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(More) Random Thoughts on Sex, Style, Image, and Imagination...

You're walking down the street in the city. A gust of wind lifts a pretty girl's skirt. For a tiny sliver of a fleeting moment you get a partial glimpse of her bare ass. Involuntarily, your eyes widen and pulse quickens. And your imagination goes to work. Is she wearing a skimpy thong, or is she bottomless? Will the wind work its magic again? Should you approach her? Does she know? Is she aware of what others have just seen? Is it deliberate, is it a provocation, an invitation? Oh, what a tease this beauty is! And within moments you've imagined scenarios, envisioned outcomes, woven a rich tapestry of fantasy. All based on a quick glimpse of exposed skin.

The film begins. The performers are totally nude. She is wet (although you don't know if the lubricant is spontaneous or synthetic) and eager. He is erect and obviously ready for business. The action begins immediately. She sucks his cock with ravenous abandon, always being sure that her hair is pushed back and not blocking the shot. He eats her pussy, but it's only a brief, seemingly obligatory interlude before the main event. When they fuck it's an athletic and acrobatic performance. The couple bends and twists into camera-pleasing positions that test their stamina and strength. After hitting their marks, somebody, the director one assumes, can be heard off-camera delivering a cue. He pulls out, she hits her knees, he strokes and explodes. She smiles awkwardly as semen smears her elaborate eye make-up.

In the first scenario, the viewer's imagination was ignited by an image that appeared and disappeared instantly. In the second, no shred of imagination is required, all is on view, completely and explicitly. The second scenario can absolutely provide the viewer with excitement and stimulation, but it achieves its effect with blunt force and not a shred of subtlety or story.

Which of these two "viewing experiences" would you consider more erotic? Clearly, if you're sitting down to enjoy some erotic entertainment, it's a lot easier to watch a video than it is to watch a beautiful, mysterious, sexy girl have her skirt blown up on a city street. But is there a way to combine the two extremes?

As a member of SexArt you know the answer to that question, and it's an emphatic "yes!" On one level, sex is sex. She blows him, he eats her, they fuck, he comes — sometimes she does, too. But adding some emotional depth, some human connection, some intimacy, intrigue, and imagination to the simple sex act is where the art comes in.

Sometimes watching people have by-the-numbers sex is enough. But if you're after a richer, more complex, more involving erotic entertainment experience you want more than that. Not more explicit, but more nuanced. Not harder, faster, wilder, or more "extreme," but something believable, relatable, more genuine, and more human.

Would you rather watch "sluts and studs" put on a sex show? Or would you prefer to see "women and men" enjoying each other in honest, passionate, intimate, and imaginative ways? If you chose the second option you're definitely in the right place.

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Horsemaster314 6 years ago

Very nice essay and POV (irony intended). Yes, the first scene is very worth exploring and experienceing. I like where you are going with this and, of course, that is whole point of SexArt. There is a place for both scenes. Or better yet, a bit of a STORY that includes both scenes and has some sort of bridge between them. Perhaps something that lets us know that the glimpse was, yes, intended by the lady. And/or, the man approaches the lady, and perhaps lets her know what he's just witnessed - and appreciated. And she appreciates his appreciation. I love the nuances being included in the stories on this site. Keep 'em coming!

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    DANGMAN2013 50 minutes ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the way she plays the camera with her eyes! Perfect!

    on Bountiful

    DANGMAN2013 56 minutes ago

    OMFG! Thank you Erro and Belka for making my day! Belka has everything wonderful that beautifully attracts the eye. Every picture, I apologize for staring! Great work you two!

    on Bountiful

    Chaz 3 hours ago

    She is good in either GG or GB Scenes.

    on Kiara Lord

    Rose 3 hours agoCommunity Staff

    Rapidly becoming one of my favorites. She's not my usual type at all, but what a body!

    on Bountiful

    Damn 12 hours ago

    Shouldn't it be "Girls' Night"?

    on Girl's Night

    thetimeisnow 14 hours ago

    Love this woman’s style, beautiful body, her perfect pussy and the bra and panties in this set were outstanding.

    on Innocente

    JandL 16 hours ago

    We’re always trying to be tactful and find the positives in what we see here, but this time we found that extremely difficult. We suppose it could be seen as artsy, if you define artsy in the most broad terms possible. That’s about the extent of it. We can always find a segment, even if it’s just a minute or two, that we like in the films here. Not so this time.

    Please understand that we’re commenting on our enjoyment of it, not anyone else’s. In erotica, everyone has their own tastes.

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    Leslove 19 hours ago

    The greatest thing about Paul Black, he has Emily J. The greatest thing about Emily J, she has her past. I was really looking forward to this, it was a major disappointment but to just me.

    on Whore - Lazy Room

    lastoftheV8s 24 hours ago

    Night is easily my favorite nude model she just has an energy about her that comes through. I always cum very intensely to her even my ears ring.

    on Night A

    Queeniesdk 1 day ago

    Where is the wednesday B/G video ?

    on Whore - Lazy Room