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On Set With Alis Locanta

Behind the scenes at SexartOn set today with Alis Locanta. He’s shooting new Metart Model, Eva. Alis sent me these photos, saying her first solo scene went extremely well. Alis stated, “She’s a natural in front of the camera, it was a beautiful scene”. I for one can’t wait to see the first edits of this all natural beauty.

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bobblehat 4 years ago

Excellent news Jonathan, keep us teased and intrigued!.


bobblehat 4 years ago

Looking forward to this one, she looks gorgeous, I'd love to see more little snippets of information on such forthcoming attractions!.


Jonathan 4 years ago

Hello bobblehat, going into 2014 we will definitely give you more insight into the shoots as they are happening.


ToEachTheirOwn_ 4 years ago

Eva is a really beautiful woman. Can't wait to see what she did with Alis. :)


Alis Locanta 4 years ago

Eva is an incredible creature!!! Something special is coming soon!

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    Mimi17 8 hours ago

    Great article Raul. Yes, they say that half of man's desire comes from the visual effect of the woman; hence, eye contact and sexy lingerie.

    on What makes the perfect blowjob?

    icancu 9 hours ago

    Gracie puts the sex in sexy,......................Simply delicious!

    on Leforez

    icancu 10 hours ago

    Huh? Lookin' at the wrong woman, or the right woman with the wrong name?

    on Lodiu

    Doggleboon 13 hours ago

    Whack job. Seek counseling.

    on Undress

    beetle 16 hours ago

    Oh, these perfect full and moist labia from Niemera. I love every inch of them.

    on Lodiu