Kiara Lord is an absolute treasure – a sweet-faced blonde with a sensational slim-but-busty figure and a positive attitude towards life. She made her SexArt debut at the beginning of the year with a couple of gorgeous boy-girl scenes, before being given one of the main roles in ‘What Happens When,’ a wild extravaganza shot in Ibiza that can only be described as an event movie.

Kiara had already become a fan favorite over on our sister site VivThomas, grabbing everyone’s attention with a small handful of very memorable appearances, notably a sensual liaison with lovely Lexie Dona in ‘Art,’ a lead role in ‘The Bet’ – her steamy shower scene with Bella Blond was a major highlight of this playful movie – and a superb encounter with raunchy redhead Eva Berger for ‘Dominance.’ Both girls look irresistible and drive each other to climax after juice-drenched climax; the sizzling chemistry between them was reprised to great effect in episode two of ‘What Happens When.’ Yesterday's episode of the series, which pairs Kiara with Cristal Caitlin, has a more tender, sensual, but still red hot vibe to it. If you haven't watched it yet, I recommend you check it out!

Kiara is equally hot, energetic and compelling to watch whether working with a male or female partner, and brings a lot of charm and charisma to everything she does. I was lucky enough to get to ask her a few questions about her life, her loves, and her experience shooting for the MetArt Network…

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

KL: I’m 22 years old and I’m from Budapest, in Hungary. Basically my family is from Russia, so I’m bilingual. I like the same kind of things most people do… for example I like nature a lot, the colours of it; then I’m obsessed with music as well, especially with jazz, piano, but I enjoy progressive house, electronic style too. And I must say that I love French chansons or rap, like Stromae – not sure if you can call it rap, but anyway I love it! I have a passion for tao music, relaxing, meditating tracks. Also I like to travel, my biggest love is Japan. What else? Meeting new people from different cultures or places is very exciting for me. I’m a communicative person, I like to find a nice topic I can discuss with someone. So, I could say, basically I’m an extrovert girl, but I have my own peaceful and quiet side too. Laughing and smiling, just being easy is very important for me, even one of the things I live for. I have my girly attitude, which means I enjoy clothes, make-up, and beauty. I enjoy food a lot, I have a passion for meat, I’m a huge fan of a great steak for example, but I like almost everything and I’m thankful for life giving us a big variation of food. Movies and books are a must have in my life. I just watched ‘Kill Bill,’ so awesome.

How did you get into modelling?

KL: I had no inspiration for modelling. I just got an e-mail from an agency asking if I was interested in nude modelling. I answered yes, and it happened pretty fast. I had no experience in front of the camera before entering the adult industry.

What do you enjoy about making movies?

KL: I enjoy acting and also good sex. I think it’s a creative job and I like the idea of making something for people. It helps give me self-confidence about my body, I see nice photos of myself and they make me proud. 

What are your favourites of the movies you have shot?

KL: I liked shooting with Lexi Dona in ‘Art’ for VivThomas, because she was sensual and nice, not just acting – that makes a movie different for me. For SexArt I had the chance to join in something very special, and I was excited about the result. I loved all my scenes in ‘What Happens When.’ It was so much fun. I felt like an important character in it, and it felt like it mirrored reality. I love stories with teenagers and it was something like a crazy teenager’s life, with nothing more to do than enjoy life, and party. 

Who is your favorite partner in a movie?

KL: Matt Ice, do I need to say more? He is nice to me. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before making movies?

KL: Well, I did... But only once. 

Do you have a preference, boys or girls?

KL: I like both, but there’s a small problem with shooting with girls. I think basically there are more heterosexual people on earth and that’s why I have smaller chance to shoot with a girl who likes girls as well. It is more guaranteed to have pleasure with boys, in my case. 

What are your plans for the future?

KL: My ambition is to be a good person, be wise, learn about life and live happily in love, no matter how. As for the business, I have high hopes. I want to be a good performer. 

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

KL:  Yes, I always want to talk to my fans, because they give meaning to being Kiara Lord. First of all, I never thought that people would like me so much, and this feeling is so fantastic. I appreciate every single person who ever thought something nice about me and who likes me. I want my fans to know that I’m down to earth, I enjoy just living life, and my profession won’t change my way of thinking or my philosophy. I don’t want to have the ‘pornstar attitude,’ even if you only see me as a porn actress. But that is fine. I love you, I wish you all the best, good health, love and smiles. Thanks for reading this small interview! :-)


Memento: Reordered and Decoded

March 27, 2015 - by: Sydney
– A Film Review by Sydney L. Cubbins
Here’s the problem with stylistic writers/directors: they often have trouble getting you to care about their characters. So, how is it that Alis Locanta, a renowned stylist, took arguably the last decade’s most stylistic concept, from arguably the last decade’s most stylistic director, and generated the most affecting character-driven film available at SexArt? Well, because if Love For Sale was a tale of sexual fulfillment, Memento is its emotionally fulfilling sister. Here, Locanta has delivered an intriguing and involving puzzle about love, lust, loss and lessons, and with it, established himself an anomaly: a stylist capable of dealing with authentic human emotion. 
First Relationship  |  Third Act:  Tracy Lindsay
The ‘Third Act’ introduces us to Mango’s original lover, Ms. Tracy Lindsay, and it becomes very clear, very quickly, that this long-term relationship has grown unbalanced and unhinged. Power favors those that love the least, and here it rests with Tracy the domineering blonde, as she selfishly lusts for sexual satiation and offers nothing in return once it’s attained. Becoming increasingly introverted, frustrated and disheartened, Mango struggles to unearth even the faintest hint of the adulation and compassion she so desires. Her relationship, now beyond her control, has evolved into something poisonously sexual, and not only emotionally unfulfilling, but emotionally damaging. The longer this dance with the devil continues, the further she grows from her, and, from herself. Mind-over-heart, Mango lamentably forces herself to at last accept her lover’s true colours. Facing her fears and even overcoming Tracy’s intendedly redemptive advances, Mango courageously ends the relationship for good. 
Second Relationship  |  Second Act:  Lola Reve
In the ‘Second Act’, we meet Mango’s second lover, Ms. Lola ReÌ‚ve, as we uncover inklings of Mango’s emotional evolution in the wake of Tracy’s departure. Here, the sexual encounters are passionate, romantic and most notably, shared. Mango has decidedly found a partner dissimilar to Tracy in almost every single way. As perfectly suited as they seem, however, the taste of Mango’s last relationship continues to haunt her, and this time she has her guard up. A little more informed, though a little less optimistically so, she’s wary of commitment and frightened of the pain associated with emotionally investing in another; a hesitation likely shared by her partner. Their relationship is suitably an ‘on-again, off-again’, primarily sexually-oriented affair, offering them, but also allowing them to keep just the right amount of distance from a little thing called love. But within lies the problem, and the reason emotional unfulfillment lingers. Whatever gifts are given, and whatever flirtatiously lustful glances are shared, and have been shared before. Mango impassively watches Lola pack her suitcase again; it’s clear that for now at least, this relationship can never truly fulfill.
Third Relationship  |  First Act:  Alexa Tomas
The film’s ‘First Act’ presents us to Mango’s third and final lover, Ms. Alexa Tomas, and it’s here we play witness to the warmest and most fulfilling relationship of the Memento series. Loving, caring and fervently sexual Mango; regretfully having realized she should’ve committed unreservedly to Lola; has fallen hard and fast for the girl, and the relationship that has eluded her for so long. Memories of her past suddenly seem distant and unimportant, and Alexa is all that matters now, or least, that’s what she’d like to believe. Alas, this relationship had an expiration date stamped on it the moment Alexa, the traveller, walked into Mango’s life. And while Alexa, however disagreeably, seems to have accepted that fate, Mango has yet to come to terms with it. Having let Lola escape her, this position is all too familiar, and this time it’s even more devastating. As the joy segues into sadness and ecstasy into melancholy, Mango tearfully watches her third chance at love slip beyond her grasp.
There After…
Confused and addled by grief, a black and white ‘Thereafter’ depicts Mango in the present, as she battles with memory and emotion. Cycling through lovers and experiences past, she contemplates and surrenders to the tides of loss, lust and love. Through trials, tribulations and failed relationships, each one informing and educating the next, Mango has lived and learned. The key element to a successful and durable relationship is a shared commitment from both partners to fulfill not only the sexual, but also the emotional needs of their significant other. And it’s with this vital knowledge that Mango will enter the next colourful chapter of a new, or possibly revisited, relationship.


Tracy Lindsay has got it all. A face so beautiful it’s almost doll-like, but warmed by those expressive eyes and a mouth quick to smile, gasp and kiss. A body that’s off-the-scale incredible, with perky breasts, long legs, a lusciously tempting pussy, and that mind-blowing ass. Tracy’s bottom is a star in its own right. If a whole movie was shot just focusing on that perfectly pert posterior, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would watch it from beginning to end.

I first saw Tracy when VivThomas shot her for ‘Waves of Desire,’ an all-girl beach movie that showed the girls having sandy fun playing volleyball, sunbathing in teeny-weeny bikinis, and having plenty of scorching sex. Tracy was paired with the lovely Tess, and it’s fair to say the crew were blown away by her utter cuteness, sweet attitude and natural sex appeal. They immediately created a starring role for her alongside Suzie Carina in the two-hander ‘Intimacy 2,’ the bootylicious babes forming a sizzling physical and emotional bond. Tracy was the ideal choice for inaugural star when VivThomas was reborn as part of the MetArt network last year, and ‘Sexpresso’ raised the bar in terms of sass, class and ass!

Meanwhile, Tracy had become a major star here at SexArt. That initial promise quickly developed into a stellar screen presence. I can’t think of another girl this gorgeous who is so uninhibited in front of the camera. Movies like ‘Be My Slave,’ which paired Tracy with juicy little Mango, hinted at how far she was willing to go; her star turn in the ground-breaking four-part series ‘Love For Sale’ brought her kinky side fully to the fore. It’s hard to believe your eyes when a girl this hot does things this naughty!

Tracy seems to bring out the best in her partners; Lorena, Aiko Bell, Iwia and Amarna Miller are just some of the girls who have had scorching liaisons with the blonde bombshell. She puts her whole body, mind and spirit into her sexual encounters, revelling in giving pleasure as much as receiving it – and her orgasms are the most genuinely earth-shattering experiences you could imagine, truly wondrous events to behold.

Today’s sensual, sensational scene with Mango in act three of ‘Memento’ is yet another of Tracy’s movies that has already made it onto my Favorites list – and something tells me it won’t be the last. Our new VivThomas director, Guy Ranieri Sblattero, has been shooting with Tracy this month, and a sneak peek at the results has me very excited indeed…

Are you a fan of Tracy too? Which is your favorite of her movies… and what would you like to see her do next?


Mango – sweet, juicy and delicious!

March 10, 2015 - by: Rose

We all have our favorites, but it’s impossible to imagine anyone not liking Mango. The blue-eyed Russian doll seems almost too lovely to be true, with a breathtakingly pretty face, incredible body (that bottom!), and a sweet attitude that makes you want to get to know her better. Sweet, but definitely not dull; Mango likes to do some pretty raunchy stuff, as you’ll know if you’ve seen her SexArt movies. Watching her, you get the feeling you’d like to romance her, fuck her all night long, then take her home to meet your folks. A keeper, in other words.

In photographs, Mango’s deep tan and nature-girl vibe make her ideally suited to outdoor shoots. The ‘sand or no sand’ debate rages on – both here and on our sister site MetArt, where Mango has starred in an astounding 26 galleries to date, nearly all of them outdoors and many on the beach. She confessed to being an exhibitionist in her episode of ‘Girls Love Sex,’ and it’s easy to imagine her spending carefree days in the sun, naked as nature intended and satisfying her primal urges whenever the mood takes her.

On video, Mango’s unique appeal is even more evident, as her expressive face conveys nuances of emotion that make her utterly irresistible to watch. Two of her most memorable movies are the ‘Girls Love Sex’ episode and ‘Haute Couture – Baby Blue,’ both of which feature her speaking directly to the camera. She is so unaffected, so fresh and gorgeous and downright adorable, that I’m sure I’m not the only one who would happily watch her talk for hours.

When the talking stops and the sex begins though… what a revelation! Mango’s no innocent little babe; she’s a hot, physically self-assured woman who has no inhibitions when it comes to expressing herself sexually. In her first SexArt movie, ‘Be My Slave II,’ she and Tracy Lindsay explore the boundaries with some sub/domme role-play, bondage and a strap-on; the postlude captures Mango’s kinky side very unexpectedly, and her scorching eye contact will blow your mind! She’s wonderful in ‘2 Jealous’ with Alyssa Reece too, fighting and then having passionate make-up sex; and her tender tryst with Margo in ‘Stay Here With Me’ is another must-see.

 Mango’s latest movie, ‘Memento – First Act’ with the divine Alexa Tomas, has hinted at another side to this intriguing beauty. As the story develops, we see sadness, longing, perhaps even sexual obsession, all captured with exquisite attention to detail. Mango’s acting skills are as exceptional as her sex appeal; I can’t wait to see how the plot continues to unfold.

I’d love to know, what do you like most about Mango? Which of her films do you like best, and what would you like to see her do in the future?




One moment can change everything. That’s the theme of ‘What Happens When,’ an incredible new six-part series from acclaimed director Andrej Lupin. The story, which spirals out from a vibrant party into diverse erotic encounters, demonstrates how one little thing can influence how events unfold, with multiple possibilities all coexisting up until that moment. It’s an extremely complex and satisfying idea, and one of the most ambitious projects yet seen on SexArt!

“What Happens When’ brings together some of the hottest new girls – Eva Berger, Kiara Lord, Bella Blond and Cristal Caitlin – along with a bevy of horny guys and cool supporting actors (see who you can spot!). The action takes in steamy boy-girl and girl-girl sex in various locations, and with a different mood to each scene. You’ve certainly never seen anything like it.

I asked producer Ariel Piper Fawn whether it was the most difficult shoot that she, Lupin and their talented team had yet embarked upon. She told me, “We don’t really have difficult shoots; maybe only from the point of view of getting the emotions we need from the actors to create the mood of the movie. As far as the technical side of shooting goes, our most difficult movie was ‘The Game.’ It took four days, 20 hours a day in the middle of the woods – sleeping in caravans, not too much water! But all of us remember this shoot as one of our best and most fun!

“The most difficult thing about ‘What Happens When’ was to think of really great coincidences and create them on screen so that everyone could understand the concept. We came up with the idea a while ago, and then when we were shooting in Lanzarote, we saw a location that really fitted the story. And to tell the truth, the script was created one night before the actual shoot! All of us had to come up with at least one coincidence and then we took the six best ones and used them.

“What I like most about the movie is how complex it is. The story all takes place in one night, at the same time, in alternate realities. I hope people will like it.”

I think it’s sensational – exciting, creative and very arousing. I’d love to hear what you think!


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