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The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013: 3 Days in August that will change the way you orgasm forever!

The male orgasm is well understood. Apply stimulation to the penis until it is erect. Continue applying stimulation until orgasm is achieved. To make things even easier to understand, the male orgasm results in the discharge of semen — a receipt, if you will, physical proof positive that the orgasm occurred. The male orgasm? It's not rocket surgery.

The female orgasm, on the other hand (pun intended), is far more complicated. Not simply in physical terms, but culturally, psychologically, emotionally, and socially.

A man who achieves many orgasms, ideally with a partner or partners, is often considered a "stud" or "stallion," a pillar of potency and virility.

A woman who achieves the same feat is, however, often branded a "slut," or a "whore," hardly flattering labels.

But human society is forever evolving, and social norms, mores, standards, and knowledge continue to change and develop. This is certainly true of the female orgasm, and as the global culture becomes more open in its discussions and attitudes about female sexuality in general, the orgasm is more openly discussed, studied...and sought after.

And that brings us to OMOrgasmic Meditation. OM is a movement dedicated to the study, appreciation, enjoyment, and proliferation of the female orgasm. OM is also far more than that — it's a practice, a way of cultivating the orgasm to prolong it, enhance it, and reap the practically boundless physical, emotional, and mental benefits of orgasm. OM helps women and their partners get in touch with their bodies to achieve and enhance the orgasm in wonderful new ways.

The Orgasmic Meditation Experience 2013, is being held at the Regency Center in San Francisco from August 9 through 11. Medical doctors, authors, experts, and noted authorities in the field of female sexuality will gather to lecture, educate, discuss, deliver presentations, share cutting edge research and information, as well as host hands-on workshops about the theory, practice, and benefits of OM.

For any woman interested in the practice of OM and the pursuit of dramatically enhanced orgasm, sexuality, and overall health and wellness should consider attending this ground-breaking event. And so should her partner! To make this opportunity even more irresistible the event organizers are extending a special half-off discount to MetArt and SexArt members!

Visit for further details, and be sure to use the MetArt/SexArt Special Discount Code — ESH — to save half-off your registration!

Members Comments (3)


NeurO914 4 years ago

I respectfully disagree with your comments about male orgasm. I hope more people would explore beyond traditional "wham bam thank you mam"orgasms that most male centered sex is often associated with. Science is showing that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events. Men on the aneros forum report mind-blowing multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms. I am no way trying to sell a product, but just want to give men a resource to check out. I enjoy this site's content because of it's artistic, arousing, and sensual approach to sex and use it as an arousal amplifier to my own personal multiple orgasmic sessions. Thanks!! :)


sifaka 4 years ago

This is masturbation gussied up in new wave verbiage. No surprise that having someone masturbate a woman for 15mins each day feels good and is good. Try as I might, though I could find nothing except for the rather rigid rules (bring a timer, have a towel to put under the woman, etc) that makes this any different from a man focusing on a woman's pleasure by masturbating her. Surprise, a lot of women like that, but apparently don't often get the chance to have it happen.

Oh, I did find one way it differs from masturbation. It costs a minimum of $50 for the online course, but honestly if someone can't figure out how to do this from the online video introduction I doubt that the course would help.


solrage 4 years ago

This event should receive more press. I truly hope we reach the day when this isn't such a taboo subject and women feel the same sense of freedom exploring/expressing their sexuality without the terrible labels of "whore," "slut," etc. that is still such common parlance amongst a xenophobic, patriarchal, misogynistic, puritan society. Coincidentally, I was on Wikipedia the other day reading their article on female ejaculation and was rather surprised to find out how much debate persists about it to this day. I was equally surprised at how little substantial scientific testing there was behind it, and the the little that does exists seems somewhat inconclusive with a range of theories/ideas as to what it is (ie, if it's any different than stress incontinence).

I guess I was surprised given how much science knows about... well, just about everything these days. We've mapped the human genome, we've figured out how a universe can come into existence from nothing, we've figured out there are things smaller than atoms and that they move in really funky ways... hell, we've cloned sheep and invented computers, for pete's sake, but we don't know everything about human sexuality? How bizarre is that?