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Introducing "The Game" — a surprising new series debuts...

I've been viewing SexArt HD erotic feature films since the very beginning — since before the very beginning, in point of fact — and one thing I quickly learned was to expect the unexpected. Despite that fact, the debut episode of "The Game," a new feature series directed by Andrej Lupin, caught me completely by surprise.

I've screened a lot of Lupin's catalog, perhaps more than any other SexArt director, so when I learned that "The Game" was a multi-part production, the first thing that came to mind was his "Snow Fun" series. Those who have seen it would doubtless agree that "Snow Fun" is lighthearted, amusing, playful, and easily enjoyable — a carefree vacation punctuated by numerous bouts of energetic sex.

Mere seconds into "The Game," all my preconceptions have been blown away. There is nothing "lighthearted" or "carefree" about this film! Indeed, the title sequence is a full-throttle blast of action-adventure war movie intensity, complete with a pounding martial soundtrack, heavily armed soldiers — even a helicopter. The latest from Tom Clancy (the bestselling military action novelist who, sadly, passed away hours before this post was written)? No, it's the latest from Andrej Lupin, with a screenplay by his collaborative partner and producer, Ariel Piper Fawn. And if the first episode is any indication, "The Game" series is going to be filled with surprises.

Nobody likes a spoiler, so I won't comment any further on the plot or story of "The Game." I will say that the film is subtitled "The Target," and that the two central performers are Silvie Deluxe and Thomas Lee. No surprises with this talented pair — their scene together has an effortless, natural sincerity, and they have a wonderful erotic chemistry that Lupin and his master technicians capture with polished professionalism and deft artistry.

Based on "The Game — The Target," what do I expect from further episodes in the series? Action, adventure, explosive sex, and more than a few unexpected surprises!

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    freeborn2 13 hours ago

    naughty lady with naughty ideas...

    on I Have A Fidelity Problem

    freeborn2 13 hours ago

    'toss up' is absolutely the right term here.

    i am lost for choice here - but i know i'm going to go see lucy's boy-girl films right now!

    on Coin Toss: Tails

    tafi 14 hours agoLifetime member

    The amazing Mila! It's always a pleasure to see her beauty, especially here at SA where she's more open with her spectacular body. Very pretty, incredible tits and stunning pussy spreads; wow! Great set!

    on Nogeti

    gemini 14 hours ago

    Wonderful photoset of the lovely Ms. Azul.

    on Nogeti

    beetle 22 hours ago

    MILA AZUL - Wow. Today she is also to be seen in MA. Rightly the No. 1 there. But I must admit, here in SexArt, Mila is today much more attractive and erotic than in the other photoset at MA.
    Who would have thought that - MILA AZUL, twice on the same day!
    I have to be a good guy, I'm offered something like that ;-)

    on Nogeti