small (usually huge) improvement. Yes, and people say I’m kind of self-critical… another long story, I’m afraid!

Do you have a favorite photoset?

MS: Hard to say, but probably ‘Voyeur’ or ‘Gusta’ on SexArt. For MetArt – this is really hard as there are so many of them. I’m afraid you would need to narrow the selection criteria at least a little bit. If someone put a knife to my throat and said “Pick one, Mia!” I would answer ‘Eleyi.’

You have done a few soft movies for MetArt, would you ever consider making hot movies for SexArt?

MS: Actually yes. I don’t see the idea as so unbelievable, like a few years ago when I said to myself just “Jeez, no way man!” As you already know, I’m not able to make a decision, and if I do I change it every second, so I will see. I’m sure now is not a good time for me to start doing that, but never say never… especially in my case!

Please tell us about your tattoo – does it have a meaning?

MS: Sure it has. It’s just difficult to explain and I’m not even sure if I’m able to do so. However I’m not going to try it right now, sorry!

In your photos you often look very thoughtful, calm and serene. How would you describe yourself?

MS: I hear this really often and it always confirms the fact that people don’t know me at all! I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as calm, serene and so on. The main reason is that I only really open up when I’m surrounded by people I know really well. Otherwise I feel and behave differently. I’m not saying I don’t feel comfortable, it’s just not me. Or maybe it is and I’m schizophrenic, haha! I think you have noticed I usually don’t smile, jump or do ‘funny’ stuff in the pictures like some other models do. Now you know the reason. It’s a pity, isn’t it?!

What are your ambitions?

MS: That’s the question! My ambitions are not really material though. I just want to beat every challenge appearing around me and get better in each aspect of myself – skills, personality, knowledge. No matter how hard it is… I kind of like to fight with myself.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

MS: I know it’s getting annoying, but thank you again for such support from all the MetArt and SexArt members, the team and last but not least all the amazing photographers and models I’ve had the chance to work with. You have all been helping me to develop myself and I can’t thank you enough. I wish you guys success and happiness! Anyway I’m preparing my personal blog where you can find other information as I still have so much more to say. If you want to stay in touch you can follow my FB fan page and I will meet you there!

Cheers and Kisses

Your Mia!

Thank you to DeltaGamma and Frank for helping to make this interview happen!



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