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Legendary Director Michael Ninn Strikes Awards Season Gold
with "The Ingenuous"

The adult entertainment industry is known for over-the-top hype and super-heated hyperbole. But when we call director Michael Ninn "legendary" that's not hype, it's a simple statement of fact. Since 1992 Michael Ninn has been creating XXX art of unrivalled style, quality, and erotic impact. And, as he enters his third decade as a director of high-end hardcore erotica, Michael Ninn remains a visionary artist at the very peak of his creative powers.

Ninn's most recent full-length erotic feature, "The Ingenuous," was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2013, and on January 18 of this year it took home three prestigious AVN Awards. Michael Ninn won the Best Director – Foreign Feature award. "The Ingenuous" was named Best Foreign Feature, and it also received the Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production award. The legendary director is going to need to make some more room in his already crowded trophy case!

The Metart Network proudly salutes Michael Ninn's success at the 2014 AVN Awards. We've been admirers of his work for years, and has been a member of the Metart Network since April of 2013, so we feel an extra bit of "family pride" for the praise, recognition, and well-deserved awards he's received. And there's a Sexart connection to "The Ingenuous," as well.

"The Ingenuous" was shot in the Czech Republic, and Sexart's Prague production crew was intimately and actively involved in the making of the film. Prolific Sexart director Andrej Lupin was the Director of Photography, the Cinematographer was frequent Lupin collaborator John Humble, and Metart supermodel/Sexart producer Ariel Piper Fawn served as Michael Ninn's Assistant on the production.

Following its success in release on DVD, "The Ingenuous" will be released online, in serial form, at where members will have the opportunity to view Ninn's latest masterwork in full HD — we can't think of a better reason to consider joining the site.

Check out all of Michael Ninn's movies and erotic art photo galleries at If you're already a Metart Network subscriber check out the upgrade specials in the Member's area.

Members Comments (13)


Michael Ninn 4 years ago

Jonathan, thank you for the post on your SexArt blog.. Your recognition of my work and the work of my casting crew is incredibly appreciated.


Snowfall1 4 years ago

Ooops. APF not APG. Sorry ...


Snowfall1 4 years ago

Hmmm ...
Really pleased that Andrej, APG, JH, DJ and all have achieved stateside recognition. And it would be unfair to judge the film from the trailer - which I quite enjoyed as a music video for a song I liked on first hearing ...
But, not quite sure that the trailer indicates much sex ...
So ... will I pay the extra to add another MA site ... I really don't know. I have been ignoring the blandishments to add Ninn, Randall, etc. for several months and still can't keep up with MA, ALS, EB, TLE, etc. (All in addition to SA, and checking out great SA performers (like Amirah, Cayenne,) elsewhere ...
Which would other regular commentators prioritise?


Blackhawk and The White Winged Dove 4 years ago

We made the mistake of joining the Ninn site, and promptly cancelled. The vast majority of the material on there is the most ugly, abusive and brutal gonzo porn imaginable - even if there is a bit of clever camera work. If you like watching girls being slapped, choked, spat on, and often in clear pain & distress then you might like it. It is pretty much 100% anal, loads of dp etc, and all absolutely brutally done. We found most of it utterly repulsive. Our concerns about this site being part of the Met network are twofold: (1) the use of our money to bale out Ninn makes us complicit in this, and (2) it shows that the decency and respect on SexArt isn't a moral choice, it's just the niche they've chosen, and a niche they'll drop if they think they'll make more money.


Michael Ninn 4 years ago

"the use of our money to bale out Ninn" Really? was very profitable last year… paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in both affiliate and management fees.

I neither need your money or your blessing to stay in this game.
76 AVN Awards - 6 for Best Picture. I think will be okay.

SexArt would be SexArt whether it was profitable or not.. You obviously don't know Jonathan's commitment and vision to SexArt very well. There is a Niche for everyone and although my site may not be to your liking, many people enjoy a little harder sex beautifully shot.


Blackhawk and The White Winged Dove 4 years ago

Oh so you've won some awards. Actually, you've told us all that before, you must be very proud. We also know they kind of person your material is aimed at - you've told us "The guy, sitting in his reinforced titanium La-Z-Boy, contemplating why the light it is Easy Bake oven isn't working" (sic). Basically, losers who are terrified of real women and live out their fantasies by watching us being abused. I spent a career dealing with creeps like that, they could never look me in the eye and the sense of anger and resentment when facing a confident, powerful woman was palpable. Gonzo porn like yours is about hate and aggression, aimed at those who can only relate to women in that way.

Jon's comment below is simply silly. Quentin Tarantino's violence isn't real, the scenes are stunts. What happens on an extreme porn set is very real. A girl being slapped and choked and getting her arse ripped apart by two cocks is really going through that - probably with anaesthetic of course, but it is still really happening. If Tarantino's violence was real, people wouldn't watch it. People only watch the abuse in gonzo porn because it is real. Some mildly clever camerawork doesn't change that.


Jonathan 4 years ago

B&TWWD-- We have had some private exchanges via email, and I suspected this style of content might not be your cup of tea. What you see here on Sexart is a style of love, romance and erotica-- all based around producing films with the same sensibilities as a mainstream film company. Hence, why Sexart spends more money per scene than anyone in the "business." However, Michael Ninn's "style" is just that. The content is shot with great care for detail, and Michael is not degrading woman, I can assure you. I know Michael very well, and he has become a friend. He is also one of Sexart's biggest fans behind the scenes. He is appreciated by models and crew alike, industry professionals are lining up to have a chance to work with him. It's like saying Quentin Tarantino is putting actors in harm's way because he puts them in a brutal fight sequence. We have many filmmakers that approach us every month that want to join the network, and 99.99% of them are rejected. The reason is along the same lines as what concerns you B&TWWD, we make sure that the Metart Network only works with the highest quality filmmakers and producers that create the highest caliber content in their niches. Even though Michael's content doesn't resonate with you, he is a very respected and respectful filmmaker that takes very good care of everyone on his sets.

4 years ago

I think you are little bit in contradiction. In the begining of your comment you wrote, that somebody can like this style of "brutal" sex. But at the end, you wrote about moral choices. I don't know why to talk about morality. Gonzo style isn't anything against it. It is just different style. Same like in personal life, lot of people (even women) loves wild and hard sex, other people loves romantic and lot of people loves both, depends on their actual mood. :)

And in my HUMBLE opinion, I think Met Art Network wants produce something for everybody.


Michael Ninn 4 years ago

It is as you assumed, a music video not a trailer…
The music written by me and is my interpretation of my imagery.

The goal was to make this piece Face Book acceptable, to touch the heart more than one's libido.


Ariel Piper Fawn 4 years ago

For me and for my team it was a honor to work with Michael Ninn. I remember every day which we spend on this movie, but the best reward out of this cooperation was a friendship between us and Michael which came so fast and is so strong.
I would just remind that our photographer David Jones was part of this movie too, all the stills are his work :)
We would love to congratulate to Michael for the Awards and we hope that one day we will have opportunity to work with him again!
We are so happy to be part of this huge SEXART family :) Its great to have around such a beautiful and friendly people.
Big THANK YOU to everyone from those people! You mean for us a lot!


Michael Ninn 4 years ago

A director could not ask for a better or more talented crew. APF your kindness and gentle nature is not something, I will ever forget.


Jonathan 4 years ago

Michael, you're very welcome, it's our pleasure to have you as part of our family.


JimG 4 years ago

Based on the 5 minute video preview, Michael Ninn should be directing movies of classic Victorian romance novels and not erotic pornography.

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